Sym's healthy trials
by symara

SO green smoothies it is....   8 y  
drinking raw smoothies now...
So I’m doing the green smoothies now. I will say it’s amazing on how the calories can add up on just a green smoothie if you aren’t careful. I have been adding my grade b maple syrup to sweeten them though, plus the added nutrients in it. I’m still getting the hang of doing this in the morning with my bullet. I made a different one for lunch this mornign also. They are pretty good as long as I get enough fruit in them. My only problem is getting the right mix of everything so I’m not hungry too soon afterwards. I put some organic peanut butter (not sure if it was raw) in over the ...   read more

Day 6 - no more cleanse (at least the master cleanse)   8 y  
Now what do I do? Help?
So I’ve posted to the MC forum about my problems with the MC. I can’t physically drink any more lemonade without getting sicke and my problems with the SW flush. I think it’s from that Migraine and the vomiting from starting it back in Feb. I’m thinking about switching to Green Smoothies since your digestive system still doesn’t have to work too much since you’ve already broken it down with a blender. And of course organic ingredients so I can keep more toxins out while I’m trying to cleanse. Any thoughts from anyone? Or what may be better? I need something that I will continue ...   read more

Day 5/30   8 y  
Day 5 on MC - 25 more to go!!
Weight - Day 5 - 216 So around 3pm yesterday I got a massive migraine. Too bad I car pooled with hubby yesterday, I had to wait until he picked me up at 5! I went home and got in a hot epsom salt bath and dozed a little while in there. I felt much better afterward. I’m having problems going to sleep though. It’s like my body clock is different then what it should be. I need to go to bed around 8 or 9 at the latest so I can get up at 4:30 to do the SW flush before work. I haven’t done it since the first day cuz I can’t get myself to get up in the morning. I’m sure part of it is ...   read more

Started a new MC Fast - for 30 days this time...   8 y  
first 4 days of 30 day cleanse... I'm back!
I actually tried to start another back in Feb and day one ended in such a massive migraine with vomiting and everything my husband forced me to eat something and take some meds. He wasn’t being very supportive at the time anyway and didn’t want me to do it. I’m now doing one with his support! I had spinal fusion surgery back in July and was under anethesia for 10 hours. For the past 5 months I’ve had problems with sleeping too much, can’t wake up, and falling asleep at my desk at work. Depression has taken it’s hold also. I talked to a therapist and some other people who say the ane ...   read more

Day 14   9 y  
Final Day... wooohoooooooooooooooo I made it!
Weight this morning 184.4 Wow a dramatic drop since yesterday morning... I wonder why? I probably didn't have a lot of lemonade yesterday, I shouldn't was hungry and it didn't sound good at all...   read more

Day 13   9 y  
Late start...
Weight this morning 186.4 Well, I worked my serving job last night. All the food looked so good again, mainly the salad bar though. Probably because I know I can eat that here soon at least. ...   read more

Day 12   9 y  
A little tired (but that's my own fault)
Weight this morning : 186.8 Last night went fairly well. The last couple days, around 8:30 9pm I have been having some BMs. Then I drank my tea, but I went to bed kind of late. So I'm a lit...   read more

Day 11   9 y  
Cleansing crisis? or just the way it goes.
weight this morning 187.2 It doesn't suprise me it's slowing down on the weight loss. I wasn't expecting it to last. I also didn't go for my regular walk last night. My husband and I fell asl...   read more

Day 10   9 y  
4 days after today...
Weigh in this morning (can't remember for sure) I think it was 187.2 So yesterday the day went well. I did some things around the house and then took my dog for a walk. I felt like I was going...   read more

Day 9   9 y  
Almost there
Weight this morning: 188.6 So I woke up this morning and chuged my salt water. It's going through a lot faster now. I wonder if I'll be more regular when this is all over. I had half my lem...   read more

Day 8   9 y  
As I chug along...
I'm writing this from memory, it's actualy Day 9 so bear with me :) weight - 189.4 I did alright all day, no problems except for the food commercials on TV, everything looks so yummy. I ha...   read more

Day 7   9 y  
Wow a full week!
Weight - 190.8 So yesterday evening went fairly well. My husband and I went for a drive after work in the convertable. It was nice, and I had some lemonade left over from work, so when we stop...   read more

Day 6   9 y  
Still going strong, and winning!
Wow I can't believe I made it this far!!! I weighed in this mornign at 191.0. I wish I had known my real start weight but that's not what this is for, right? I think last I wrote yesterday I...   read more

Day 5   9 y  
Awful morning.... It can only get better.
I forgot to weigh this morning before the salt water flush and my first lemonade. I went ahead and weighed after that, it was the same as yesterday 193.6. I'm not too worried about it, for one, I...   read more

Day 4   9 y  
Election Day! I voted!
Weight: 193.2 So yesterday evening went pretty well cleanse wise. Life wise it was a mess, my husband and I ended up arguing, and I didn't turn to food!!! That's a positive. I drank a decen...   read more

Day 3   9 y  
still going.
weight this morning : 194.4 So it's the start of day three and I've been typing out all my notes from the previous two days while drinking my Salt Water. I will be updating this current message ...   read more

Day 2   9 y  
Not so bad now.
I remembered to weigh myself this morning! I was 196.6 So I woke up at 4am with the normal female problems (I don't remember if I said I started my period the day before the cleanse) went bac...   read more

Day 1   9 y  
The first hardship...
Day 1 was a rough day. I forgot to weigh myself this morning, but I did weigh myself in the evening. 201.something. I forgot to wright it down. I'm just keeping track for reference, I'm not r...   read more

*groan*   9 y  
It's only life...
well, I was just talking to my husband. He wants to have the yard sale tomorrow we've been putting off all summer. It will probably be the last nice Saturday before the weather turns. So here's ...   read more

1 day and counting   9 y  
ramblings of the day before a the cleanse
So I'm very tired today. I caved in and got a carmel machioto at the cafe here. I was gonna see if I could do a full day not coffe after two days with only one cup a day. Didn't work. I dress...   read more

2 Days and counting   9 y  
Day 2 until Cleanse, discussing Prep work...
So I have two days until I start.... I'm going out tomorrow night, so I have to go get lemons tonight (maybe a few limes too). That's all I need. I have the following items at home now: C...   read more

So a couple days before: An intro   9 y  
An introduction and ramblings...
I'm planning on starting the MC Nov 1st. I have discussed this with many friends and family members. They have asked me to keep a journal, with all the gruesome details. So if you get queasy eas...   read more


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