Group Juice Fast
by milanjl

Group Juice Fast Day #25   14 y  
Juice Fast End
Well my friends the juice fast has ended at the 25 day mark. I have dedided to end the fast and moved on to my raw lifestyle. I plan to start out at 80% raw and $20 cooked and move on. Thanks for the support.   visit the page

Day #23-Day#24 Juice Fast   14 y  
Day #23-Day#24Juice Fast
Day#23 was okay in some ways and tough in others. I went to my class and everyone that seen me said I look like I have lost a lot of weight. This was good, but since it is a weekend class we usually eat a lot of junk. friday was not bad. Today day#24 was extrmelly tough and I held my ground.I need to make sure I have more time on the pot. Since starting coconut oil, I have seen worms in my stool.After the fast is over. I知 going to do a heavy parisite cleanse. Enjoy the day   visit the page

Day#22 Juice Fast   14 y  
Day#22 Juice Fast
Vegetable juice was great and football was even better. I知 having a great time with the juice fast. I had a great bm this morning and feel great. I知 decided to watch this documentary on food in America. This is not something , I did not know, but it hits home the way we are all conditioned about food and the way they make food. Enjoy the juice.   visit the page

Day #21 Juice Fast   14 y  
Juice Fasting Day#21
The 21st day of the famous juice fast was a strugle until the enema came around(ha-ha). I felt much better after the enema. Overall my health is starting to improve and I can tell my beard is starting to loose some of its gray. I have alway had a young looking face as my wife would say. She said I look like I知 in high school. Football season(NFL) starts tonight. My usual treat is chips and salsa, but tonight it will be a vegie delight. Enjoy the day folks.   visit the page

Day #20 Juice Fast   14 y  
Juice Fast day #20
Day #20 was a day of enjoyment. Bed time was at 9pm last night and sleep like a brick. I plan to get some exercise today.I知 into day #21 and I have already had my watermelon juice for the day. I have lost a total of 20 pounds and it feels good. I知 also deworming at this time as well. when you deworm, you must keep the bowel open to get rid of the junk.Juice up my people!!!!!!. Thinking about doing 42 day to math my age. What a thought!!!!!!   visit the page

Juice Fast Day #19   14 y  
Day#19 Juice Fast
Day #19 was a bit of a struggle, I did not have the fruit or veggies at the house and my better half was cooking some stir fry from a package. I will not lie and say that it did not smell good. I had to leave the house and get some fruits and veggies to juice. I have made up my mind to make it to 31 days and then go raw for a while. Day#20 is going well and enjoying the juice.   visit the page

Day #17 and Day#18 Juice Fast   14 y  
Juice Fasting day#17-Day#18
I had taken a trip to visit family and man they tried to get me to eat everything. I知 proud to say, I stood my ground. It was tough, but I informed my brother food was not an option at this time he was concerned about the amout of weight I have lost. I assured him I was in great health and spirit. I asked him if he would like to go have a race and he declined. Picture two 40+ year old running the 100 meters. What is funny.After losing 17 pounds, i still outweigh my brother by 45 pounds. We had a race about 1 year ago and I beat him then and he was really scared this time. Overall the last ...   read more

Day#16 Juice fast   14 y  
Day#16 Juice Fast
Day #16 was a continued joy of fasting.I知 calmer and more relaxed, but I still need to relax more. I decided to stay in the bed yesterday and enjoy football for the weekend. day #17 is in full swing.   visit the page

Juice Fast #15   14 y  
Juice Fast Day#15
Day #15 still going strong and working on hydrotherapy.No hunger or stomach pains. Weight loss still at 17lbs. Enjoy the day. Short and Sweet.   visit the page

Juice Fast Day #14   14 y  
Juice Fasting Day#14
Day #14 I write from a perspective of reflection on the previous day. Day #14 was on September 2 2009. So I知 currently on Day#15. Back to Day#14. Losing 16 or more pounds has been great, but the important part is the health benefits are so worth the effort it goes without saying. Energy is great and clarity is great as well. For others fasting, I think it is important to have elimination occur as much as possible. I believe it reduces the toxic load the body is trying to remove. I have experimented with hydrotherapy to help increase elimination and it has worked wonderful. The popular si ...   read more

Day #13 Juice Fast   14 y  
Juice Fast Day #13
Day #13 has come and gone. I知 just sailing along without much issue.I feel strong and healthy. Energy continues to be great, however,I seem to require more sleep and will start going to bed early. I get tired around 830pm and I知 out like a light by nine. Footbal season is coming up this weekend and I can稚 wait. My better half say she will be a football widow for the next six months. I have lost a total of 16lbs. I started out at 205 and now I weigh 189lbs. The weight loss is(was) not my goal as much as it was reclaiming my health. My wife tells me that 60 189 looks very skinny on me bu ...   read more

Day #11 and Day #12   14 y  
Juice fasting 11-12
The past two days have flown by and the smell of food has been tempting. I have stayed the course and only have taken in the smells and have enjoyed them all.I have come to the conclusion that most people in industalized are addicted to food. The created taste of processed foods wreck the palate and that leads to the craving of junk food. Most people would say you need a good home cooked meal, but what is a good home cooked meal.Day #13 is on tap. I知 tired and have no clue of what I just wrote. juice for everyone.   visit the page

Day #10 Juice Fast   14 y  
Juice Fasting #10
Started out day #10 with early morning rise and going to my office, worked til about 2pm and then came home. Energy is still great. I did my first emema yesterday and man was it putrid. I ordered some dewormer and plan on using it next week. I realize I知 drinking less juice than before and still have the same energ. I知 switching to more vegie juice for the next 10 days of the fast and workout starts on day #11. Finally, I have lost my last faster and I congrulated her on #10 days. Juice up, the lone one and moving on.   visit the page

