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Distorted Thinking (Esp. Re: "Anti-Real Food" Positions)   4 y  
Contemplations on the whole lot of "anti-real food" opinions in light “15 Styles of Distorted Thinking”.
Eastern Washington University(EWU) has a very informative webpage devoted to “Effective Stress Management”[1] with the second half focused on important “Lifestyle Changes”. I am truly grateful that these suggestions include a section on “Perception of Threat Interventions” as having clarity about perception is really the master key (as A Course in Miracles testifies)! What I value as the diamond-of-a-gem among the four items in the section on “Perception” is: “Avoid cognitive distortions that may skew your perception.”! Their hyper-link (at ”cognitive distortions”) connects to 15 Styles ...   read more

Two Kinds of Animal Products   4 y  
Important distinctions in animal products
There are many opinions that have been expressed on the subject of animal products and many of those are spoken in general terms by grouping all animal products together as if they are the same. They are not the same. There two very different kinds of animal products. The first and longest standing kind of animal products come from animal that are either completely wild or that are raised in natural environments where they feed on a diet that is most compatible with the diet that they could possibly have in the wild. The second type of animal products come from animals that are raise ...   read more

Trees of Life & Eris   4 y  
The coconut palm from which we obtain milk and oil (as well as coconut flour) and the date palm from which we get a honey-like date syrup - as well as date wine as "trees of life".
One of my search results for: ”wheel of eighty-four” happened to be: Chapter 5 - The Experiment The Wheel of Eighty-Four is the cycle of reincarnation. It is the twelve paths soul must experience in its comings and goings in the lower worlds of Creation; the ... I recognize Zecharia Sitchin having read a book by another author who makes reference to him. ”In his book, Stairway to Heaven, Zecharia Sitchin, the Sumerian scholar famous for his archaeological ideas about transcultural gods, relates a descriptio ...   read more

Rising Food Movements   4 y  
"The Food Movement, Rising" - Michael Pollan
Found Michael Pollan on the second page of my search results for: ”food politics”. Inspired to research this after having posted my comment at Jon Barron’s site: ”Baseline of Health Foundation” regarding his article: ”Why Politics and Nutrition Don’t Mix”[1] Michael says: ”Where many social movements tend to splinter as time goes on, breaking into various factions representing divergent concerns or tactics, the food movement starts out splintered. Among the many threads of advocacy that can be lumped together under that rubric we can include school lunch reform; the campaign for anim ...   read more

The Original Foundation of "Epicurean"   4 y  
A historical culinary and gastronomical journey.
Is Epicurus (/ˌɛpɪˈkjʊərəs/ or /ˌɛpɪˈkjɔːrəs/; Greek: Ἐπίκουρος, Epíkouros, ”ally, comrade”; 341–270 BC) the ancient Greek philosopher; the founder of the school of philosophy called Epicureanism. I was inspired to trace ”Epicurean” back to it’s original root and now I am so glad I did! He are some highlights of what I discovered so far: ”For Epicurus, the purpose of philosophy was to attain the happy, tranquil life, characterized by ataraxia[1]—peace and freedom from f ...   read more

I also like Avocados and Coconut Butter!   4 y  
The endless enjoyment of creative variations with food!
Very recently I was inspired with the idea of developing a new spread consisting of freshly prepared avocado, creamed coconut butter, softened raw butter and possibly some olive oil. (It could possibly be considered as a ”compound butter”[1] however I think it’s probably more likened unto a ”spread”.) I then did some research about my idea and later thought of replacing the avocado with guacamole. That variation motivated me to searching for an original description as to what guacamole first consisted of (besides the avocado ; ~ ). I found this following statement interesting. ”G ...   read more

The Most High Ideal: A Life-Giving Alliance!   4 y  
The creme de la creme for a potential new generation of chefs.
One of the characteristics of being Chef Jemichel is that I am an idealist. By finally accepting that as an integral part of my Human Design I’ve become all the more free to express my idealism in ways that are also harmonious with my truth. This blog is a record of some of a number of ideals that I’ve advocated regarding the possibilities of true nourishment using real, nutrient-dense foods. Recently I’ve discovered something awesomely harmonious for that purpose and I’ve written about this at another Blog I have at CureZone called Cheeta. Since realizing that Cheeta is my ”High Ide ...   read more

Enjoying Delicious & Highly Satiating Home-Made Meals   4 y  
A well-noted memorable dinner continues to inspire this chef to no end!
August 4, 2018 - A ”Delicious & Highly Satiating” Drink - The idea that people can enjoy a whole meal in the form of a drink is certainly not new and something that I am very familiar with as this form of nourishment has been an important part of my diet for about forty-five years, ever since I purchased my first (original) VitaMix. I have developed and enjoyed several drinks over the years, my current being a glorified tea that I brew and blend virtually every morning. The ”highly satiating” ingredients in my current drink are: butter or ghee, coconut oil, cod liver oil, avocado and r ...   read more

"Most Important of All ..."   4 y  
Anti-aging Miracles - Amazing Feats Of Physical Strength And Endurance By The World’s Oldest People
Just discovered this site[1] that begins early on with an account that ”...Doctor Jensen witnessed...a 110 years old wrestler throw his 70 years old challenger out of the ring!”: The top three ”Anti-aging Secrets of Hunzaland and Ancient Peru Most important of all, take care of your mental, emotional and spiritual life. Be kind, charitable and helpful to others. See yourself as being happy and you’ll BE happy.” [1] with search terms: russia”bernard jensen”+”oldest man” and got ”About 43 results” (but actually more like 16). ...   read more

