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He Took The Stand For Food Freedom And Won!!   7 y  
Current trial for Alvin Schlangen in Hennepin County; history in the making because it is the first time that this type of case will be heard before a jury.
Update - Septemeber 21, 2012 - Jury Pronounces Schlangen Not Guilty! It’s now time for a ”rampage” of appreciation!! Also: ”Jury nullification, again: Minnesota farmer cleared in raw milk case”: ########################################################## Alvin Schlangen is a peaceful farmer and volunteer manager of Freedom Farms Coop (FFC). This venture serves to connect people w ...   read more

NaturalNews Issues Global Boycott On The Following Brands   7 y  
"Natural brands betray consumers over GMO labeling: NaturalNews issues boycott of Kashi, Silk, Larabar and more". Chef Jem says you can probably add Morton Salt to this list.
• Kashi (owned by Kellogg, which has contributed $612,000 to defeat Proposition 37) - Kashi cereals contain GMOs! • Silk soymilk (owned by the nation’s largest dairy, Dean Foods, which has contributed $253,000 to the effort to kill Proposition 37) • Larabar (owned by General Mills, which has contributed $520,000 to defeat proposition 37) • R.W. Knudsen (owned by Smucker, which has contributed $387,000 to defeat proposition 37) • Santa Cruz Organic (also owned by Smucker, which has contributed $387,000 to defeat proposition 37) • Cascadian Farm (owned by General Mills, which ...   read more

Obesity   7 y  
"...obesity is 'today's' disease. It's hot, and it dominates the news when it comes to stories about health."+ How the Government Makes You Fat: Gary Taubes on Obesity, Carbs and Bad Science
October 10, 2018 - Dr. Sircus: ”Obesity is an obvious cause of disease—it is a disease. However, that does not stop doctors from overlooking it like they do other basic causes of disease”[1] - Serendipitous timing on receiving the above article given that a couple days prior my PhD friend who has taken up a new course of study in (politically correct) nutrition reported that obesity is not considered a disease. I did not comment at the time (most probably correct in light of the fact that I only have the ”Stand Still” gate as my one activation in my Throat Center). I’ve blogged e ...   read more

Who Needs The Brain (Food) Police?   7 y  
"California Food Police Now Targeting Residents"
”... Pasteurization ’... was originally conceived as a way of preventing wine and beer from souring’.: The process developed out of a commercial need to save a certain grower’s crop and not at all for public health reasons. This commercial impulse is the actual reason for pasteurization of milk. Pasteurized milk is a food of commerce. The first ’health safeguard’ is not pasteurization! It is actually the natural immune system that is in the milk itself. That inherent immunity comes directly from the health of the animal. Peop ...   read more

More Support For Objectivity Regrading Bacteria & Virus   7 y  
Another source (in addition to Aajonus Vonderplanitz - We Want To Live) speaks of the intelligent functions of bacteria and viruses in the human body.
”Contrary to viewing bacteria, virus and algae as a threat, the millions of varieties of these structures represent the base ”intelligence”, that we sometimes call ”Mother Nature”, exuding far greater influence on the health of the planet than we may have ever considered before. As members of this universe, our very lives depend and are shaped by the influence of local collectives of mono cellular cultures - the base of ecosystems. When we attack, it attacks to counterbalance. When conditions move to extreme het or col, the mono cellular universe re-asserts itself at our cost.”: see: 13 ...   read more

Legalizing Food Rights - an Insanity That Needs Healing Now!   7 y  
America is suffering from several unexpected shock conflicts that now is manifesting as "disease" and so far we have only been considering the symptoms appearing as a loss of certain freedoms including food freedom.
Just posted the following at: ”Raw Milk: The Whole Truth”: after originally posting it as a comment at: ”The Complete Patient”. Legal Food Rights Is An Oxymoron! Common Law Rights and remedies vs. legal snares. Date: 8/4/2012 11:24:09 PM ”If one does not have food Rights then the courts are the last place to be pursuing them! In regards to individuals and their Rights, the courts (along with other ”legal” entities) deal with privileges. They are not in the business of Rights. They are into regulating (i.e. taxing) privileges. ...   read more

The Truth About Food, Industrial Contamination & Liberty!   7 y  
The most passionate dedication of Aajonus Vonderplanitz (and others) for securing our Rights to healthy foods.
”Unfortunately for everyone, our liberties have narrowed to a frighteningly dangerous state. Industrial giants like banks, agriculture, pharma, oil and government are out of control. Some people who speak out against them are threatened and/or harmed. Several of my clients have asked me to be more careful, to not speak the truth of food, industrial contamination of everything, and liberty. I just cannot sit back and keep my mouth shut or stop my pen. It boggles my mind that people can accept, sit and watch injustice and assaults as if they were just unreal TV soap opera. I will die f ...   read more

Should You Keep Grains In Your Diet?   7 y  
"Grains - Staff or Life or Insidious Poison?"
”I steer most of my patients towards eating primarily non-grain sources of carbohydrate in whatever amount is appropriate for them.” I endorse this kind of dietary guidance! I recommend this article: I commented saying I have a personal testimonial on the benefits of this in my own life and am willing to share the benefits of that with others.   visit the page

