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Happy Spring!   48 h  
"Happy Spring Equinox and happy first day of Spring! Today (March 20, 2018) the length of night and day are nearly equal. The days will now become longer at the higher latitudes because it takes the sun longer to rise and set."
”Spring Equinox” Eco Art by mayah(c)2018 ”Wave” Eco Art by mayah(c)2018 Both cards made with old blue envelopes I found in my art supplies. Magazine photos, scrap of art paper, found feathers, hand embroidery added. Vernal Equinox Satellite photos: RECENT BLOGS: Eco Art: Recycled X 3 Eco Art: Squirrel’s Delight: Acrylic Pour Cards: h ...   read more

Eco Art Recycled X 3   28 d  
Every now and then I take apart an old piece of Eco Art and make something new with it.
This art piece has gone through several transformations. Originally, the flowers were from an advertisement--you can see here magazine advertisement flowers, in 3 separate segments. I cut them out, glued them onto cardboard, layered the 3 images over each other, and then glued them onto a cardboard backing and made a refrigerator magnet out of them (I don’t have a photo of the original magnet--lost somewhere on some old computer? I was surprised to find the same flower photos used in a magazine advertisement a few weeks ago--I cut them out and you see them here. The original ad w ...   read more

Eco Art: Squirrel's Delight   32 d  
Did this fun little project today!
Eco Art by mayah(c)2018 ”Squirrel’s Delight” 7.5” X 9” This art project started out with the little picture of the squirrel cut from my current month of February 2018 calendar. I thought she was so cute, with her gaze right into the camera lens, that I couldn’t wait for the year to expire before using her picture in an art project. Yesterday I went to my local thrift store and found this great frame. It’s heavy, made out of resin, with designs of leaves and stems and seed pods; I thought that it would be great to display some of the seed pods I’ve collected from around the neighb ...   read more

EcoArt:Acrylic Pour Cards   32 d  
Handmade greeting cards Friend and fellow artist LFIRE gifted me with a handmade sheet of acrylic ”pour”; to me, the paint crackles and colors swirling about each other remind me of the ocean, sea anenomes and jellies. Magazine images of coral and coral fish were added to the first card. The patterns on the second card looked so beautiful I didn’t add anything else to it. Background paper is RHIMAX, a 100% recycled paper product. Below: This little card is made of dri ...   read more

Eco Art: Burlap Madness Continues!   35 d  
MORE Eco Art using burlap paper
Continuing to make art using burlap paper in the background. Dried bougainvillea flower, piece of paint palette, hand embroidery Last of the burlap art that fits inside little 7” X 5” wooden frames This greeting card using burlap paper is 5.5” X 5.5” The fishes and sea turtle are magazine photos; the multi-colored paper was handmade by LFIRE using an acrylic pour technique (”Dreaming a New Reality” blog ) and gifted to me; hand embroidery All Eco Art and photos by mayah(c)2018 2018 BLOGS: Eco Art: Burlap ...   read more

EcoArt: Burlap Madness   41 d  
Collage art with burlap paper
Cleaning up my art area, found a packet of burlap paper I’d bought many years ago. Been having fun making little collages out of magazine pictures, reused pieces of paint palette, and embellished with hand embroidery. All framed pieces are 7” X 5”; frames were found at a local thrift store: I’ve posted this photo before ( ); liked the burlap so much, I created two more! forgot to scan this one before framing; Found feathers added This little brass frame is only 2.75” X 2.25”. Put in a small photo of a buffalo from a m ...   read more

EcoArt: Unfinished is Finished!   54 d  
Found this unfinished piece of art work from a few years ago--decided to keep it as is and just frame it
I recently found this piece of art work from 2014 hidden under a bunch of stuff on my art table. It was sitting inside a cardboard container with skeins of embroidery floss. I’d intended to make more embroidered flowers on it but never got around to it. Looking at it, the decision was made to leave it as is. Glued it onto a scrap piece of off white art paper, and used the piece of cardboard packaging it had been sitting in for a ”frame”; added a braided jute hanger. Done! Made from a napkin that a family member had used to wipe her paint brushes on. Glued it onto a piece of unbleac ...   read more

