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Lemon-Lime Whey For Your Food-as-Medicine   19 mon  
The health benefits of lemon include treatment of throat infections, indigestion, constipation, dental problems, fever, internal bleeding, rheumatism, burns, obesity, respiratory disorders, cholera high blood pressure, helps to strengthen your immune system, cleanse your stomach, is considered a blood purifier, a useful treatment for kidney stones and reducing strokes
Did you know that lemons and limes are food-as-medicine? Would you like to have real lemon and/or lime juice ready to use in your kitchen? You can squeeze a bunch of lemons and/or limes and add liquid whey plus a natural sweetener and keep it at room temperature ready to use whenever you want. I add the likes of this to my version of a herbal-spice butter tea and find it very delicious! If you like can add fresh grated ginger to this and make a natural ginger ale!   read more

Recipes To Do   19 mon  
Personal list of new (to me) recipe links.
While I’m on a friend’s computer and not able to bookmark (as I would on my own machine) I’m starting this Blog post devoted to recipes I intend to use. This first recipe is one I’d like to try soon as I already enjoy ghee and have already reincorporated special spices as a constant part of my personal diet. Niter-Kibbeh Ethiopian Spiced Clarified Butter!: ...   read more

Replace Statins With (Much) Safer Omega-3 Fatty Acids!   19 mon  
According to this study, statin use increases the rate and amount of coronary artery lesions as compared to controls, the very situation they are meant to prevent and treat.
”... a new study about statin drugs has emerged... In the study[1], which was published in a peer-reviewed journal in 2015 ... the authors claim that, contrary to widely held beliefs, the primary toxicity of statin drugs is on their inhibition of ... compounds required for energy generation (in the form of ATP) and mitochondrial maintenance and repair. As a result, the body’s cells, particularly of the heart, are unable to obtain the energy they need for normal cellular metabolism and repair. The result of this energy-starved state (ATP is the energy ’currency’ in mammalian cells) is i ...   read more

Obtaining Disease-Fighting Nutrients via Dietary Diversity!   20 mon  
Now you don't have to "call (just) any vegetable" for they really aren't all the same.
I just subscribed to Dr. Tom Cowan’s new mailing list regarding his new line of vegetable powders.[1] To protect their vitality, he dehydrates their organically grown vegetables with low heat and stores the powders in Miron violet-glass jars.[2] As far as I know there is nothing quite like what he offers. Tom says: ”The secret to availing yourself of their disease-fighting nutrients is diversity: Eat small amounts of a wide variety of plants daily, especially perennial vegetables, rather than a large amount at one or two sittings.”[1] ***********^*********** Notes: [1] https://ww ...   read more

Problems With 2015-20 U.S. Dietary Guidelines[6]   20 mon  
GMO crops declared to be "probably" carcinogenic
”... the UN’s International Agency for Research on Cancer recently declared that Roundup ready GMO crops, including corn and soy, are ”probably” carcinogenic.”[1],[2],[3],[4],[5] ***********^*********** Notes: [1] Robin Mesnage, Nicolas Defarge, Gilles-Eric Séralini, et al. ”Major Pesticides Are More Toxic to Human Cells Than Their Declared Active Principles.” BioMed Research International. Volume 2014 (2014), Article ID 179691, 8 pages. [2] T. Bøhna, M. Cuhraa, T. Traavika, et al. ”Compositional differences in soybeans on the ...   read more

There Is A Definite Problem With Over-Medication!   21 mon  
“The History of Pharmacy According to Bag Size” - Mary Lee Snodgrass
I am so grateful that I’m not on any prescriptions and haven’t been for years! If I have a symptom that I want to feed medicine to I think of food as medicine and I think of herbal medicine. I do my best to avoid all pharmaceuticals and I’m so glad I do! ”... pharmacist Mary Lee Snodgrass talks about how and why the trend of overmedication has become so prevalent in America. As a second generation pharmacist, Mary Lee has a first hand account of how prescriptions have doubled and tripled over the last few decades.” Just posted my comment at Wellness Mama.: Thank you Katie and Mary ...   read more

The Wizards Curtain Has Been Pulled Away!   21 mon  
Food Manufacturers May Be Wizards but Nutrition Is Not Wizardry!
Just received an invite from a LinkedIn member who has a ”medical meal” business who said they had looked at my profile and decided to contact me to be of service. I looked at their page and website which included references to ”The China Study”, McDougall and others that I recognized were dated myths.[1] I responded asking what they thought of the nutrition idea that is advocated by the Weston A. Price Foundation (WAPF). I asked that because I mention WAPF about four times in my Linked in Profile! (I wonder if they even saw that.) The idea that ”low fat” is healthy is essentially d ...   read more

The DARK Act Fight: It’s Not Over Yet!   21 mon  
The defeat of the DARK Act plus as the possible enlightenment regarding the limits of lawful government.
July 15th Update from the Weston A. Price Foundation - - ACT NOW: Tell President Obama to veto the DARK Act ”... the Senate voted last week to approve the Roberts-Stabenow version of the DARK Act. The next step is that it goes back to the House (since it’s different from the version the House approved last summer) and then on to President Obama. This bill would be more accurately termed an UNlabeling bill. It has huge loopholes, no enforcement mechanisms, and a two-year delay before anything happens – except that it immediately overrides state laws that are already in place. ...   read more

