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Avoid Foods With Pesticides   4 y  
2015 Shopper's Guide to Pesticides in Produce
Get your urinalysis to really know your pesticide levels and then avoid the ”dirty dozen” to see how much of a difference that makes for you. ”... People who eat organic produce eat fewer pesticides. A study by Cynthia Curl of the University of Washington published February 5, found that people who report they ’often or always’ buy organic produce had significantly less organophosphate insecticides in their urine samples, even though they reported eating 70 percent more servings of fruits and vegetables per day than adults reporting they ’rarely or never’ purchase organic produce (Curl ...   read more

Got Food Scrutiny?   4 y  
"The Gift That Keeps On Giving: Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics" - DrB
Here at this blog I very rarely give attention to specific ”foods of commerce” that have been completely eliminated from my diet and that I never recommend in any way, shape or form as food fit for human consumption. However, the following quote from the current article by Dr. Brownstein that may enlighten the readers as to how modern day food manufacturers manufacture their food products and the wanting condition that the product ends up as after all the manufacturing has been done to it. Take for example ”Kraft Singles”: ”... the ingredients of Kraft Singles. It is a highly processe ...   read more

My Nourishing Traditions   4 y  
An exploration into the dietary heritage of my ancestors
My paternal grandparents were both born and raised in Germany. For most of the first seven years of my life I lived on the second floor of a two-flat that my grandparents owned and where that had lived on the first floor. I vividly remember their food and how much I enjoyed what my grandmother made more than most of the food my mother made (not that my mother didn’t cook well). One example that stands out is the way the two prepared scrambled eggs. My mother added some milk to the eggs and cooked the eggs in margarine although on the dry side. My grandmother didn’t add any milk, cooked ...   read more

A Nourishing Traditions "Good Buddy" System   4 y  
Overcoming the trap of convenient foods.
If time is the barrier for you to prepare your own Nourishing Traditional foods and if the ”Limited-Time ... Guidelines” in Nourishing Traditions (NT) still seems beyond your capacity then here’s another idea. Introduce your friends to NT (and make new like-minded friends) and interest them in gathering to cook and enjoy more ”real food” (and less manufactured ”foods of commerce”). I wish to inspire and empower you to co-create your own ”support group” that can work together for the greater good of all concerned. For instance if you like to cook with others then you and another one or m ...   read more

Dr. Price - Nourishing Traditions - the Foundation & Beyond!   4 y  
The "Sally Fallon Nourishing Traditions Interview"
May 10, 2017 - ”Two studies published in major peer-reviewed medical journals within the past decade should be, in my opinion, major breakthroughs in the use of natural medicine in the treatment of chronic disease. The first, published in The Journal of Cancer Therapy in 2011, showed that men with stage 4 prostate cancer who drank deuterium-depleted water had a mean survival time of 11.02 years as compared to historical norms of about 18 to 24 months. The second study, published in the prestigious journal Medical Hypothesis in 2016, indicated that a ketogenic diet improves cellular ...   read more

Cinnamon as Medicine   4 y  
Healing Powers of Ayurvedic Spices
Second to communication in terms of purpose, your body is designed to process food in many wonderous ways. Therefore it makes sense to let food be your medicine. ”In a study at Copenhagen University, patients given half a teaspoon of cinnamon powder combined with one tablespoon of honey every morning before breakfast had significant relief in arthritis pain after one week and could walk without pain within one month.”: I’d recommend using organic cinnamon and truly raw honey. And when sau ...   read more

Psyche & Hygia and The Gods   4 y  
We are microcosms of the universe yet it seems "the gods" must be "sleeping" or are they enchanted?
I love researching! Especially when my research inspiration comes through my love of humanity (Self Center Gate 15 in the Human Design System which I have defined with my Design Sun + Design Mercury!) I just started researching Psyche & Hygia and just had to at least note the following here: ”If a man cultivates both prosperity and health, being generous with his possessions and winning praise as well, let him not seek to become a god.” (Pindar, Olympian Odes 5.23-24).:   visit the page

Kombucha As Medicine   4 y  
Kombucha Teaology By Harald W. Tietze
My friend is suffering with his kidneys. I’m encouraged to see a medicinal application with Kombucha as I love making the best Kombucha I can. I’m especially encouraged that I found a specific mention of Kombucha for the kidneys here: *** February 15th, 2015 - It appears that my friend ”resolved” his kidney pain and is back home. It’s time to party!!! As of Valentine’s Day I now have a new design for ...   read more

Coconut Oil   4 y  
"If you really love your coconut oil (as I do), then it’s worth seeking out fair trade brands that guarantee decent pay for farmers and workers and enforce higher agricultural standards."
As an American chef my introduction to coconut oil came rather late (IMO) seemingly long after having worked with other more familiar fats and oils within the conventional food service settings that I had worked at. When I finally was introduced to coconut oil I immediately liked to it! When I met Sally Fallon in 1999 one of the very first articles she gave me was regarding this category of foods. I then realized it was time for me to be more selective about my choices for oils. I soon embraced coconut oil as my main supplementary oil next to butter! Recently I have been introduced to D ...   read more

