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This Yankee Food Is Now A Burning Issue of Food Freedom!   9 y  
An Appeal from the Weston A. Price Foundation to support two raw dairies that IMO were attacked by agencies of the federal government that were operating under color of law.
”The outcome of the Morningland and Estrella cases will have an impact on freedom of food choice in this country.” And just what country might ”this country” be? Why it is good ol’ America! The one place on all of planet Earth that is the birthplace of the ”Yankees”! The origin of the word Yankee was ”used as a nickname for a Dutch-speaking American in colonial times” - meaning ”John Cheese” and ”often applied to the early Dutch colonists, who were famous for their cheeses” (see: under Dutch origins) Heads up my fellow Yankees!: ”SUPPORT ...   read more

Small Family Farms - The True Sanctuaries Of Life   9 y  
A YouTube video of Sally Fallon Morell at the 2009 Farm Food Voices, the WAPF book review: "Animal, Vegetable, Miracle" plus Sally's farm!
Return to your natural senses by recovering real-food culture for that is the foundation for nourishing real cultural wisdom. That is the future of humanity. Without a real-food culture there is no future. Support small family farms as much as you possibly can now as they are the true sanctuaries of life. It simply is not possible for corporate owned factory farms to serve humanity the fruits of cultural wisdom as they do not grow those kind of ”trees” nor do they sow those kind of seeds. Their only sense is in cents! Small family farms embody our nourishing traditions. They preserv ...   read more

The Three-stone Hearth   9 y  
Part VIII (Meaning of the Name) in the Vision Statement of a Berkeley based Community Supported Kitchen known as "Three Stone Hearth"
”From ancient times, human beings have created a simple and functional hearth by placing three large stones in a triangle pattern. A fire is then built in the center of the triangle, and either a cooking pot or a flat cooking stone is balanced on the stones for cooking. Some foods are also cooked directly in the fire. This classical hearth form is still used throughout much of the world today. Among Mayan peoples, the three-stone hearth has sacred and cosmological meaning as well. In sacred stories dating back to ancient times, three hearthstones were placed in the center of the univers ...   read more

"Perhaps The Vegetarian Diet Has Affected The Thinking Powers Of Whole Foods Management, ..."   9 y  
("Whole Foods Promotes Militant Vegetarian Agenda" by Tim Boyd)
... says Sally Fallon Morell. ”It’s time for the stockholders to insist on leadership devoted to increasing customer base, not promoting a personal vegetarian agenda.” And doesn’t that only make good business sense? I protested the elimination of raw dairy from Whole Foods (WF) then considered boycotting the stores and later was relieved to hear Mark McAfee say that Organic Pastures dairy simply made more products available at the ”Mom and Pop” stores. But the dietary agenda that WF now promotes is a whole other situation that I think deserves a boycott! http://www.westonaprice.o ...   read more

CowGate   9 y  
"... CowGate: expert report says claims of livestock causing global warming are false"
”... figures on meat and climate change were fudged”: Washington Times calls it CowGate: ”It is becoming difficult to keep pace with the speed at which the global warming scam is now unraveling. The latest reversal of scientific ’consensus’ is on livestock and the meat trade as a major cause of global warming” George Monbiot: ”I was ...   read more

I Have No Sympathy For The "Devil" (AKA The FDA)!   9 y  
Former FDA employee speaks out, Chef Jem comments on "Sympathy for the FDA - ..." By: Jon Barron
January 18, 2019 - ”The FDA Is A Corrupt Organization.” - Disinformation Campaign - ”I am retired from the FDA. I did not realize it when I worked at FDA, but I now believe the FDA is a corrupt organization. The way the corruption works is that large pharmaceutical and processed food corporations control the members of congress who sit on the committees that oversee the FDA. Any member of Congress who does not play ball will not be reelected. Regarding your Thumbs Down review of Jaws: The Story of a Hidden Epidemic (Fall, 2018), it’s clear that malnutrition causes lack of physic ...   read more

"The Most Important and Fundamental Thing You Can Do Right Now To Secure Your Freedom To Eat The Food Of Your Choice."   9 y  
Post at The Farm Blog titled War Story.
”The Farm to Consumer Legal Defense Fund is THE vanguard of food freedom. Without FTCLDF, Joel and Polyface would have spent hours wrangling, haggling, getting ulcers and fighting a battle with food police bureaucrats. Precious time, energy, and emotional capital would have been squandered trying to secure basic food rights and parse the regulatory labyrinth.” My Comment: ”Thank You Sheri! All very well stated! The food police are also becoming the brain police! Just as we have our God-given Rights to choose what is food for ...   read more

From "Food Safety" to Sovereign Inner Authority   9 y  
"Chewing On Food Safety: A National Conversation is Needed"
Posted at Sure is a lot going on with this subject matter! A mind can be easily overwhelmed! Yet, from a Human Design perspective the Mind is never our Inner Authority! I am convinced that this issue (just as in any important decision making) requires our Inner Authority. Otherwise the Mind just keeps spinning! Have you heard that Congress has limited powers based on the clearly limited written authority that was granted to it by ”we the people”? Now dig this: the grant of authority was n ...   read more

