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Got Really Good Juice + Good Fats?   5 y  
Making your own juice is absolutely superior to any commercial juice.
”The glycemic response of carrot juice can be reduced by drinking it with a spoonful of oil (or fat). About 1 tablespoon ... in an 8-ounce serving would get the results seen in this report (linked below). The (fat) has an added benefit of increasing the absorption of the fat-soluble carotenoids, such as beta-carotene, alpha-carotene and lutein. ...” I was first introduced to juicing in the early 70s. I was most inspired by Dr. Norman Walker. He gave about a hundred juice combinations for specific treatments. His fo ...   read more

The Heart Is Not A Pump - The Cells Do The "Pumping"!   5 y  
Anthroposophical Anatomy, new models that introduce the actual function of the heart - plus - low magnesium levels and heart disease.
Part of the reason why is what happens on a cellular level. ”Mineral salts - The four most abundant cations in the body are sodium, potassium, calcium and magnesium from which phosphorus cannot be disassociated. Sodium is the monovalent cation characteristic of extracellular fluid (ECF) and, conversely, potassium is that of intracellular fluid (ICF). The composition of salts present in the ICF greatly differs from that of ECF but directly depends on the composition of the latter. Their relations are ensured by the ion pumps of the cell membrane.”[2] The Heart Is Not A Pump: A ...   read more

Iatrogenic (Doctor-Originated) Shock Conflict Diseases   5 y  
Iatrogenesis includes diagnostic and/or prognostic shock conflicts.
Iatrogenic - (... originating from a physician) is an inadvertent adverse effect or complication resulting from medical treatment or advice, including that of psychologists, therapists, pharmacists, nurses, physicians and dentists. ”Iatrogenesis is a major phenomenon, and a severe risk to patients. ... iatrogenic illness constitutes the third-leading cause of death in the United States”[1] That’s nothing to sneeze at! ”... iatrogenic disease (doctor-caused) kills over 200,000 people per year--4 times as many as the Viet Nam war overall.”[2] ”The assignment of pathological nomen ...   read more

"Feed a Cold and Starve a Fever"?   5 y  
Chef Jem posts comment at Wiki Answers.
What is the purpose of a cold? ”What was lousy in (one’s) life a week before those ’cold’ symptoms manifested?”: There may be many purposes for a ”cold”. Many think that the purpose is to create an internal cleanse in the body. If you think that your body wants a cleanse then the next question to ask yourself may be ”what can you do to support the cleansing process”? However, before or during the physical cleansing process one can also ask whether their emotions need discharging. Did something recently happen that ”stu ...   read more

Why Did These Authors Lie About The Vegan Diet?   5 y  
Chef Jem's letter to Dr. Barbara Hendel re: "Water & Salt The Essence of Life"
To my knowledge, there is no objective, long-term study that exists that shows vegan diets meet all the nutritional requirements that is needed by most people. Such a study would have to include the nutritional requirements of young mothers (and cover all the clinical observations, starting from before conception and continuing beyond a year after the mother has finished nursing her baby) as well as that of her children and continuing through their child-bearing years. That is because, as far as I know, there is no society in existence who has been on a strict vegan diet! In order for a gr ...   read more

"Some of The Most Clever Marketers on The Planet"   5 y  
"Fix These 3 Things and Most Health Problems Can Resolve Themselves"
Drug Companies Control the System ”It is a well-documented fact that the drug companies have the largest political lobbying organizations. They are some of the most clever marketers on the planet. They know how to leverage their resources by bribing politicians to give them an unfair advantage in the marketplace by placing legislation that is devastating to their competition. This is typically implemented through federal regulatory agencies like the FDA and the CDC.”: I’d like to inquire ...   read more

Beekeepers Protect Bees From Monsanto!   5 y  
"Beekeepers Win Ban on Monsanto's GMOs in Poland"
”Monsanto’s Mon810 corn, genetically engineered to produce a mutant version of the insecticide Bt, has been banned in Poland following protests by beekeepers who showed the corn was killing honeybees. ... The biotech giant recently purchased a CCD research firm, Beeologics, that government agencies, including the US Department of Agriculture, have been relying on for help unraveling the mystery behind the disappearance of the bees.”[1] *** October 31, 2016 - Give Bees a Chance - “Our research goal is to help solve Colony Collapse Disorder (among honeybees), and the results look p ...   read more

"Cure Tooth Decay" - Photographic Proof!   5 y  
Dr. Weston Price’s Diet for Curing Tooth Decay.
May 9, 2012 - That is a true and fully factually-based statement, the light which is causing an uproar among those who are invested in the false belief that there is no cure for tooth decay! Here is a free chapter preview from the book: ”Cure Tooth Decay”: ”What is important for the prevention of tooth decay--and Price stresses this point over and over again--is adequate minerals and fat-soluble vitamins, whether from animal foods, seafood or dairy products, and the absence of refined foods, espec ...   read more

Short Film Showcase and Party - Chicago!   5 y  
A short film showcase and party in Chicago in partnership with Lincoln Park Zoo!
If I were in Chicago I’d be attending this event! Especially for the gift of seeing John Peterson – (Owner and Founder of Angelic Organics Farm) who’s documentary ”The Real Dirt On Farmer John” is an all time favorite of mine! ”John founded Angelic Organics Farm in 1990, and it has since grown to become of the largest CSA farms in the country, serving more than 1,500 families. John is the subject of Taggart Siegel’s award winning feature documentary film The Real Dirt on Farmer John, which has been seen in theaters and television throug ...   read more