Day #9 Juice Fast   14 y  
Juice fasting Day #9
Day #9 is almost over. I would like to congratulate the other group member for hanging in for 7 and 8 days. I知 enjoying the day. I find myself not thinking about food that much. I can notice that I have lost weight. My pants are loose and that is a good thing. I hope to about 10 more pounds. I will go deeper into my thoughts and the reason behind the fast. Enjoy the balance of your day and juice for life.   visit the page

Day #8 Juice fast   14 y  
Juice fasting
Sleep like a brick last night. Starting day # 8, I have lost about 9lbs so far. I started the juice fast for several reason. The main reason is for energy and have productive sleep at night. Fasting gives your nerve force a rest. I will start my workout routine again on the 10th day of the fast. Overall energy is great and sleeping has improved. Enjoy the day it is almost over. Juice and more juice.   visit the page

Day #7 Juice Fast   14 y  
Juice Fasting
Today is a great day. I have great mental clarity and I知 enjoying the fast tremendously. Energy is great tongue is coated and started to clear in the middle. I知 short on words today. I have friends in town. So in joy the juice and looking to day #8   visit the page

Day #6   14 y  
Juice fasting
Day #6, What a day. I went to present a workshop for a company we do business with and they had a lunch with ever possible combination of food you could think of. I stood strong and continued to drink my juice. I carry two bottles of juice with me for just in case. I知 enjoying the fast, I joke a lot about food, but I think it is important to laugh at yourself during this time. Day six over and done moving on. More juice and less talk(ha-ha). Enjoy my friends!!!!!!!!!!!!   visit the page

Day #5 and still alive   14 y  
Day #5 and still alive
Day #4 was tough. Food, food, and more food. I understand why you don稚 tell people you are on a fast. People are extremely difficult to deal with when you do not want to partake in the food. I wonder if I知 like that when I eat food. My energy is great and mental clarity is great as well. I知 working on juicing watermelons at this point. I would say pretty tasty for now. Enjoy the balance of your day. Stay strong fellow juicers and remember keep juicing and make sure you are going to the bathroom to get the waste out.   visit the page

Moving Day #4   14 y  
Moving Day and moving on
The party last night was great. I stayed on the juice and felt pretty good. My better half (spouse) was tempted but did not give into the ranting and raving from the food lovers. I find myself having more mental clarity, but I still have to keep my children in line with a stern voice. So for all you juice faster out there, yes I still get angry and hope to work on that part. But those children (ha-ha) will test you. Overall the day went great. I saved the bottled lakewood for trips and emergency and spur of the moments outings when having I have ran out of real juice. The moral to the stor ...   read more

Day # 3- Make or break!!!!!!!!   14 y  
Make or Break!!!!!
I had a great night of sleep. I sleep from 12 midnight until 730am straight through. I woke up needing juice. Friends B-Day party and she loves to have food and snacks. The body is moving right along the path I expected. I have fasted for 40 day before so it seems as if it is not a problem, however preparation is more of a key this time because my life is more hectic. Mental clarity comes and goes due to eating the (SAD) diet and getting the junk out of the body. I think it is vitally important to drink as much juice as you want and remove the waste via the toilet. I have encouraged the gr ...   read more

Day #2 Juice Fast   14 y  
Day #2 has come to end
Day #2 has come to end. The body feels good. I had several different types of juice, of course at different times. I try not to mix juice. I think mono juice is best for me. Mental clarity is great. I知 just waiting for the super energy to kick in. Tomorrow I知 going to a birthday party. I better take plenty of juice. Purchased some glass jars for preparations of making juice once per day. Juicing you must always be ready. You must be ready even when you go to the grocery store to get fruits and veggies. I try to juice whatever is on sale and wash them as best I can. The group seems to be ...   read more

The Trapping Day   14 y  
The Trapping Day
A-clock went off about 615, rolled out of the night cupboard and then it hit me like a brick, I was in a good mood. Usually I don稚 wake up with the greatest mood. I was okay today. But of course, I still need my reflection time to think about my day and what way to best tackle it The trap is set. I have a meeting in the city and I can think of at least 10 places I would like to eat. I知 taking a lot of juice with me for my trip. Wife getting her hair fixed today and she is on the fast also. The place she goes has a great Italian place that will bring over food. ( oh boy!!!!!!!!!!!!!) wat ...   read more

Preparation is one key to juice fasting   14 y  
Preparation is important because you never know when a fast food joint may pop up and you are at your week point of the day. Stay armed with you juice at all times. Enjoy the night and have a great juicy dream.   visit the page

Enjoying the day!!!!!!   14 y  
Fasting Never seems
Fasting never seems to be a problem once you get the hang of it, but of course my children will want to cook everything under the sun tonight when we get home. The first three days are filled with smells of everything you could think of. I can smell the BBQ across the street from the health food store. The truth is the health food stores have a lot of junk in them also, but hey I could always not visit them. I知 in a great mood. Enjoy the juice. I hope the group is enjoying this as well. Juice up everyone!!!!!!!!-ML   visit the page

Day #1 Juice Fast   14 y  
Introduction of the group
Two weeks ago I decide to recruit people for an upcoming juice fast I wanted to complete. I have fasted on juice several times before and wanted to encourage other individual to try out this wonderful experiment. So starting on the 20th of August the group and I have embarked on the juice fast until the 15th of September or however long we can all make it. There are no rigid rules to follow and they have instructions. The number of members in the group is 4. I will only refer to them by their initials to protect their privacy. I hope they blog in and give an update on their thoughts, moods ...   read more


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