Our Right To Full Disclosure Regarding GMO Foods   4 y  
Make GMO Labeling a Reality
September 16, 2017 - Glyphosate: Unsafe on Any Plate - by David Murphy and Henry Rowlands A leading FDA-registered food safety testing laboratory has found extremely high levels of the pesticide glyphosate in some of America’s most popular food products. Glyphosate, the active ingredient in Monsanto’s Roundup, is the most heavily used chemical weedkiller in food and agricultural production in human history, as a result of the widespread adoption of genetically engineered crops now grown on more than 175 million acres in the United States(U.S.) and more than 440 million acres around ...   read more

Agriculture, Food and Health Are Not On "The List"!   4 y  
Virtually all the powers (apparently) delegated to Congress are listed at Article I, §8, clauses 1-16.
”All (the Constitution of September 17, 1787) authorizes the federal government to do over the (United States[1]) falls into four categories: Military defense, international commerce & relations; Immigration & naturalization; Domestically, create a uniform commercial system: weights & measures, patents & copyrights, money based on gold & silver, bankruptcy laws, mail delivery & some road building; and with some of the amendments, secure certain civil rights ... If it’s on the list, Congress may make laws about it.[2] But if it’s NOT on the list, Congress usurps power & acts unlawfull ...   read more

My Kitchen!   4 y  
Culinary imaginations, chef aspirations, enlightened musings, prayers and other inspirations for the sake of real food!
There is a certain spirit that comes with being a chef. That ”spirit” is not exactly like being ”possessed” (especially by some ”other spirit”) unless you use the term to mean the individual maintains themself in a state or condition of patience. chef (n.) 1830, from French chef, short for chef de cuisine, literally ”head of the kitchen,” from Old French chief ”leader, ruler, head” ... I have a chef spirit that inspires me on a daily basis! I dream of designing my own kitchens where I can create my ...   read more

The Chef As The Highest Form of Doctor   4 y  
Revisioning the role that chefs (and restaurants) can play in restoring health in the community.
In a number of traditional cultures througout the world the chef has been regarded as the doctor of choice. He was the one with special knowledge about foods-as-medicine. In some restaurants in China each item on the menu would list what conditions that dish would be benefical for.[1] A new group has recently been formed for ”bridging” between farmers and physicians.[2] IMO - Chefs have a role to play right in the very center of this midway between the farmer and the practitioner! It’s a role that I wish to encourage for most chefs and it is deep in the heart of the Cheeta vision[3]. ...   read more

The Yoga of Nutrition   4 y  
Is a calm mind a nourishing factor that's missing in your diet?
It may be easy for me to present this idea of nutritional yoga being that I live it! And I realize that I easily live it on account of my ”Human Design” - at least an astrological aspect of it whereby eating becomes a sacred act.[1] Notwithstanding the import of one’s Human Design good digestion requires some physiological preparation including mastication of the food. Consequently the rush of modern lifestyle needs to be at least temporarily set aside to allow for a slower approach to food enjoyment. ”... By doing your best each day to eat with awareness, quietly and meditatively, you ...   read more

"The Gift of The Feast Satiates the Soul ... Restores ..."   4 y  
Babette’s Feast
I’m preparing a ”feast” for the soul that is intended to deeply nourish and support a future community that I call Cheeta.[1] I wish to point to Babette’s Feast to give an idea of some of the social impulses that I’m working with for Cheeta. I’m also intending to have all of my chef productions demonstrate the principals of Cheeta as best as possible - many of which are presented in Babette’s Feast. “… Slow food highlights gastronomy as defined by local cultural methods (resources), communal activity (networks), and craft and ingredients (experiences), while participating in one of t ...   read more

The Key for Food-as-Medicine is Nutrient Density   4 y  
Chef Jemichel's ABCs of "Food as Medicine"
My heart goes out to the individuals who suffer mentally, emotionally in their relationship with food. I wish it wasn’t so and I accept that this kind of suffering appears to be a fairly common occurrence, apparently more common among woman and starting fairly early in their lives. I appreciate the perspective others have gained from their ”journeys” through the ”underworld” depths of their relationship to food and I can regard each of them as a kind of ”hero’s journey”.[1] I realize this is a complex issue that includes a number of aspects including one’s relationship to food, emotions ...   read more

Oils of Commerce & Traditional Fats   4 y  
The whole truth on traditonal fats and the oils of commerce by Mary Enig, PhD and others.
At the Weston A. Price Foundation’s website: Question: Is grapeseed oil a good choice? We hear so much about it. I have read that grape seed oil has a very high smoke point so it is a good oil to use for cooking. Answer: Grapeseed oil contains phenols that raise the smoke point. However it is very high in omega-6 fatty acids, so it not a good choice for our diets–we need to avoid excess omega-6 fatty acids as much as possible. Also, grapeseed oil is industrially processed with hexane and other carcinogenic solvents, and traces will remain in the oil. More truth about grapeseed oil ...   read more

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