Is The US Gov A Lawful Authority On Americans Health Issues?   4 y  
Article: “The Baneful Consequences of the U.S. Dietary Guidelines by Adele Hite
Reading “What should Americans eat to be healthy” in Wise Traditions article: “The Baneful Consequences of the U.S. Dietary Guidelines by Adele Hite[1] inspired me to read the opening presentation by undersecretary “Kennedy”[2] who says: “… the guidelines are meant to apply to healthy individuals …” The published Kennedy statement that is referenced in Wise Traditions: “I always like to note, because I think the dietary guidelines process sometimes sounds a bit complicated to people who don’t follow it day to day. But really the dietary guidelines for Americans are meant to answer one, ...   read more

The Healing of the Earth That Animals Can Bring   4 y  
"Grazing on Grasslands 101" - Featuring Allen Savory & Nicolette Hahn-Niman - "... revitalizing grassland ecosystems, and how this is one of the keys to reversing the damage we’ve done to the soils of the world."
One of the most tremendous resolutions that I experienced as a direct result of connecting with the Weston A. Price Foundation was the new understanding I received about animal husbandry and most especially farm animals. Learning the difference between the conventional ”factory farming” approach in raising farm animals and a truly holistic & sustainable systems approach (as originally presented by Biodynamic Agriculture and later by Permaculture Design) provided me with a healing ”thought reversal” that resolved the controversies and arguments I had become aware of against animal products ...   read more

Heart Disease Health Claim for Soy Not Supported by Science   5 y  
Nutrition Watchdog (Weston A. Price Foundation) Files Lawsuit Against FDA
Washington, D.C. — December 17, 2014—[ GlobeNewswire ]–Weston A. Price Foundation filed a lawsuit today against the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) in the U.S. District Court for the District of Columbia. The lawsuit seeks to compel the FDA to provide a substantive response to the Citizen Petition filed by Weston A. Price Foundation on August 8, 2008, which challenged the FDA’s Final Rule that allows health claims to be made about soy protein’s effect on coronary heart disease. The FDA’s “Final Rule on Food Labeling: Health Claims; Soy Protein and Coronary Heart Disease” (effect ...   read more

The Rise & Fall of the Standard American Diet   5 y  
A new all-inclusive consciousness about food and our relationship to that which truly nourishes us is rising up out of the ashes of the old paradigm!
Healthy Nation Coalition Details Persistent Failures of Dietary Guidelines for Americans Posted at on December 12, 2014 by Kimberly Hartke Washington, D.C.–December 12, 2014–[GlobeNewswire] ”In an open letter to government officials, the Healthy Nation Coalition describes the Dietary Guidelines for Americans (DGA) as a failed policy. The letter from concerned scientists, nutrition professionals and consumers is addressed to the Secretaries of the U.S. Departments of Agriculture and Health and Human Services. The letter asserts that these recommendation ...   read more

Nourishing Traditional Roots of Italian Cuisine   5 y  
What did the traditional diet actually consist of for the Italian people during the Italian Renaissance and especially in Tuscany?
Within the last couple weeks I have been suddenly inspired with identifying what the everyday diet may have been throughout the Renaissance.(1) To make a long (but truly synchronistic) story short I got a used copy of ”The Food Of Italy” by Waverly Root and I’m in second chapter on Tuscany. (BTW if Italy is perceived as a ”boot” then the boot must be a full length boot that reaches right up to the highest high and if so then Tuscany would be located right above the knee.) Now that I have this food spirit in me the geography of Italy has suddenly become of greater interest to me! I im ...   read more

If The Oaks Are Happy, Everyone Is Happy!   5 y  
The Mighty Acorn: Eat Your Way Back Into The Web Of Life
”Native Californians traditionally had very close relationship with oaks. From the indigenous perspective, the relationship between humans and oaks is fully reciprocal—our love, care and appreciation for our oaks is returned by their gratitude in the form of bountiful food, shelter, tools and spiritual connection. Not only were indigenous Californians dependent on acorns from oak trees, they also relied on the animals, like deer, that depend on oak ecosystems. Acorns were the staple food for about three-quarters of all native Californians, which means they were eaten almost every day. Huma ...   read more

The Genuinely Nourishing Satisfaction of Real Clabber   5 y  
Chef Jemichel begins a new quest to identify the "alchemical gold" that comes through the organic transformational process in the making of clabber
”...More than 40 different classic French cheeses ... are protected by an AOC – Appellation d’Origine Contrôlée, which translates as controlled designation of origin. It’s based on the idea of terroir – the soil and the climate and the microorganisms in a specific place give flavor to a cheese, and a cheese made in the same way somewhere else won’t taste the same.
So, the 15th-century French government made a law. ... laws designed to protect terroir may end up stifling it. So, in France, instead of looking for cheeses with certain names, I ask the same questions I ask everywhere els ...   read more

Got "Natural High"?   5 y  
Why brain nourishment (or the lack thereof) has everything to do with how we feel in our bodies and extending beyond our physical body as well.
This blog can be considered as being ”all about brain nourishment” as well as the general futility in omitting this nutritional factor. To do this topic justice several ”murals” need to be painted in order to get the multi-dimensional picture properly communicated. One of the first characterizations of the 60s comes under the term: ”drugs”. If nothing else, this apparent component of the 60s culture did at least allow the subject matter of getting ”high” to begin entering into conversations across most every American state. Although quite a range of opinions were germinated (includin ...   read more

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