EcoArt from Beeswax   54 d  
A little art project from beeswax and recycled materials
A number of years ago, my friend from ”Plant Your Dream” blog,* Your Enchanted Gardener, gave me some candles made from organic beeswax. Along with the gift came a small chunk of natural beeswax, as seen above. Because it is old, it’s starting to crumble and deteriorate. If you look closely, you can see the tiny hexagons that comprise the wax. I recently found this little photo of a bee in an old calendar; it inspired me to make an art piece using a small wooden ”frame” that I’d been given by another friend, LFIRE from ”Dreaming a New Reality” blog.** She’d given me an old 4.5” ...   read more

Eco Art: Cards and Placards   57 d  
Making art daily, small projects such as greeting cards and placards from recycled materials
Every year the real estate agents come around my neighborhood and deliver door-to-door note pads with their advertisements on them. The note paper is used for making shopping and ”to do” lists. When the paper is used up, the cardboard backing is saved to use for art. The 8.5” X 3.5” placards below are the result; they are just the right size to fit into a regular business-sized envelope for mailing: Placard ”Water” front; cardboard covered with reused bubble wrap; word and photo from a magazine advertisement;hand embroidery around the edges ”Water” back cardboard cover ...   read more

What is Life?   61 d  
"What is life , but a brief sojourn on the earth plane of existence. It is harsh at times, beauteous at others. We must be fierce like the tiger to endure it, yet soft and sweet like the rose to open to it with Love." --mayah 1-19-2018
Last night an elderly neighbor died; I witnessed her being carried out to a waiting ambulance in a body bag. It was after 11:00 pm, and there were no other neighbors witnessing the event. If I hadn’t gone out to move my car, I’d have never known this was happening since the neighborhood was very quiet; the ambulance had flashing lights but no siren. After her body was placed in the ambulance, it drove quietly and slowly away, lights flashing as if in tribute to her. She had a live-in caregiver and I debated with myself if I should go up to the house and see if the caregiver needed an ...   read more

Art for Winter's Chill   62 d  
With the chill of winter finally hitting Southern California, I've been inspired to do art daily, little projects to keep the creative juices flowing.
These three greeting cards are made out of Rhimax*, a 100% recycled unbleached paper product. It is thick, brown, and has splotches on it that adds character to the paper. Added various pieces of scrap paper and magazine pictures, and hand embroidery. Knowing that the embroidery was going to show on the reverse, made sure to make the embroidery ”neat” by gluing the ends down: This greeting card, ”Vision” is made from reused bubble wrap packaging material, magazine photo, reused paint palette, and hand embroidery. The frame is from a thrift store ...   read more

First Art of the New Year   76 d  
I keep colored pencils, paper, and ink pens next to my bed for just those moments when, sleepy and tired, I crawl into bed and then am suddenly hit with an urge to create art. Sigh. No sleep for me!
”Dance of the Flower People” by mayah(c)2018 11” X 7” Mixed media colored pencil, ink, hand embroidery. Drew this little work early this morning--1:30 AM was when I started! There are 7 flowers; according to Tibetan numerology, ”7” is the number of Divinity, Wholeness, Perfection, Learning life It was inspired by a 4” X 6” photograph that I keep on my bed next to my pillow. The photo is of tiny eucalyptus trees newly sprouted. On the back of the card is a hand-sewn mesh that holds eucalyptus seed pods--the scent is wonderful! I purchased the card at a craft fair sometime ...   read more

Happy New Year 2018!   82 d  
New Year's greetings for 2018
New Year’s Card by mayah(c)2017 Recycled materials and hand embroidery   May the New Year 2018 bring health, prosperity, love, and joy!...and PEACE--both inner and outer! 2018 is an "11" year, a Master number meaning "Illumination"...may the Light of Spirit bring Illumination to you, your loved ones, and the entire planet! Peace and Blessings,   read more

Winter Solstice   3 mon  
Winter Solstice 2017 in Northern Hemisphere was at 8:28 AM Pacific Daylight Savings time on Thursday December 21
”Last Days of Fall 2017” Greeting card by mayah Reused greeting card/recycled paper/hand embroidery It’s been a challenging month--I haven’t posted anything or done much art work due to illness of family members, friends, and myself. We really didn’t have much of a Fall here in Southern California, with hot, dry weather and wildfires extending into this was more like an extended summer. Just yesterday, on the cusp of winter and the Winter Solstice, we had our first rain--very light, but rain none-the-less, and we’ve had to turn on our heat for the first time this yea ...   read more

