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Every Kind Of "Food As Medicine"   5 y  
Properties and Classifications of Herbs; Herbal Glossary
I’m more inspired with including herbs as part of my food as medicine. I’ve taken a liking to some ”nervine herbs”. ”Nervine Herbs are often used to heal and soothe the nervous system, and often affect the respiratory, digestive, and circulatory systems as well. They are often used in teas or in encapsulated form. Properties of Nervine herbs include analgesic, antipyretic, antiasthmatic, antibiotic, antiseptic, antispasmodic, carminative, sedative, and stomachic. Some examples of Nervines include chamomile, crampbark, dong quai, ginger, hops, lobelie, scullcap, valerian, catnip, lady ...   read more

Nourishing Traditions Diet & Cancer   5 y  
The end of "the 30-year plus war on cancer" is in sight now!
I wholly endorse the following diet that Dr. Cowan has recommended to his patients with cancer. It is a low-carbohydrate, high fat, medium protein diet. Also read ”The Fourfold Path to Healing” by Thomas S. Cowan, MD, Sally Fallon and Jaimen McMillan. Included: ”Meats – beef, fish, fowl, shellfish, liver, sweetbreads, heart, kidney, brain and other organ meats. Bacon and ham are ok, IF they have no nitrates, sulphites or sweeteners. Bone broths (made according to Nourishing Traditions by Sally Fallon). Ideally, these should be served with each meal. Eggs (eat freely, especia ...   read more

What Causes Heart Attacks?   5 y  
Commentaries on a medical myth that has dearly cost the nation's health plus "Understanding Heart Attacks".
December 7, 2017 - The Sugar-Heart Disease Connection - Today’s Wellness Tip From the Future...with Dr. Carolyn Dean A Sugar-Free Half Century - What would the world be like if we didn’t become so addicted to sugar over the past half century? If allopathic medicine, which claims to be scientifically-based, had listened to scientists 50 years ago about the dangers of sugar, we could be living in a totally different world. After all, the FDA’s given mandate is to ensure the safety of our nation’s food supply. And if sugar is not safe, shouldn’t the FDA have warned us about that scienti ...   read more

Got Sufficient Magnesium?   5 y  
How do can you tell whether you are magnesium deficient? What to do if you're magnesium deficient?
June 24, 2018 - ”Drug Testing for Hypertension Patients” By: Carolyn Dean MD ND - A recent Medscape article made me wonder if doctors know they are being cast in the role of Big Brother for drug companies. The article is titled “Drug Test Spurs Frank Talk Between Hypertension Patients and Doctors.”[8] It seems that a simple urine test will be able to tell your doctor whether or not you are taking your BP meds. And then what? You’ll probably get a lecture that you are being irresponsible because you could die without these drugs. Of course the doctor doesn’t know that for a fact but ...   read more

Healing "Leaky Gut", One Bite At A Time   5 y  
".. all autoimmune diseases have one thing in common – intestinal permeability"
In 2014 I learned that my Human Design teacher had been suffering from ”the progressive form of Multiple Sclerosis”. On October 24th (the day my beloved sister crossed the threshold) my ”teacher” replied to my message in which I had said: ”As soon as I read: ’the progressive form of Multiple Sclerosis’ I switched into research mode and started this blog: ”MS and the New Medicine!”[1] My teacher replied: ”I am onto Wahl’s Protocol”. I then jumped right into learning about ”Wahl’s” and by and large appreciate virtually everything I’ve read so far (with very few exceptions)[2]. I con ...   read more

Hop Flowers For Ale & What Ails You   5 y  
Many herbs offer both culinary and medicinal applications including hop flowers.
”Hops flowers are used not only as a flavoring agent in beer and ale (as are many other types of bulk herbs), but as a preservative as well; the popular ”India Pale Ale” produced by many regional microbreweries had its origins in the early 19th Century when the old British Empire was at its height. In the days before refrigeration, most traditional English ales could not survive the six-month voyage from London to India aboard clipper ships; therefore, ale destined for outlying British territories contained an extra measure of hop flowers as a preservative.”:   read more

Health Begins In The Gut!   5 y  
A nutrient-dense diet is the best support for the gut-health connection.
Google this phrase and you will get ”About 48,000 results”! Do ya think there might be some truth to that? If so then there is a long list of real health practitoners who agree and who have built both their health and their health practice of this premise. I believe that Weston A. Price is to be included among these ”real health” practitioners as well as Bernard Jensen and many more. If you have this kind of health foundation then I am sincerely happy for you! If not and if you want the ”birthright” of good health then I highly recommend two books: Nutrition and Physical Degeneration ...   read more

Nourishing Tempura   5 y  
Chef Jemichel on a tempura trail!
Something has been inspiring me recently to think about tempura. (I’m sure it at least includes my favorable memories of enjoying both vegetable and other forms of well made tempura.) I’m inspired to take a most nourishing/traditional approach on an otherwise pretty good food item. The key differences (in my thinking) would be to use sprouted flour and fry the tempura in either goose or duck fat (or possibly lard or tallow). So I contacted my favorite sprouted flour source and our correspondence now follows here: -------- Original Message -------- Subject: Tempura? From: ”Chef Jemic ...   read more

