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Got Real Salt?   5 y  
Chef Jemichel reports on his experiment with a low salt diet.
I have just completed an ”experiment” with minimizing salt in my diet. I’m now much more certain of the essential importance of including real salt in the diet! Over the past several weeks I had dropped my salt intake to an average of less than a quarter teaspoon per day. Very soon after I reduced the salt I began having leg cramps! I did not connect it with the low salt as I have had leg cramps in the past before I had varicose vein surgery about forty years ago and since the varicose veins have reappeared I automatically associated the leg cramps with the veins. Now I read Dr. Browns ...   read more

In Ancient Times The Concept of A Vegan Diet Wasn't Possible   5 y  
Tooth Decay and the Vegan Diet
”... Why Vegans Have Cavities Vegan diets have cleansing benefits. They can allow the digestive system to relax. But they are not building, nor are they sustaining. People feel good on a vegan diet because of the cleaning and detoxification benefits. But after the cleanse, one needs to build and sustain. Without animal fats and proteins the body does not build and sustain well. That being said, no matter what your diet or belief system, I believe you deserve help in being as healthy as possible. ... Successful vegans in general seem to be either previously overweight people who ...   read more

Remembering Wisconsin   5 y  
Where Chef Jem's food service career began and more!
My very first experience in food service was the Summer of 1965 in Southern Wisconsin (Kenosha County country just outside of Salem) at what use to be the ”Union League Boys Club Camp”. This was where I started my food service ”career” as a volunteer washing ”pots and pans” in exchange for having the privilege of going to the ”canteen” at night when the rest of the campers went to bed! Then the very next Summer I got hired! Three Summers earlier as a camper I was so happy to go on ”slop runs” sitting on back of a Ford pickup truck as we took ”slop buckets” to a nearby farm to feed th ...   read more

Got A Natural Antidepressant In Your Soil?   5 y  
My joy of compost!
”... Mycobacterium vaccae is the substance under study and has, indeed, been found to mirror the effect on neurons that drugs like Prozac provide. The bacterium is found in soil and may stimulate serotonin production, which makes you relaxed and happier. Studies were conducted on cancer patients and they reported a better quality of life and less stress.”: This makes me happy just reading this! A large part of my happiness here is that it totally validates my divine joy for making compos ...   read more

"I Love The Freedom From My Former Cravings"!!!   5 y  
Food and Alcohol Cravings Can Be Transformed With Nutrient-Dense Nutrition!
I’m quoting from the link below but the exclamation marks are all mine!!! That’s because I absolutely treasure all the freedom that I enjoy on every single day from all of my former food cravings as well as all my former alcohol cravings!:   read more

Healing A Hip Fracture   5 y  
A nutritional and an exercise perspective to healing "bone fractures"!
A friend I live with fell and suffered a hip fracture! It is the most unexpected and unimaginable event in all the time I’ve known this individual. It boarders on ”unbelievable”! However another friend went to the hospital and verified that apparently surgery was required and that the surgeon attached a rod and some screws into the hip (and possibly the femur). Had the bone been a tooth (and with the opportunity to give a ”second opinion”) I could have offered proof with pictures that remineralization of the teeth is a reality! Can bones remineralize? The very first thing that m ...   read more

Does Anyone Know What "Orange Almond Flavor" Consists Of?   5 y  
Inquiry to a food distributor.
Sent this message to a famous musician’s line of coconut oil.: Greetings Friends! A friend gifted me the other night with a jar of your ”Orange Almond” Coconut Oil. What does the ”Orange Almond Flavor” consist of? Looking forward to hearing from you! Thank You. *************^************* July 4th - Just resent the above message at 3:23 AM. Whenever I see ”flavor” listed as an ingredient on the label of food items it raises a flag for me and I immediately want to know what the ”flavor” substance is. I’m not willing to assume that ”Orange Almond Flavor” is some kind of ...   read more

Is Your Canned Corn GMO Corn? Has Dr. Oz Been Discredited?   5 y  
The inquiring mind of Chef Jemichel wants to know.
My diet primarily now primarily consists of raw goat milk that I let naturally clabber for several days (and which I usually add a little whey by the time I bottle it) plus I add some of my home-made kombucha to make my own unique, nourishing and very satisfying drink. In my diet I also have grass-fed eggs, goat milk whey, goat cheese and usually butter. My housemates do not eat like me. Occasionally some house mates will either bring home canned food items (or might let go of items they had stored in their cupboard) and set these items on our counter’s ”free zone” for anyone to have. I ...   read more

More Life-force and Longevity in Biodynamic Produce   5 y  
"A good number of people value entertainment and electronics, whatever they desire for a comfortable life, more than the type of food they eat." + 90 Years of Biodynamics!
”Fresno area biodynamic farmer Gena Nonini of Marian Farms (has) farmed biodynamically (and produced biodynamic distilled spirits, too) for over 20 years. Nonini can cite several reasons she believes conventional farming has higher risks — and costs. Among them is water. ”So far this season I’ve had to irrigate once. A neighbor who farms conventionally has irrigated three times already.” It may seem insignificant, until you factor in the drought equation and escalating cost of water in California. ”Biodynamic soil holds the water more,” Nonini explains. ”Plus there’s more life-force ...   read more