"Brain Tumor" Or "Healing Brain Lesion"?   5 y  
"Brain connective tissue that provides structural support for the neurons assembles at the site to restore the function of the nerve cells that were affected by the conflict shock. It is this harmless glia accumulation that is commonly called a brain tumor"
”At the height of the healing phase the brain edema reaches its maximum size, and exactly at this moment, the brain triggers a brief, strong push that presses the edema out. With German New Medicine, this crucial moment is called the Epileptoid Crisis (EK). Heart attacks, strokes, asthma attacks, bleeding tumors, migraine attacks, or epileptic seizures are just a few examples of this crisis. The symptoms always depend on the nature of the conflict and which brain layer is affected. After the brain edema is pressed out, neuroglia (brain connective tissue that provides structural support for ...   read more

The Origins of Life in The "Single-celled Oceanic Organism"   5 y  
"Bio-Terrain, Evolutionary Biology, and the Practice of Medicine in the Early 1900’s: An Intro to René Quinton’s Marine Plasma"
”... The idea that all life on earth was a product of a single-celled oceanic organism fascinated Quinton. ... In 1904 Quinton published ... his treatise, Seawater, Organic Matrix. This book demonstrated, through years of laboratory research, that human blood plasma and extra-cellular fluids were virtually identical in mineral salt make-up to isotonic marine plasma.”   visit the page

Three Possible Sources of Organ and Tissue Damage   5 y  
The limitations of conventional medicine and how the shortcomings can be addressed.
According to the New Medicine paradigm: ”Undernourishment, injuries, and poisoning can cause organ and tissue damage, independent of a DHS!”[1][2] Let’s think about this. - Injuries and poisoning are probably the only two of these three sources that can possibly be properly addressed by appropriate conventional medicine. ”Undernourishment” is not currently being addressed by conventional medicine and it is questionable whether it is being addressed by conventional dietary approaches; especially those that subscribe to the American Dietary Association. Fortunately there is the Westo ...   read more

Real Food & American Freedom Need Each Other!   5 y  
A need for what I call an enlightened sovereignty: by understanding the Organic Laws of our American Republic - we will know our most proper, truly Right-ful and therefore our greatest "standing" in Law. This is the standing that completely supports our full independence including our freedom to produce and share all the "real food" of own very own choosing as it pleases us!
Update - March 16, 2012: Who are we if not the sovereigns? ”... men can never escape being governed. Either they must govern themselves or they must submit to being governed by others. If ... they refuse to govern themselves, then most assuredly in the end they will have to be governed from the outside. They can prevent the need of government from without only by showing that they possess the power of government from within, a sovereign can not make excuses for his failures; a sovereign must accept the responsibility for the exercise of the power that inheres in him, and where, as is t ...   read more

The Fundamental Right To Produce & Consume Foods of Choice   5 y  
"Wholly Without Merit: No Right to Food Choice"
”Wisconsin Judge Patrick J. Fiedler impudently ruled that ’no, Plaintiffs do not have a fundamental right to produce and consume the foods of their choice.’” My questions are: (1.) Exactly what kind of ”court” is this? (2.) What kind of ”judge” is this? (3.) What kind of ”Law” is considered? (4.) What is the jurisdiction of this court? (5.) What are the Federal attachments to this court? (6.) Who does the ”judge” think these plaintiffs are (as far as their lawful status)? Once the full truth on all six of these questions is known then I think we will see that the de ...   read more

Why We Must Equip Our Sheriffs to Protect Our Food Rights   5 y  
Conference in Las Vegas to train local Sheriffs on defending their citizens’ privacy, civil and property rights.
County Sheriff Project Conference in Vegas Constitutional Rights activist, Sheriff Richard Mack is hosting a conference in Las Vegas to train local Sheriffs on defending their citizens’ privacy, civil and property rights. The raw milk issue will be featured prominently at the weekend long event. What you Can Do Invite your Sheriff to the County Sheriff Project Conference ( in Las Vegas, January 29-31. We recommend a personal visit to his office, and/or an email invitation. This event will prominently feature food and farm rights. Sheriff Mac ...   read more

Defending "Life, Liberty, Well-Being and Livelihood"   6 y  
Correspondences between Aajonus Vonderplanitz and the DOJ regarding "Right To Choose Healthy Food" club and "Sheriff Brad Rogers: Uses Constitution To Protect Local Farmer"
The way to conquer a nation is to feed it modern foods! ~Chef Jem Related Update - December 22, 2011 - ”Regarding harassment of local farmers, it is important that every opportunity to protect those farmers is used. The local sheriff is one of them. As evidenced in the Hochstetler case, as well as so many others, it may be that the FDA overstepped their boundaries but nobody questioned it. Sheriff Brady knew to question the Feds; he knew what questions to ask and knew what his farmer’s rights were.”: Mr. Ross Goldstein, Please excuse m ...   read more

Who Are We Individually As Americans & All Together?   6 y  
Response to Weston A. Price Foundation's most recent alert re: animal I.D. and response to one farmer's speech at a recent screening of "Farmegeddon" in Wisconsin.
The subject of ”American identity” came up in an earlier conversation today and I also see it being expressed in reports on the ”occupy” movement! It appears that more and more Americans are re-discovering what ”America” is and especially in terms of who they are as Americans (what it means to be an American, what their relationship is with ”America”, etc.). It’s obviously time for a revolution and /or transformation in this arena! I believe that many Americans are essentially re-birthing themselves! [some may possibly be inspired by the living and abiding word of God! (1 Peter 1:23)] A ...   read more

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