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Art: Energetic Release   6 d  
Healing Drawing
I have been doing healing work with Rob Wergin via group call-ins. This was drawn while I listened to a healing session; I call it ”Energetic Release”. Art by mayah(c)2018 Rob Wergin ”Rob has extraordinary healing gifts. He is fully clairvoyant, clairsentient, and clairaudient. At a young age, he was able to heal animals and communicate with spirits. These gifts were not understood and he learned to ignore them. For over 30 years he worked in corporate America as a highly successful CEO until one day, he received the ultimate “cosmic 2×4.” In that time of ...   read more

EcoArt: Printer Magic!   13 d  
My old HP Inkjet Printer seems to have developed some creativity it becoming a sentient machine?
A few days ago, I changed one of the ink cartridges on my old HP printer. The printer went into hibernate mode for a while, then spit out four sheets of printer paper with various patterns on them; in all of the many years I’ve had the printer, it’s never done that. I was told that the printer was just doing a ”test run” of the ink jets, but I think the printer is developing its own artistic style. I thought the patterns were beautiful, so made art out of three of the sheets: Printer Art #1 Added a photo from an old calendar; hand embroidery around the edges Added imag ...   read more

Art:Creation of the Earth   29 d  
Rosh Hashanah, the Jewish New Year, started the eve of September 9 and ended 48 hours later, on the Eve of September 11, 2018. Rosh Hashanah also celebrates the Birthday of the World. In the middle of Rosh Hashanah, I was inspired to draw my own version of Earth's Creation.
Day One Day Two Day Three Day Four Day Five Day Six ...and, as the Story goes, on the 7th Day, Divine Spirit rested. ”Creation” by mayah(c)2018 Pencil and ink drawings, 9” X 12” MORE ART BLOGS: Eco Art: Tiger and Valentine Dreaming of Fall: Eco Art: Card Embroidery Eco Art Postcards: Eco Art: Nature Tea Tags https://ww ...   read more

Eco Art: Tiger & Valentine   29 d  
Two more art pieces from recycled materials
// Eco Art by mayah(c)2018 ”Tiger” 8” X 6” ”Look deep into the eyes of nature and everything will make sense--Albert Einstein” This collage is different from my usual, in that the forms are not rectangular or square, but triangular and curved. The tiger image is from a WWF* mailer with the Einstein quotation on it. The background designs are from a carpet catalog**; orange paint pen, reused paper background on recycled black cardboard. // Eco Art b ...   read more

Eco Art: Dreaming of Fall   47 d  
It's been so hot this summer, I've been hoping for an earlier Fall!
”Dreaming of Fall” Eco Art placard by mayah(c)2018 approximately 7” x 6” Side view --tree bark with owl ”stick out” of the background for a 3-D look. Recycled materials: background photo of forest from junk mail catalog over cardboard backing; tree bark; barn owl photo from bird guide. Ribbon. Sometimes I have no idea how I’m going to make a piece of art, and one idea chases another. Often it takes more time thinking about what and how to make a piece of art than actually creating it; this one is an example of this process: Our family owned an independent book stor ...   read more

Eco Art: Card Embroidery   47 d  
MORE hand embroidery on paper, making greeting cards and placards
// // // // // // All cards, placards and photos: Eco Art by mayah(c)2018 5” x ...   read more

Eco Art Postcards   55 d  
Collage postcards that can actually be mailed!
Eco Art Collage Postcards by mayah(c)2018 These two collaged postcards are made with Strathmore pre-cut postcard paper, images from junk mail magazine advertisements and old calendar pictures, and torn-up Netflix mailing envelopes.Coated with several layers of AFM Acriglaze (acrylic coating)# They are postcard sized (6” X 4”) and were mailed as-is to friends with postcard stamps (35 cents U.S.P.S.)added. Eco Art Postcard by mayah(c)2018 This third postcard was cut from a piece of scrap watercolor paper. The images are from a field guide to birds, N ...   read more

Eco Art:Nature Tea Tags   59 d  
Utilized reused tea tags to celebrate Nature in all her beauty. Dedicated to my friend Your Enchanted Gardener. **
Tea Tag Eco Art by mayah(c)2018 ”Earth Laughs in Flowers--Ralph Waldo Emerson”; all reused materials: repurposed greeting card; dried flowers, beads, metal bits, and tea tag added. 9” x 7” Thrift store frame--this beautiful metal frame was actually the lid on a photo album that I removed to use as the frame Tea Tag Eco Art by mayah(c)2018 5” x 5” ”If you truly love nature, you will find beauty everywhere--Vincent Van Gogh”; all reused materials: tea bag over cardboard, magazine photos*,cardboard packaging material, lunar postage stamp, tea tag // ...   read more

Eco Art:Altered Greeting Cards   82 d  
Eco Art made with reused greeting cards
I’m sure you’ve received unsolicited greeting cards in the mail from non-profit organizations seeking donations. I get them quite frequently. I keep the cards and when the pile grows too big, pass them along to a non-profit organization that comes around my neighborhood seeking items for resale in their thrift store. However, I really liked the bright colors of these cards from the Jane Goodall Institute*, so I saved them and made my own art out of them. // ”Altered Greeting Cards” ...   read more

Art: "Faces of America"   85 d  
Large Eco Art piece
”Faces of America” Mixed Media Collage 30” X 22” by mayah(c)2018; sides one and two This art started out as one piece of off-white paper, 30” X 22”, that I painted with red and blue acrylics a year ago. The paper was then folded in half, then into 8 sections. There is a slit along the main fold; the paper can be used as an art journal book, or a free-standing piece of art. The idea for how I was going to use the painted paper came to me a year ago, yet I didn’t start to collage it until the beginning of this month. I had hoped to finish it in time for July 4th, but the hand ...   read more

Doodle Art: "ET Bacteria"/"Entangled"   3 mon  
Late at night, too hot to sleep, I've started doing "doodle art" again.
I keep a drawing pad and some art pens next to my bed. If I can’t sleep and the ”I wanna do art” bug hits, I take the pad of paper in my lap, close my eyes, and ”doodle” with a pencil. Then the doodle is refined with paint pens and/or colored pencils. This is a technique I learned years ago from an art therapist as a method of relaxation. It is indeed very relaxing; the problem is that I get so engrossed in the process that I lose all sense of time and when the sun starts peeking through my curtains in the early morning, I’ve realized I’ve been up all night drawing! Doodle Art by ...   read more

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