Stupid Dietary Laws   5 y  
"Time to Repeal a Stupid Dietary Law"
”... most RD’s (Registered Dietitians) have not been properly trained in nutrition. Nutrition and dietary counselling should not be licensed to one group. ...” - David Brownstein, M.D. Medical Director for the Center for Holistic Medicine: ”Dr. B” is my kind of Doctor! I so appreciate his truthfulness and his activism into the State Legislature as he did ”to repeal a stupid dietary-law”! Registered Dietitians are required to be ”diet dictocrats”. You can gain a truly superior self-education that is well b ...   read more

Good Health Begins With Good Digestion   5 y  
Digestion by Otto Wolff, M.D. and Tom Cowan, MD
”... chronic digestive disorders continue to baffle the medical profession(1) and cannot be successfully treated without a basic understanding of the digestive process.”(2) ”... Any foreign substance, including food, in the body is a ’poison’ until broken down by digestive activity. It requires an intense inner activity to arrive at the life in our food.”[3] ”Rudolf Steiner, the Austrian philosopher, placed the highest importance on thorough digestion, which he described as the breakdown of the outer world (food) into nothingness or chaos. According to Steiner, chaos was the state fr ...   read more

Buttermilk - "Grandma’s Probiotic"   5 y  
"Got Buttermilk?" NY Times article.
A new housemate saw my goat milk clabber production and called it ”buttermilk”. I went along with that however, I had a little uncertainty as to how correctly the term was being applied to my clabber. Three articles later and now I can more fully accept having my clabber referred to as a kind of buttermilk (that I may further clarify below). I’ve enjoyed reading this NY Times article on the subject.: Wherein I read: ”... buttermilk has gastrointestinal benefits. ’It’s grandma’s probiotic’. ...” Also like reading a ...   read more

The Need To Support The Healing of Mother Earth   5 y  
Soil Depletion and Nutritional Loss at Scientific American
Posted & published at Scientific American.: Much appreciation for both the article and the comments here! There is a real problem with inadequate human nutrition as a direct result of the depleted soils. The basics facts attesting to this was well documented seventy-five years ago by a leading anthropological scientist by the name of Weston A. Price in his monumental studies of isolated primitive peoples, studies that led to the publication of ”Nutrition and Physical Degeneration”. The problem appears to be at least two-fold. Firstly the ”foods of commerce” are implicated and for man ...   read more

Dancing With Water   5 y  
The New Science of Water and the tools so you can create full-spectrum, living water . . . in your own home. "Life is water dancing to the tune of solids."
I’m reading this fascinating book!: Maybe my love of water is attributed to the fact that I have my natal moon in the water sign of Cancer and right at the zenith ”Midheaven” of my natal chart! The fact is that I was born next to and have always lived close to either a large body of water (Chicago, Milwaukee, San Diego) or close to a significant flowing river (The Yuba River, The American River). In addition my ”boot camp” training was at Cape May, New Jersey. Then I was stationed in Louisville, Kentucky on a bouy tender on the Ohio River! The other ...   read more

1 Reason Why Conventional Medicine FAILED: Thyroid Detection   5 y  
Free Online Event: The Thyroid Summit plus Newsletter by Ellen Tart-Jensen
The Thyroid Summit ... ONLINE and FREE from June 2-9, 2014. 7 days of presentations to help you rediscover your health. America’s Pharmacist Suzy Cohen and Dr. David Brownstein created The Thyroid Summit. Their mission is to spread the word about thyroid disease, especially how it masquerades as dozens of other diseases. They’ve united more than 30 world leading authorities on health, medicine and fitness to teach you how to test, treat and tame the symptoms. Save your seat for FREE today by clicking on this link: It’s all ...   read more

Cod Liver Oil Combined With Butter Oil   5 y  
"Doctor’s Orders: Your Family Needs ... Cod Liver Oil (Plus Video How-to for Giving to Children)" + Dr. Price & butter oil
Correction regarding fermented cod liver oil - “Joan Grinzi, Executive Director of the Price-Pottenger Nutrition Foundation, says: ’It’s taken us over a year to thoroughly search the archives. We can now state that Dr. Price never mentioned fermented cod liver oil and never recommended a product like it.’ FCLO is neither a true ’traditional’ cod liver oil nor the ’high vitamin cod liver oil’ recommended by Dr. Price. Dr. Price pointed out the danger of rancidity in the cod liver oils of his day, and he cited other researchers from the 1920s and 1930s who had ’called attention to the im ...   read more

Got A Diet?   5 y  
Chef Jemichel comments on "Doctors Don't Know Diets" plus regarding a version of the "Mediterranean Diet".
The following offers an additional point that can be added under the previous blog title of ”Got A Real Doctor”: that ”Doctors Don’t Know Diets” a point which is very well stated by Jon Barron in his article (linked below). I just posted this comment at Jon’s site.: The main cautionary regarding following a medical doctors dietary advice is a first step (and this article certainly displays why). Further steps need to be taken for an individual to be more fully informed regarding their best dietary choices. Interesting to hear that ther ...   read more

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