Nutrition and The Reactive Mind   21 mon  
Anger And Resentment, And Your Health by Dr. Lawrence Wilson
Inspired earlier this night to search the subject mater in this headline and quickly found exactly what I was looking for. ”Chronic anger may be viewed in terms of the glandular system as an approach to life in which one is usually in a state of readiness for an attack at all times. It is not unlike paranoia, except that paranoia is more of the mind, while anger is more of the body and the emotions.”[1] I highly suspect that poor nutrition plays a role in continually stimulating the reactive part of the brain. Dr. Weston A. Price documented the importance of nutrition for psychologic ...   read more

Business Meeting   22 mon  
Does "business" include revitalization, maintenance and the day-to-day house keeping?
I’m happy to have had a conversation yesterday with a friend who offered their facilitation support for us to have a ”business meeting”. Before we have that meeting I’d like the facilitator to define what they mean by ”business” so that this can be readily understood and agreed upon by all the participants. I ask this because I have adopted ”The Four Agreements” and the Third Agreement is ”Don’t Make Assumptions”. Since we are meeting with others who have not had any meetings in our present day configuration (let alone meetings with an exclusive business focus) I can’t make any assumpti ...   read more

Weston A. Price Foundation (WAPF)   22 mon  
News, Alerts, Wise Traditions Journal and related to the Weston A. Price Foundation.
December 1, 2017 - GOOD NEWS ABOUT THE SOY HEALTH CLAIM - ... Sally Fallon Morell, President The Weston A. Price Foundation - I have some very good news to report: In response to our 2008 petition, the FDA has proposed to revoke the heart health claim for soy protein! But there is still work to do. We now need to flood the FDA with comments in support of this measure. ACTION TO TAKE: Please submit a comment to the FDA before the deadline on January 15, 2018! You can do it online: Or write a letter to: Docket ...   read more

Free Fertility, Pregnancy and Birth Summit!   22 mon  
All the information you need to have the healthiest baby possible.
Featuring Sally Fallon Morell on nutrient-dense food and and Sayer Ji on vaccination dangers, February 1-17th at: Naturopath Tracey Gartner has teamed up with experts around the world to bring to you the Fertility, Pregnancy & Birth Summit with the mission to empower couples to have a healthy and more enjoyable experience during this journey. This is a FREE online event! Whether you are trying to conceive, you are pregnant, or about to give birth, this online interview series will give you all the information you need to enjoy t ...   read more

Food and A Planetary Consciousness   24 mon  
Planetary consciousness is the result of the search for salt & spices!
The currently approaching New Moon (at 19 degrees Sagittarius) inspire me to check out the corresponding Sabian Symbol (at 20 degrees Sag) as well as the point opposite (at 20 degrees Gemini) where I found the following: ”...history tells us that the search for salt and spices, then for commodities rare in local regions, provided the impetus for global trade and thus eventually for a planetary consciousness. The results may be satiety and indigestion, and mental confusion caused by lack of discrimination.” Richard Rudd writes in Gene Keys: ”With the 64th Gene Key we come to one of t ...   read more

My Christmas Prayer and Wish List   25 mon  
Ask and it shall be given!
Through the activation in my Human Design ”Love of Humanity” and as a Six of Hearts (The Christmas Day Card!) I pray for real peace in the world and especially in the home where peace can be nurtured within the heart of every living soul. I pray for compassion extended to every soul who is without family and or without a home. I also pray for the deepest healing of all our sacred wounds that now can begin to be healed both individually and collectively. The following quote is from a newsletter that was received after I had already initiated this blog post. - ”December is an 11 Uni ...   read more

Long Winter Nights' Sleep   25 mon  
Blessings within the dark!
My subscription to the new posts on ”The Soaked Bean”[1] just gifted me with the current musings of blogger Lauren Haddad-Olivet. ”...Our pre-agrarian and even some of our agrarian ancestors would have had nearly fourteen hours of sleep during Winter’s long nights. Somewhere towards the middle, they would have entered a state quite different than the sleep we know. Due to the release of the hormone prolactin, they entered a state of ... ’quiescent wakefulness,’[2] during which brain-wave readings were shown to be similar to those observed during transcendental meditation. Wiley[3] writ ...   read more

"Still Swimming Vigorously at the End of Two Hours"!   25 mon  
"Throughout most of recorded time humans have preferred liver over steak by a large margin, regarding it as a source of great strength and as providing almost magical curative powers."
Anti-Fatigue Factor Liver’s as-yet-unidentified anti-fatigue factor makes it a favorite with athletes and bodybuilders. The factor was described by Benjamin K. Ershoff, PhD, in a July 1951 article published in the Proceedings for the Society for Experimental Biology and Medicine. Ershoff divided laboratory rats into three groups. The first ate a basic diet, fortified with 11 vitamins. The second ate the same diet, along with an additional supply of vitamin B complex. The third ate the original diet, but instead of vitamin B complex received 10 percent of rations as powdered liver. ...   read more

Bees and Honey   27 mon  
and Bees are from Venus!
I just got this (from a larger message linked below) and find it especially curious: ”... bees loathe disharmony and chaotic vibrations such as fear... And they hate garlic. If someone who has been eating garlic gets anywhere near them they attack them immediately! Now you understand why your stomach rebels if you eat honey and garlic at the same meal!”[1] Have you ever had honey and garlic at the same meal? ***********^*********** Notes: [1]   read more

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