Eco Holiday Ornaments   4 mon  
It's getting to be that time of the year again--the Holidays are upon us! Made these VERY unconventional holiday ornaments out of reused plastic packaging, sea shells, and assorted "junk" laying around on my art table.
dried bougainvillea blossoms on plastic case. hung this on a lamp shade so that the light makes the blossoms semi-translucent. old fishing line hangar. approx 6” X 4” tags that came on a piece of clothing, covered with hand-painted paper by LFIRE, tissue paper scraps, sea shells; inside of plastic packaging, hung with the string that came with the clothing tags. approx 3.5” X 4.5” hand-painted papers by LFIRE, tissue paper scraps, words from magazine scraps,sea snail shell; inside of plastic packaging, hung with piece of old fishing line. approx 3.5” X 4.5” the used-u ...   read more

Gaia Creation   4 mon  
PHOTOS UP! Gaia Creates piece of art out of old plywood board
closeup of patterns in the plywood Many months ago, one of the squirrels that inhabited my back yard died. I found her body lying on the patio concrete. She was buried with ceremony in my back yard, a heavy piece of plywood with bricks on top was placed over her grave so that my dog wouldn’t dig her up. A few weeks ago, thinking that enough time had passed so that Squirrel had returned to the Earth, I removed the bricks, but left the plywood on the soil. Today, lifting up the plywood that had been lying ”face down” for months on the soil, I was so excited to find that Gaia had m ...   read more

Handmade Greeting Cards   4 mon  
Having fun making handmade greeting cards out of recycled magazine photos and hand embroidery
A family member ordered an article of clothing online; when it arrived, it came with this little tag. I thought it was cute and funny, and made it into a greeting card. The background paper is hand-painted by my friend and fellow artist, LFIRE (Dreaming a New Reality: ) Using the same hand-painted background paper, made this greeting card, ”Eve”, from a magazine advertisement; hand embroidery added. Liked it so much put it in a small frame backed by glittery orange mesh. I call her ”Eve”, but this is really an image from ”The Birth of ...   read more

Art: "Bubbles" & "Grapes"   4 mon  
Took an abstract art class a month ago, just now posting photos of the art. This is the first abstract art class I've ever taken. The instructor told us that abstract art isn't about painting something recognizable, but is about the artist expressing one's emotions on canvas, and hopefully the viewer will get some meaning out of looking at it. Seems to me it is all about artistically slathering the canvas with paint. I was in a good humor that day and found making abstract art to be very fun! Maybe "fun" is what showed up on the canvas...
”Grapes of Wrath” by mayah(c)2017 30” X 30” Abstract painting. I did this in about an hour and a half at my abstract painting class. The paint was put on with an old cancelled credit card rather than a paint brush, which greatly quickened the process of covering the entire canvas with paint. The ”grapes” were painted using a stencil. The title is just my quirky sense of humor. I had a lot of left-over paint on my palette, and not wanting to waste it, the paint and the stencil where used to cover an off-white sheet of art paper and a light green piece of paper. Once home, the pa ...   read more

Journal "Art & Soul" LAST Pages!   4 mon  
Done! Done! I am DONE!! After 150 days of work, 180 pages*, two pockets, 7 tags, and two covers, the art journal is FINISHED! This is the longest time I've ever worked on an art project.
all old cars go to heaven heart opens to reveal... Honoring the Ancestors pocket holds tags tags that go into the two pockets of the journal collage art journal book standing up--the pages are so full of art that the book can NOT lay flat--this literally is as ”small” as I can get it, like an accordion! back and front covers *180 is a ”9” in Tibetan numerology (1+8+0=9); 9 means completion, and so the collage art journal is complete! all photos and ”Collage Journal Art” by mayah(c)2017 Collage Art Journal One: http://www ...   read more

Collage Journal SEVEN   4 mon  
Almost Done! only 4 more pages to go!!!
Today and yesteryear...Crystal Cove California State Park growing connections... study in browns and yellows rat in the infinite maze May there be peace within the United States; May there be peace between the United States and all other nations of the world. ...nod to Star Trek the square on the right is a tag Inspired by the caption on the side of the photograph of the nebula: ”creatures of our Universe”. all photos and ”Collage Journal Art” by mayah(c)2017 Collage Art Journal One: ...   read more

