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Holistic Medicine & Healing Core   6 y  
"Scientist Proves DNA Can Be Reprogrammed by Words and Frequencies" - December 11, 2013 + an introduction to Holistic Medicine and its history.
This is cutting into a fairly new dimension for me at this #PlantYourDreamBlog where up til now I have limited my posts to (virtually) exclusively ”chef”-related content. Now I am pushing the ”envelope” here with what I think is the perfect little piece; as it is all about DNA! Thinking on this a little more - I believe that I actually have included some posts that included things of a healing nature and in that sense the following article is not really that far off the beaten path that I have established here over the last half-dozen years. Still, it is beyond your every day culinary ...   read more

Overcoming Cravings For Sweets and Alcohol Just Thru Diet   6 y  
How I overcame serious cravings for alcohol; through diet alone.
Alcohol is most suitable as a gas for running a combustion engine. Not recommended for the diet. It has been a tremendous problem for many people. One of the problems is the possibility of addiction. Fortunately this problem as well as cravings for alcohol can be greatly addressed through diet. I know this for a fact because I have personal experience all across the spectrum on this one! Nourishing lacto-fermented drinks like kombucha (which can be easily made at home) have been documented to minimize alcoholism. I have been making my own kombucha[1] for about a dozen years now and usua ...   read more

Properly Prepared Grains   6 y  
Two basic traditional approaches to preparing grains.
Grains can be problematic for people to digest and for a number of reasons including the fact that commercial grain products have by and large been manufactured without properly preparing the grains. All grains are better digested by at least pre-soaking them to release the inherent anti-nutrients that are the grain’s built-in protection against predators. The next step beyond the pre-soaking is to sprout the grain which will multiply the nutritional content within the grain. Sprouted grains therefor make a superior flour! To Your Health Sprouted Flour Company is one source of sprouted ...   read more

Got Life Forces In Food?   6 y  
"The food we eat may not be providing us with the nutrients we need"
September 27, 2013 - The nutrients are the most obvious elements of what is missing in most foods nowadays. There is more to this situation which Rudolf Steiner identified in his agricultural lectures 90 years ago![1] I’m in the process now of getting a truck load of cow manure for our raised beds, fruit trees and the next compost pile I will be building (in the next couple weeks). I’m harvesting the current pile that was my best pile to date! I can hardly tell you how fulfilling it is for me to have a compost pile go through it’s complete process and then disperse that ”black gold” ...   read more

Your Gut = Your Health!   6 y  
"Healing The Intestines: Returning to the Use of Traditional Food As Medicine" - by Michael McEvoy
We now know that ”Many of the most common symptomatic conditions associated with a loss or lack of normal gut function include: autoimmune conditions such as lupus, Crohn’s, RA and MS, issues associated with chronic fatigue, IBS, hyperactivity, ADD, ADHD, dyslexia and schizophrenia.”[2] That’s the short list associated with the gut! ”Digestive disorders are more prevalent than ever, with 60 to 70 million people in the U.S. being affected by some form of digestive disease. In 2004, digestive diseases accounted for over 100 million ambulatory care visits and 13.5 million hospitalizatio ...   read more

Thieves Vinegar and Tincture   6 y  
Make your own herbal medicine and food as your medicine as well!
If you haven’t already connected with ”Thieves Vinegar” then let me be the first to highly recommend it! You can also find over 40,000 results for the search terms ”thieves vinegar”. Thieves vinegar is possibly the most potent herbal combination for ”antiseptic qualities”. Or the vinegar makes a great disinfectant cleaner. I have enjoyed taken baths with several cups of my home-made thieves and also have included a couple tablespoons a day in my special lacto-fermented mixed drinks (which I have talked about in earlier blogs here). You can find many recipes online. I use the followin ...   read more

No Butter & Cream Option Plus No Free Speech!   6 y  
No option to comment on this NY Times article: "Hold the Butter"!
Just called the NY Times a few minutes ago to see if I can post a comment about this article: How curious that the article clearly does not allow any comments! However, I believe that the subject matter merits public opinion. The article talks about one man’s vision to add a graphic symbol to menus that represents the ”expert” assessment of whether (or not) the item on the menu is ”healthy” for you. Part of the criteria for that assessment is is whether or not any butter or cream is included ...   read more

"A World Denuded."   6 y  
"Cornstalks Everywhere But Nothing Else, Not Even A Bee" by Robert Krulwich
In ”... an Iowa cornfield in late summer — on a beautiful day. The corn is high. The air is shimmering. There’s just one thing missing — and it’s a big thing...”: ”...halfway around the world to a public park near Cape Town, South Africa, where you will notice a cube, a metal cube, lying there in the grass. That cube was put there by David Liittschwager, a portrait photographer, who spent a few years traveling the world, dropping one-cubic-foot metal frames into gardens, st ...   read more

Life Extension, Age Reversal With Vitamin D As #1 Nutrient   7 y  
"Six 'Grow Younger' Nutrients I Take Every Day" By Joseph Mercola
What’s your Vitamin D level? If you don’t know then it is recommended that you have that checked. Statistics show that the levels are typically low and may need supplementation. When I first tested (close to 10 years ago) my levels were low. I added cod liver oil and the levels began to raise. Then after reading-up more on D3 I wanted to maximize my levels and I switched from cod liver oil to a D3 serum that has been most effective! However, Vitamin D supplementation needs to be balanced with Vitamin A as they work best in synergy with each other. (See: Wise Traditions Volume 13 Number ...   read more

