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Gallbladder Cleansing   14 y  
One important thing that gets left out on this subject is that you need to clean up afterwards. Yes. You need to prepare before the flush to a degree. Yes. You need to take your olive oil (Thatís the best. You can use other oils. Not recommended.) Yes. You need to do a few other things. But just as important as the rest of it, especially if you havenít done a flush in awhile, you need to clean up after the flush. Thereís a lot of unwanted cholesterol that is in the† gallbladder. Thatís why itís there. The body couldnít process it. Some hasnít even had the chance to form into a ...   read more

Psychic knowledge   14 y  
I'll be discussing psychic powers.
To start Iím not a psychic. However, I do have psychic powers at work when they arise. Some I have control over. Some I donít. For example, I canít just wish for a vision to happen. Also, I canít wish for a vision not to happen. If I could I would have stopped these years ago (I liked being normal before all of this started). Now I can try to tune them out, but itís like trying to tune out a loud noise. Also, I claim to be able to interpret supernatural dreams. This gift (for lack of a better word) is under my control. If I donít want to interpret a dream thatís my choice. So I interpr ...   read more

Minerals   14 y  
The dangers of non-organic minerals
This is a follow-up of organic and non-organic minerals from my previous entry. For the sake of context itís recommended that you read my prior entry. When you take a non-organic mineral (as produced by the vitamin industry), your body will begin to use part of that and part of the mineral wonít be absorbed. For the part of the dosage that it does begin to absorb, some of it makes it through the entire assimilation process and is used by your body. This is the beneficial part. However, since your body needs other nutrients to help it with the entire process, it runs out of its abi ...   read more

Orange Juice and extras   14 y  
Orange Juice and extras
In my first blog entry†I mentioned oranges. So Iím going to cover orange juice that is sold at the grocery stores and the health food stores. And I might weave in a few other points here or there. Iím a believer in buying organic produce. So the juice that they sell for the most part at the grocery store is out on that account all by itself.†Letís start with why I donít think you should buy conventional orange juice or conventional produce. Yes, we are all well-aware of the chemicals that they use on those foods. And we all (for the most part) believe that this is bad for us to some deg ...   read more

A continuation of a previous topic   14 y  
I'll be talking about different types of fish.
I mentioned fish in a previous post. What kind of fish should a person eat? Of course, I already talked about eating fish that have scales, but letís get into the actual names and type (farm raised or wild caught). Even though the oceans are polluted, I definitely recommend to eat fish, but only eat the the wild caught fish. The farm raised fish are living in the polluted oceans along with the wild fish. And for many of these fish their environment might be much worse than the wild fish because they are raised in fish farms that are located right on the shoreline where pollutio ...   read more

Chemicals   14 y  
More thoughts on chemicals
I want to give you guys just a few more ideas about how you are getting chemicals in your lives, and then Iíll go on to another subject. Practical, basic knowledge can be a little boring. Itís not the latest and greatest break through in science that tells you: ĒIf you can just get this in your mouth, all your worries are over.Ē And all that Iím telling those who are sick is this: ĒIf you can just get this in your brain, we can get down the road.Ē Get what in my brain? GET CHEMICALS OUT OF YOUR LIFE AS MUCH AS POSSIBLE. The process of removing chemicals from our lives isnít easy. Well, Iím ...   read more

Water   14 y  
Step one continued
Again for those of you who are sick and willing to put effort into getting well, I hope this helps. In my previous blog one of the major themes was getting you off of chemicals...hidden and undisclosed chemicals. Letís continue with that theme. Only the chemicals this time arenít so hidden, and they are disclosed to anyone that has any knowledge of what is going on in the world. Okay then. Itís time to talk about water. I watched a documentary some years ago on how they get water to us and on the processes they use to treat the water. We all know that chlorine is added to th ...   read more

Vitamin E   14 y  
This page talks about Vitamin E...for the most part.
This writing and all my other writings are for everyone to read. And hopefully all can learn from them. However, Iím really writing to those of you who are sick body because if your health is not íthat badí or only íkind of bad,í you might think that some of my ideas are too obsessive and too over-the-top. But if youíre sick in body you might find some good information. Now most of what I know is going to take some effort (Bad word...I know...I mean canít we all just open some nice little bottle, and then just take one or two of whatís inside...sounds good to me...believe me...Iím not joki ...   read more

"Health Food and the Bible" continued   14 y  
Health and the Bible. And some foods written about.
As I was saying, having knowledge of the Bible doesnít pay very much...unless, youíre very charismatic, and you†know how to run back-and-forth on some stage†- all the while†asking for money in a very loud voice. To lay a foundation of sorts for those of you who donít know - the (Christian)†Bible as we call it here in America has two parts - the first is actually the Jewish Bible -†the second and the much, much smaller part of the ĒBibleĒ is the Christian Bible. Now the Christians have combined the two, and they call the two†as one = the Bible. So then, actually, when I say: ĒHealth ...   read more

"Health Food and the Bible"   14 y  
Health and the Bible
As I mentioned in my introduction I was going to talk about orange juice - but maybe later. Instead, l etís†talk about† ĒHealth Food and the BibleĒ†. After my angelic experiences (which lasted for months - years ago) the Bible was a book that I read†to†try to find more understanding. So Iím well versed in what is contained in that book and the meaning of what is written. If I had been born in a foreign country I guess that I would have†read another holy book. But being born in America I read the Bible for further insight. First off, when I had my major experiences years ago, the wo ...   read more

Introduction   14 y  
This is an introduction into "Psychic" health.
Iíll be writing down some of the things that Iíve seen as related to†health and nutrition. I donít actually call myself a Psychic because I donít believe in tarot cards, palm reading, etc. Any time, someone says the word ĒPsychicĒ - people tend to immediately think tarot cards. I do interpret dreams if theyíre supernatural dreams. Just a quick sentence or two on dreams. Dreams that come strictly from a personís ĒownĒ mind can have meaning, but I interpret the ones that come from supernatural sources.†Anyway, Iím not going to be talking about dreams too much. I just want to give pe ...   read more


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Iíll be talking about what Iíve seen in visions as related to health and health foods. more...

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