Healthy Vegetarian Diet
by fasting4now

Fasting, Day 1   14 y  
Here I go again
Starting again. Obviously Iím struggling to get this fast going. I canít sleep, feel very alert. I keep telling myself that Time will pass by quickly, but it may not feel that way. I know days can seem longer when you fast.   visit the page

Now I can fast   14 y  
Starting fast tomorrow
Thanksgivings over. I didnít want to fast through it. Now I can fast, starting tomorrow.   visit the page

Fasted, Day 1   14 y  
Feel fine, more alert than normal.
My weight today was back up two lbs. to 252 probably from some salty foods I ate yesterday. Fasted. Had insomnia last night, and then went to work, now Iím too tired to eat anyway. Feel fine. Not depressed like I thought I would be, feel more alert. Now Iím going to catch up on some sleep.   visit the page

Tried to fast and got depressed.   14 y  
What should I do...
Tried to fast today and and at the end of the day felt really sad and spaced out, so I ate. But this is a problem I have had in the past fasting. I get really seriously deeply depressed after a few days. I know my body needs a break from eating. Maybe Iíll try the master cleanse instead, I donít know...   visit the page

Preparing to do a fast-on Monday   14 y  
Starting fast on Monday. Weight at 250.
My weight is down to 250 still. Was bad and had some pancakes today but didnít eat as much as I would normally do. Iím almost out of fresh food to eat. I will have some kale salad tomorrow and thatís about it. Then Monday, I will start a water fast. If it gets too hard, I might switch to the master cleanse.   visit the page

Current weight:250   14 y  
Sticking to healthy diet but not 3 meals. Might fast soon.
I have been sticking to the healthy diet but having a hard time sticking to the 3 meals a day with my strange work schedule. Will keep trying. Might do a fast soon, maybe that will make it easier. My weight has only gone down a pound. Which is still good. As long as itís going down and not up - considering I eat a lot even though itís healthy foods.   visit the page

Only 3 meals a day-Step 2   14 y  
Eating only 3 meals a day should help get my weight down further.
Still have been eating healthy but Iím eating a lot all throughout the day and night. My next step would to eat only 3 meals a day. This will be much harder for me. My weight has stayed at 251 lbs. Eating the 3 meals a day should get it down further. Then after I get it down, my next step will be to fast or do a master cleanse.   visit the page

Current weight:251   14 y  
Update on diet. Down to 251 lb.
So, for the past 2 days I have been eating healthy, and my weight as gone down from 257 to 251. I had a swollen ankle, it didnít hurt, the swelling has gone down and it looks almost normal. My wrist is also swollen and it hurts. It feels like a sprain but I donít know what it is. Iím going to try to see a doctor to find out whatís going on with my body. I know it probably has something to do with my weight but I want to know exactly what it is.   visit the page

Nutrient dense foods- step 1   14 y  
My first step is to change what I eat and develop better habits.
Instead of fasting like I planned. I have decided to focus on changing what I habitually eat first and cut out the junk and eat more nutritionally dense foods (Nutrient dense foods have a high nutrient to calorie ratio meaning they are rich in nutrientswhen compared to their calorie content). This will be my first step. The theory is that if you eat foods that are low in nutrients your body will crave more food and you will want to eat more, as your body is trying to get the nutrients you are missing. If you eat nutrient dense foods your body will be satisfied with the nutrients it is ...   read more

About   14 y  
Trying vegetarian/vegan diets to lose weight, maybe fasting.
I have read a lot of diet books and generally lean towards the vegan and vegetarian diets but am interested in trying the master cleanse or fasting as well. Once I get to my desired weight, I will stick to a healthy vegetarian diet to maintain it. My starting weight is 257 and my goal weight is 130.   visit the page


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Going on a plant based diet to lose weight. Might do some fasting as well. more...

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