Johnny Appleseed   5 y  
I regard "Johnny" as one of the true "founding fathers" of the good in America.
”While History has an inevitable way of dumbing down the complexity of human nature, most of us have gotten the memo by now that there was more to Johnny Appleseed than we were taught as children - the proto-hippie who wandered the American mid-west barefoot and barely clothed, randomly throwing apple seeds everywhere he went. ...”: (See: August 25th post)   visit the page

Protest Mandatory Vaccines - Protest Center for Disease!   5 y  
Nurses Against Mandatory Vaccines, "Wise Traditions" - Vaccination Issue; Dr. Mercola, Dr. Brownstein & four Anthroposophical physicians on vaccines.
June 27, 2017 - Response to AMA’s Status Quo Vaccine Policy, Trumping Safety - ”The combined and cumulative effects of 55 shots, 209 vaccine antigens, 525 mcg of mercury and 13,425 mcg of aluminum that have been injected into a child by 18 years of age in accordance with the CDC’s 2017 childhood immunization schedule has never been examined. In fact, it has never even been questioned. ... A new, fully transparent Vaccine Safety Commission must be formed. With nearly 250 vaccines in the developmental pipeline, examining the safety of injections cannot be overstated.”[24] *** June 24, ...   read more

What To Do To Prevent/Treat Ebola & Other Viral Infections   5 y  
If "health is your greatest wealth" then investing in the "bank" of your immunity is where you can get to be wealthy!
Essentially you want to rebuild your immune system, however don’t wait until you are hit with a viral infection before you do that! Choose the build your immunity now! Following is the link to What Dr. Brownstein suggests and IMO that can be best summed up as ”a nutrient-dense diet”, just like is advocated by the Weston A. Price Foundation (WAPF) for over fifteen years (since it’s inception in 1999. I prepared the first Sunday brunch for the WAPF board members and their spouses in Washington DC that Autumn.) I most highly recommend Nourishing Traditions by Sally Fallon. http://blo ...   read more

Life-Lengthening Properties of Lactic Acid Bacteria   5 y  
Leading scientist of Pastueur's day discovers how health begins in the gut and then begins drinking raw soured milk for the gut health benefits!
Élie Metchnikoff (1845 – 1916 a most distinguished Russian biologist, zoologist and protozoologist, best known for his pioneering research into the immune system) drank sour milk every day based on this theory. ”Mechnikov also developed a theory that aging is caused by toxic bacteria in the gut and that lactic acid could prolong life. Based on this theory, he drank sour milk every day. He wrote three books: Immunity in Infectious Diseases, The Nature of Man, and The Prolongation of Life: Optimistic Studies, the last of which, along with Metchnikoff’s studies into the potential life-leng ...   read more

Meet The Herd   5 y  
YouTube video, just under 7'.
One of my favorite small dairy coops: It’s a picture of doing the right thing at a good location with the right people. All that remains is to develop the ”right economics”. About three years ago I focused on the ”Rights Sphere” in my efforts to support ”Food Rights” issues with an emphasis on raw milk. Now my focus is on the economics of small farms.   visit the page

Milk: The Whole Truth From An Ayurvedic Perspective   5 y  
Real Milk Wisdom According to Ancient Tradition
Originally posted at: ”Raw Milk: The Whole Truth”: Traditional wisdom is universally found within each of the cultures and therfore there are many ancient ”wise traditions”. One of the oldest is ayurveda. I am the most blessed to have a new housemate who is connected with this traditional wisdom stream! In fact this graduate philosophy student just gifted me with several of his connections in ayurveda. The first one is his personal health practitioner whom I am beginning to be introduced to by way of the practitioner’s writings. The fo ...   read more

Gem Stone Soup?   5 y  
This "stone soup" is true "food as medicine"!
“In the fifteenth century, a recipe for a restaurant(1) began by instructing that a freshly killed capon(2) be cooked in an alchemist’s glass kettle with sixty gold ducats(3), and noted that the cook might supplement the gold pieces with diamonds, rubies, sapphires, jaspers, or ‘any other good and virtuous precious stones the doctor may order’. The seventeenth and eighteenth century dictionaries … omitted the gems from the recipe but still defined a restaurant as a semi-medicinal preparation …”(4) (1) see previous blog: The Rise and Fall of The ”Restaurant” - Originally it was ”certai ...   read more

Easy Fat Digestion - Especially After Gallbladder Surgery   5 y  
"Tips For Easy Fat Digestion After Gallbladder Surgery"
”It is shocking how many people are suffering from gallbladder problems today. While the typical patient dealing with gallbladder issues used to be a woman in her 40′s who is struggling with her weight, this is not the stereotypical case anymore. Young children, mostly girls, are having gallbladder attacks with increasing frequency and ending up in the emergency room for treatment.” See more at: Although bile continuously trickles from the liver this organ has ...   read more

The Rise and Fall of The "Restaurant"   5 y  
Originally it was "certain soups" that "were known as restaurants — literally 'restoratives'".
My vision: To serve restorative foods in private spas located on Biodynamic farms! ”The modern idea of a restaurant – as well as the term itself – appeared in Paris around 1765 when Boulanger began to sell ’restaurants’ and other foods: Restaurants constituted another sort [of eating establishment], a new one if we define them as places where one can order a meal from a range of choices at a range of times and eat it on the premises. ... Boulanger was originally a soup vendor and certain soups were known as restaurants—literally, ’restoratives.’ The Encyclopédie defined restaurant as ...   read more

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