Two Faced About Soy?   9 y  
"The Two Faces of Soy: Does it Harm or Help?" segment on the Dr. Oz Show.
I hardly ever watch TV. Maybe once a year I will look a some of an extraordinary event like a special event in the Olympics. I have never watched the Dr. Oz show before this afternoon. The only reason I did was because Dr. Kaayla Daniel, the author of ”The Whole Soy Story: The Dark Side of America’s Favorite Health Food”, made an appearance. I cut out a precious hour of my day to see this and even had alerted a few friends to watch it as well saying it was ”guaranteed to be informative”. I trusted Dr. Kaayla Daniel’s knowledge on this subject. I didn’t know what part Dr.Oz would play an ...   read more

"The Food That Is Right For You"   9 y  
Recent contribution to the ongoing conversations on health and nutrition among chapter leaders of the Weston A. Price Foundation
”If you read Rudolf Wiley’s book ”Biobalance” he goes into great detail about the importance of balancing acid/base in the body. But this is done by eating according to your unique metabolic needs. He claims all sorts of problems arise from being off in venous blood plasma Ph. He says the ideal Ph is 7.46, and even the ”healthy” range touted by the USDA 7.35-7.45 can cause all sorts of problems for many people (essentially the further you get from 7.46, the worse off you’ll be). To me this ties in well to WAP’s (Weston A. Price) findings. Those people ate very simple food that was ...   read more

Biodynamic Agriculture - "A Very Different Basis Of Nutrition"   9 y  
Rudolf Steiner: A Biographical Introduction for Farmers By Hilmar Moore
”...a cultural renewal. (Rudolf Steiner) knew, perhaps better than we do, that the renewal that he called for, that he worked for so desperately, would require a very different basis of nutrition than can ever be achieved through chemical farming. So it all demands new approaches: to science, to our inner development, to our relation to nature ...” ”This first article places Steiner’s life and work in a larger historical context.”: Update Nov. ’11 - Announcing the formation of a Biodynamics and Nutrition Group (BANG): http://www.biodynamic ...   read more

Lactofermentation Has Caused No Known Food-borne Illness.   9 y  
"Fermentation: A wild way to make food come to life" By Kristen Hinman Special to The Washington Post Wednesday, September 15, 2010
Great article!: I first started making sauerkraut around 1979 after reading Ann Wigmore’s book/s. Then after meeting Sally Fallon in ’99 I expanded into fermenting other foods. I enjoy my own lacto- fermented products on a daily basis. If my house mates were more tolerant of the aromas during the fermentation process I would do a lot more fermenting! Enjoy this article! Chef Jem   read more

Visit "Raw Milk: The Whole Truth"   9 y  
Chef Jem recommends "Raw Milk: The Whole Truth"
Also visit ”Raw Milk: The Whole Truth”: 193 blog entries on real milk; viewed 166,286 times - real milk - just like Jesus and all his brothers and sisters enjoyed without any fears. And it wasn’t too long ago when everyone knew fresh, whole milk, straight from the source without any processing, was really nourishing and healthy food!   visit the page

Sex, Pregnancy and The Truth About Cholesterol   9 y  
"Cholesterol Is for Lovers" By Adrienne Hew
All the ”old folks” can believe and do as they please with their dietary choices and not likely impact others but anyone who thinks they may want to have children may want to check out the points made in this article including: ”The sex hormones are made from cholesterol. Lowered cholesterol often results in decreased libido and increased infertility and miscarriage.” **********************^********************** May 30, 2015 - I have a friend who recently informed me that she is pregnant. I gifted her with a complimentar ...   read more

The China Study   9 y  
Article by Dr. Mercola -
Excellent article on why this study can not be relied on to validate vegetarianism.   read more

"Every Single Farmer Who Direct Markets Should Be A Member of FTCLDF"   9 y  
"Joel Salatin Free to Enjoy the Fruits of His Labor" By Cathy Raymond. A testimonial at The Farm-to-Consumer Legal Defense Fund
I agree! Here’s Joel Salatin’s testimonial - a very good example of what I believe will give the awareness that I’m praying for (and especially in Southern California since the loss of one of our organic farms that unfortunately was not a member of FtCLDF)! Thank you Joel, Cathy, Pete, Sally and all ”foundations” of support that have been created for our farmers! We still need to get the word out so that FtCLDF is most familiar to every farmer who direct markets! I am asking now for additional ways tha ...   read more

"Ultrahealthy" Babies   9 y  
The author wrote: ”After debating the question--Why disease? Why not health?--again and again with my fellow students, I slowly, before I qualified, came to a further question--Why was it that as students we were always presented with sick or convalescent people for our teaching and never with the ultrahealthy? Why were we only taught disease? Why was it presumed that we knew all about health in its fulness? The teaching was wholly one-sided. Moreover, the basis of our teaching upon disease was pathology, namely, the appearance of that which is dead from disease.” Great questions worth ...   read more

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