Gaia Story   5 mon  
I had a healing session yesterday afternoon with Chris Eagle, Reiki Master and shamanic practitioner.* We were on the land of Topanga State Park in Southern California, a beautiful setting. We sat at the base of a huge oak, the Grandfather Tree. During the session, Mother Earth told Chris some things to tell me. One of them was that She wanted me to write "Gaia Stories".
As is usual for me, I go through what’s called a ”healing crisis” after an intense healing session. During this period of time, which may last hours to days, I generally experience some uncomfortable physical symptoms as well as irritability and moodiness. Late last night, I was sitting up in bed feeling tired and grumpy while writing in my journal about the events of the day. ”I AM AN ARTIST, I don’t necessarily wanna write! (Even though I’m doing it now). So, what’s a ’Gaia Story’ anyway?” I wrote sarcastically, ”Once upon a time...???” Realizing I was being resistant, I sighed, ...   read more

Collage Art Journal SIX   5 mon  
Still working on my art journal. After I passed the half-way mark, the little journal book became so crowded with art I literally could not open the unfinished pages wide enough to work on them. I had to remove about 40 pages, going every-other-page, so as to make room for more art. So, instead of 220 pages, the journal now has 180 pages. My goal is to finish the journal within the next two weeks.
”song of the desert” on the right is an image from artist Kay WalkingStick, a member of the Cherokee Nation: ”Love has no race. before anything else, we’re all human. rethink your bias at ” plastic mesh background relatives ”...a rose by any other name...” some hand embroidery vintage lace added Blanket stitch hand embroidery. on the left is a business card of Dawn Ertl, a Los Angeles fiber artist. I viewed her fantastic work at an exhibition, ”looming spaces”, at the Huntington B ...   read more

Collage Art Journal FIVE   5 mon  
Continuing to work on my art journal; I have FINALLY passed the half-way mark of the 220 page journal!
old piece of Eco Art that was taken apart and put in the journal so, I like sea turtles... Praying for Peace in the Middle East: Peace/Pax/Shalom/Salaam Happy Fall Equinox! Rosh Hashanah, the Jewish New Year, was September 20-22 this year. study in pink and red all photos and ”Collage Journal Art” by mayah(c)2017 Collage Art Journal One: Collage Art Journal Two: Collage Art Journal Three: ...   read more

Collage Art Journal FOUR   7 mon  
slowing down a bit on working on this art journal as I've been doing some other art. Here are a few more pages of the 220 page book!
Despair vs. Hope dried bougainvillea petals tea bags some hand embroidery all photos and ”Collage Journal Art” by mayah(c)2017 Collage Art Journal One: Collage Art Journal Two: Collage Art Journal Three: Collage Art Journal Five: Collage Art Journal Six: Collage Art Journal Seven: https://ww ...   read more

Eco Art:"Little Miracles" Book   7 mon  
Mini-art book made out of light bulb packaging and recycled paper
The cover of this little mini-book is made out of reused light bulb packaging embellished with left-over paint, reused paint palette, and hand embroidery. The book is tied together with twine. The interior pages are made out of Rhimax, a brown 100% recycled paper product. The little embroidery samples inside are made from scrap paper towels used to wipe up excess paint on other projects. The prose is something I wrote about 10 years ago; I printed it out on a little piece of paper and placed it on my Earth altar next to the collected seed pods, sea shell ...   read more

Eco Art:Honoring Artist Peter Max   7 mon  
Artist Peter Max commemorates the 50th anniversary of the Summer of Love 1967, when 75,000 "hippies" traveled to and took up residence in San Francisco's Haight Ashbury district, intent on changing the world. Peter Max, artist first made famous by painting the vibrant colors of the counter-culture movement during the 1960’s, now 79, continues to paint using his trademark psychedelic colors. The August/September 2017 issue of AARP (American Association of Retired Persons) magazine features a Peter Max cover (oops, I’m revealing my age!) commemorating the Summer of Love’s 50th anniversary. I have loved Max’s art since I was a kid, so much so that my mother made an afghan for ...   read more

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