How Scientific is Western Medicine?   7 y  
"How Scientific Are Orthodox Cancer Treatments?" - By Walter Last ... And - just discovered (6/25/15): "The New Medicine of Dr Hamer also by Walter Last!
”Treatment often causes more misery than the disease itself and in most cases is unsuccessful.” (”The Cancer Conspiracy” by John J. Moelaert) How Scientific Are Orthodox Cancer Treatments? By Walter Last The medical profession takes much pride in the rigorous scientific research that underpins its approach to cancer treatment. Someone newly diagnosed with cancer faces enormous pressure from our health care system to start immediately on a scientific medical treatment program that involves surgery, chemotherapy and radiation in various combinations. Being fearful and in shock, most ...   read more

Infant Formulas Vs. Breast Feeding - The Gap Has Widened!   7 y  
"Pediatricians and GMOs" By Carolyn Nance - Food Freedom News, 17 July 2012
”Many pediatricians are undermining breast feeding. One hears this from mother after mother. Paraphrasing: ’Even though the baby is nursing fine and I am happy to breast feed, my pediatrician said I should start the baby on formula at 6 months.’ ...” ”... Breast feeding is immunologically essential to an infant and baby and protective against a range of diseases. ...” ”... ’There is more quality control for pet food than for infant formula.’ Reda more on that and at last eleven articles on this ...   read more

The Basic Tenants of Anthroposophical Medicine   7 y  
An Introductory Reader on Anthroposophical Medicine.
Just found this book. ”... This a small book that is nonetheless potent with an excellent selection of Steiner’s key lectures and essays on the topic of the medical arts. If you are looking for a readable overview of the basic tenants of anthroposophical medicine, you’ve found your book. Topics include: true human nature as a basis for medical practice; the science of knowing; the mission of reverence; the four temperaments; the bridge between universal spirituality and the physical; the constellation of the supersensible bodies; the invisible human within us: the pathology ...   read more

"... Healthcare Reform ... In Your Kitchen, Not Washington"   7 y  
Chef Jem comments on the belief that cooked food shortens life.
The whole quote is: ”True healthcare reform starts in your kitchen, not in Washington” ~ Anonymous: A guy comments at a Facebook post by Mike Adams (the Health ranger): ”Well Mike yes and no. Cooked food shortens life. I believe less cooking longer life.” I commented right following that comment and said: ”The Kitchen is ’all inclusive’ of whatever food preparation may take place in it and traditionally it included a ’hearth’. Bone broth is a food-as-medicine (one of many examples) whereby heat is required to extract the nutrients. Altho ...   read more

Day of The Eagle!   7 y  
Seize this day!
Today is the Mayan day of ”Eagle”. ”It is liberty, the messenger, treasure, luck, and money. It also means fortune. It is a special day on which to dedicate the Xukulem Chuwach Ri Qajaw - Mayan ceremony to ask for good luck. This sign brings good relationships. It is a special day for increasing intuition and vision. The energy of this sign breaks with the status quo and can find a solution to anything. Tz’ikin (Kaqchikel /Yucatec Men) brings broad vision, unlimited by time or space. It is the panoramic, acute vision of the eagle.”: Today ...   read more

Weston A. Price & The Insight of Rudolf Steiner   7 y  
Chef Jem "Likes" the Facebook page for a local chapter of the Weston A. Price Foundation
Weston A. Price was probably the very first individual to verify the extraordinary insight of Rudolf Steiner in regards to the relationship between nutrition and soul development. That is why I say ”the way to conquer a nation is to feed it modern foods”. In other words, our freedom as well as our loss of freedom is directly connected with what we feed ourselves. I elaborate on this in my blogs including: (October 10th, 2014) ”Dr. Price noted that the bone structure of the South Sea Islanders was the most perfect of any of the 14 isolated t ...   read more

When The "Food Bubble" Finally Bursts   7 y  
Popping The Food Bubble by Linda DeFever
”... the more traditionally correct science is enlightening: It shows that we have dramatically lowered our metabolism as a nation by eating mostly corn, soy and wheat. Put simply, we are no longer burning our food efficiently. For many people, this equates to weight gain, but for many others it also means fatigue, emotional ups and downs, poor memory, attention deficit disorder, constipation, bloating, water retention, insomnia and much more....”   read more

Slay Corporate Personhood!   7 y  
"California Voters to Decide on GMO Labeling" and beyond!
The ”Right to know” is certainly ”our fundamental right”! Just in case anyone doesn’t already know the consequences of not being fully informed on GMOs: There is a campaign (or so) to dissolve ”corporate person-hood”. Corporate person-hood is a status that corporations usurped for themselves. Since that usurpation corporations have been threatening the public peace, the health of nations and virtually all of life. Without corporate person-hood there can not be a Monsanto ...   read more

From Very S.A.D. To "Happily Ever After"!   7 y  
Testimonial of Tim Boyd with the Weston A. Price Foundation
I grew up on wonder bread, margarine, jelly, and sugary boxed cereals with pasteurized milk. It is probably a minor miracle that my health was not a complete train wreck from the beginning. Through my 20’s the sugary boxed cereals continued and there was more pasteurized milk enhanced with Nestle’s Quick. Healthy eating was for suc***s. Until age 30, give or take, I had no significant health problems. Starting in my early thirties I was still in fairly good shape but started to notice minor hip pain. When it continued to nag I realized it was not sore muscles but the joints themselves. ...   read more

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