These Authors "Should Play By The Rules"   7 y  
Book comments of "Water&Salt"
”... if this book was a thesis, I’d send it back for serious editing and much better documentation of sources. ... A lot of scientific facts are given without documentation of sources, ... since they are trying to pass it off as science, they should play by the rules.” Chef Jemichel says: ”Very well stated! For instance - on page 41 there is a ”research study” that is mentioned that states ”8,000 people who choose the vegan diet ... has shown that they had sufficient vitamin B12 ... and it goes on from there yet there is no cite for this study! I contacted the publisher and requested ...   read more

"Pathetic Tactic Used By The GMO Advocate Scum"    7 y  
"New York Times Admits Stanford Organic Food Study Flaws, Apologizes
It’s been an unusually challenging day for me today, however reading the truth of this report brings me instant relief! It has been said that: Information is not knowledge, Knowledge is not wisdom, Wisdom is not truth, Truth is not beauty, etc. This is a case of Truth is not Beauty! What a relief to hear the truth no mater how ”ugly” it may appear! Read more re Stanford’s ridiculous organic food study:   read more

There Is No Such Thing As A "Disease-Proof" Diet   7 y  
Comment rebuttal to: "The Misinformation of Barry Groves and Weston Price"
The most ”respected” studies regarding diet must be seen in light of where the study comes from, what it is based on and probably most importantly - how that study is funded. Studies on ”LDL cholesterol levels” that implicate diet as the cause of heart disease is highly suspect whenever the funding can be traced to pharmaceutical companies that are offering cholesterol-lowering drugs (that in turn do not make one healthy)! I posted the following comment in response to some quotes from a few studies re: ”LDL cholesterol levels” as I mentioned above. Re: ”Respected Research Agrees” - ...   read more

Rethink All Your Relationships With Corporate Agriculture!   7 y  
Chef Jem's testimonial about a "farmer in trial".
It’s going on two years now since I’ve become a member of Vernon’s food club (and have enjoyed the products with a friend for another year prior). The Grazin’ Acres products are the best of their kind that I have found! They are superior to virtually anything that is available commercially. I have nothing but the very highest recommendations for the Grazin’ Acres farm products! In addition to the superior food quality, Vernon is a man of the highest integrity. By being a member of Vernon’s food club I know where my food comes from, how it is raised/grown and I enjoy having a relation ...   read more

Real Food Freedom, etc. Without Government & Without Judges!   7 y  
Letter From Aajonus Vonderplanitz regarding Dan Allgyer, ProAdvocates, Alvin Schlanger and more!
The fear factor has to be brought out and Aajonus did that in his letter here in a straight forward way. I very much appreciate his declaring how that winning the battle is accomplished without government and without judges! (I think most attorneys can be added to that group as well.) The letter includes very good information regarding the jury process on Alvin’s case. *** On 9/20/2012 5:51 AM, aajonus wrote: Hi, healthy-food lovers, In 2011, under the ruling of a government-biased federal judge, our Right To Choose Healthy Food freedom suffered a serious blow in the ca ...   read more

The Gut-Brain-Mind-Body + Mind-Brain-Body-Gut   7 y  
"Think Twice: How the Gut's 'Second Brain' Influences Mood and Well-Being" + Magnesium vs Drugs; Fermented Foods & Probiotics.
January 24, 2018 - Dr. Mark Hyman discovered through his own ”broken brain” journey that: ”it wasn’t just one thing that had caused my brain to break, but the accumulation of many things. The solution involved balancing the seven core systems in my body: Optimize nutrition, Balance hormones, Cool off inflammation, Fix digestion, Enhance detoxification, Boost energy metabolism, Calm the mind. These seven imbalances underlie the causes of all illness.”[10] - (I think there deserves to be at least one exclamation mark at the end of his last sentence! ; ~ ) ”The soluti ...   read more

Is It Really A "War On Cancer" Or A "War On Cancer Cures"?   7 y  
The search for truth regarding where Western Medicine stands in relation to a cure for cancer.
I intend to visit these sites as part of my research into the fact that there has been a so called ”war on cancer” ever since ”Tricky Dick” was sitting in the white house, about 40 years now and yet we are no closer to having an FDA approved cure for cancer than we were back then. Why is that the case? Could these sites possibly help identify how big business interests in the cancer industry have prevented an authorized cure? http://www ...   read more

Soy Hemagglutinins Cause Blood Cells To Clump Together!   7 y  
"Benefits & Dangers of Soy Products" by Jon Barron. "Shipment of organic soybeans tests 20% GMO."
”Hemagglutinin is a complex protein that causes other proteins and cells to agglutinate, or clump together. Antibodies and lectins are hemagglutinins ... . Plants such as soy make use of phytohemagglutinins (plant based hemagglutinins) to defend against pests as they cause key cells in the pests, such as blood cells, to clump together. Levels of phytohemagglutinins are high in soy.(16) Again, as with the other anti-nutrients, hemagglutinin is deactivated during fermentation.”[3] - I have a brother who has blood drawn on a regular basis because it is too thick. I wonder how much hemaggl ...   read more

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