100 days of fasting & then some
by nuebeing

Day 17 of 100 days of fasting and then some   14 y  
The fast is increasing my overall disposition in such a positive way.
Day 17, December 30, 2009 I got caught up in other things on Day 16. The fast is proceeding with tremendous results. I continue to eliminate daily. My body is now starting to deal with my muscles and my bones. My skin is much smoother and I am getting more flexible by the day. One of my primary reasons for doing this fast was to achieve more prosperity in my life. Prosperity to me means better health, a clear functioning mind and material wealth. I have to say with 17 days in all the cylinders are clicking. My profits for my business are picking up. In addition unforeseen opp ...   read more

Day 15 of 100 days of fasting and then some   14 y  
Today I felt my spirit start to soar with a ting of ecstasy.
Day 15, December 28, 2009 Today the shoulder pain decreased dramatically. I am really loving this fast. A fast is like making love to yourself. I find that my mental state took a jump also today. I find myself in appreciation just for appreciation sake. I have my ipod banging out tunes in the background and every song seems just perfect. It is great to be in an uplifting mood and to have a perspective of that is all I want to see, or experience. I had some more cantaloupe juice and it really does not disappoint. In addition to the cantaloupe juice I had some fennel, celery, ...   read more

Day 14 of 100 days of fasting and then some   14 y  
Today I had some great energy flow through my body.
Day 14, December 27, 2009 Today was a day of tingling sensations. It seems that the fast is opening up the nerve passageways in my body. I had some cantaloupe juice today and it sent me into a zone. It led me to do some research on cantaloupes. I had no idea how much vitamins and nutrients that fruit has. If you ever get the chance juice yourself a cantaloupe rind and all and you will definitely get a treat. I experienced several bowel movements today. As usual it boggles my mind how I have so much stored toxins in my body. My shoulder still has a little pain incrementally ...   read more

Day 13 of 100 days of fasting and then some   14 y  
Day 13 brings more clarity about my journey and I embrace all of the lessons.
Day 13, December 26, 2009 I had a spelled where I got really tired today. Of course once I woke up, I realized that it must be that I had to eliminate. I now realize that for every major cleansing reaction, that the body is trying to do some elimination through the colon. I happen to be very slim and most people would say that Iím in very good shape. If that was the case then I have to wonder how can I have significant bowel movements on the 13th day of the fast and I havenít eaten a thing. Itís funny as Iíve read and studied other fasting journals, itís seems that everyone has ...   read more

Day 12 of 100 days of fasting and then some   14 y  
It felt good to be on the 12th day of my fast on Christmas 2009.
Day 12, December 25, 2009 Today I made some observations on my face. I noticed that my complexion is clearing up. I have some blotches on my nose that Iím looking forward to have cleared up. My shoulder still has some soreness but I know that with patience that it should clear up in time. I prepared a raw food meal for my family and it felt good to do it. It was a marinated broccoli, onion dish with a raw tomato sauce. They gobbled it right up. I went out and purchased 10 young coconuts so I really am not missing the mechanics of eating. I find that the fresh fruit and vegetab ...   read more

Day 11 of 100 days of fasting and then some   14 y  
I've just completed my 11 day of my fast. I look forward to the continued journey.
Day 11, December 24, 2009 I think that my body is doing some deep cleansing at this time. I was kind of fatigued for today. I live in NYC and I went for a train ride to 14th Street & Union Square. When I ran for the train I felt tightness in my chest and lightness in my head. It was nothing that was scary. I was just tiring. I am typing this on Christmas day. Iíve decided that I have to commit to at least 10 minutes of meditation daily. I am looking forward to the up and coming weeks. I know that after a healing crisis come relief. I also noticed that I had gas throughout ...   read more

100 days of fasting day 10   14 y  
I am at day 10 of my 100 day of fasting and then some.
Day 10, December 23, 2009 I made some observations for day 10 as it resolves to myself. This fast Iím taking up is also to alleviate some minor pain that Iíve been feeling in my right shoulder for some months now. I also want my left shoulder to have more strength. Iíve noticed for the last year that I do not have the strength in my shoulders as I did in my twenties. Iíve noticed in the last 2 days that my shoulders are starting to gain some strength. In the midst of this fast Iíve encountered 2 mice in my home. I do not like vermin of any kind. However, I shouldnít have fear o ...   read more

100 days of Fasting Day 9   14 y  
I am excited about completing day 9 of my 100 juice fast.
Day 9, December 22, 2009 Today was a little different from the previous 8 days because I had a significant bowel movement. Once that occurred I literally felt a huge jolt to my sense of well being. I am already a lean person and Iím considered healthy. This fast is more for financial abundance and emotional liberation. I received additional commissions from my businesses. I feel that the increased sense of calmness and enthusiasm is increasing my magnetism. Everyday the light seems to shine a little brighter. I had two different varieties of juices and they are: Fruit Juice ...   read more

My reasons for the fasting journey   14 y  
This my brief description of why I'm doing this fast and what I expect to accomplish.
Hello my curezone family. I decided to post this information because I realized how much this website has inspired me by other blogs that Iíve visited. After being a Vegetarian for over 20 years and experimenting with yoga, meditation, raw food diet and whole host of holistic info. I decided to incorporate all that I learned and be disciplined about it for over a year and make it a way of life. Some of the goals that I would like to achieve are: paradise state in my body & mind, mental clarity, photographic memory, I want to be able to withstand extreme temperatures of hot or cold, t ...   read more


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I am embarking on a 100 day fast and then I will eat one day and fast for 3 days until I do 314 days of fasting. I expect the full journey to last 420 days. I started December 14, 2009.Ö more...

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