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Threefold Nutrition   8 y  
An introduction to a small scale model of an integrated food systems for most city folk to consider.
IMO - Human nutrition is more than a matter of you or I eating our "three square meals" a day. With the quality of our food in mind we must consider animal, plant and even soil nutrition as well! ...   read more

1,375 Twitter Followers of NYC’s First Ever Burger Truck!   8 y  
New York City’s First Ever Burger Truck! Name: LCBBurgerTruck Twitter Location: Streets of Midtown Manhattan… "... Bio Burgers, Burgers, Burgers!!! La Cense Beef is Proud to Launch NYC’s First Ev...   read more

"Nutrition & Physical Degeneration" and Beyond!   8 y  
Chef Jem's invite to talk about his reading of this book.
In Weston A. Price circles we refer to this book ("Nutrition & Physical Degeneration") as "The Old Testament" and "Nourishing Traditions" (NT) as the New Testament. Although there may be some well ...   read more

"Nutrition and Physical Degeneration"   8 y  
Dr. William Campbell Douglass expresses the importance of "Nutrition and Physical Degeneration" by Weston A. Price.
Just found this 2 minute and 38 second video with very strong endorsement of ”Nutrition and Physical Degeneration” by Weston A. Price: ...   read more

Time Now for Rethinking The Flu Virus!   8 y  
Chef Jem's perspective regarding what the flu viruses are essentially all about
Just sent this to the Biodynamic Yahoo group: Greetings All! This is the list that I think may be most receptive to possibly rethinking about the flu virus. For well over thirty years I have considered ”colds” to simply be the body’s way to cleanse. I have found that when I have managed my diet and allowed for intentional cleanses that I do not ”catch” colds (even though many around me may be ”catching” colds). I am convinced that ”colds” are not contagious. I think the same about the flu. I believe the flu is simply the body’s means for an advance cleanse. Since I don’t suffer ”c ...   read more

Reply from the American Dietetic Association   8 y  
Dietary Questions Apparently Dismissed in a Reply from ADA
Here's what I sent: -----Original Message----- From: Chef Jem Sent: Wednesday, April 22, 2009 3:36 AM To: Position Papers Subject: "food guide for North American vegetarians" "Greetings! ...   read more

Dreaming of A New Summer Camp   8 y  
Seed dream for a Waldorf Summer camp on or within hiking distance from a Biodynamic farm and serving "Nourishing Traditions" as the camp food!
I’m dreaming of a new Summer camp for children and to some extent for parents as well. The camp would include all the favorite recreational camp life possible and much more! First of all it would be completely grounded in the Waldorf pedagogy: a pedagogy that views the child as a whole incarnating soul with certain age-appropriate needs. The camp would begin with Waldorf children and possibly welcome all children (regardless of their educational orientation) however I would let the founding parents deter ...   read more

I'm Dreaming of Liver Sausage!   8 y  
Introducing the Knight Salumi Company
I am convinced that my long-time prayers for some local-made old-fashioned liver sausage have been answered as of yesterday afternoon when I met Josh at the North Park Farmers Market in San Diego! ...   read more

Want Your Vitamins A, D and K(2)?   8 y  
"Tufts University confirmed ... that vitamin A protects against vitamin D's induction of renal calcification (kidney stones) by normalizing the production of vitamin K-dependent proteins"
Imagine a grass-fed burger or meat loaf (Nourishing Traditions recipe) topped with grass-fed cheese (just before serving) with your favorite lacto-fermented veggies on the side! Enjoy it at a picni...   read more

Amazing! Is History Repeating Itself?   8 y  
Americans very urgently need to know where "Acts of Congress" pertain to. Proposed legislation appears to be an attack against organic and small farming nation-wide; however according to Fundamental Law do "Acts of Congress" truly have that power?
After my previous blog I have read a few notices circulating that are warning the American people on two items in Congress (HR 875 and SB 425) that are backed by Monsanto, et al with the typical hi...   read more

"Governmental Agencies Tend To Be Taken Over By Racketeers"   8 y  
Excerpt from a document by Royal Lee wherein he refers to "The History of a Crime Against the Pure Food Law" by Dr. Harvey W. Wiley's (1930) and "The Legacy of Dr. Wiley" by M. Natenberg apparently published in the mid 50's
I discovered this paper in reading "Butter, Vitamin E and the ‘X‘ Factor of Dr. Price" (also by Royal Lee) at:   read more

Private Chef Training & Service Extraordinaire!   9 y  
Chef Jem offers an In-Home Nourishing Traditions Training Program!
If you want the kind of foods that you don't now have the time and energy to prepare, that are just not available in your grocery stores and/or restaurants - then consider having your own Private C...   read more

GMO Sugar   9 y  
Chef Jem asks the Organic Consumers Association whether all GMO sugar is coming from sugar beets.
Chef Jem writes Organic Consumers Association Greetings! Is all the GMO sugar coming from sugar beets? If it also includes sugar cane then do we need ...   read more

New Study Confirms Genetically Engineered Food Damages Fertility   9 y  
Austrian Government Study Confirms Genetically Modified (GM) Crops Threaten Human Fertility and Health Safety
New Study Confirms Genetically Engineered Food Damages Fertility: And: "Press Release Austrian Government Study Confirms Genetical...   read more

The Use and Benefits of Very High Vitamin Butter For The Control of Dental Caries   9 y  
An excerpt on "Primitive control of caries" from "Nutrition and Physical Degeneration" by Weston A. Price plus links to Chef Jem blogs on Butter!
The following is an excerpt from pages 293 to 295 of ”Nutrition and Physical Degeneration”[1] by Weston A. Price (Chapter 16) Primitive Control of Caries ”In my clinical work I have sought for extreme cases of active tooth decay in order to test the primitive wisdom. Many of these cases have been furnished by members of the dental profession in other cities and states. By the simple procedure of studying the nutrition of the individual, obtaining a sample of saliva for analysis, seeing Xrays of the individual’s teeth and supporting bone, and getting a history of the systemic overload ...   read more

"Instead of Throwing It Out or Just Feeding It To The Pigs, Madison Avenue Steps In."   9 y  
"Program(ing) people to think that this artificial food waste was actually a complete food in itself"
One of the very best pieces I've read on: "The Magic Bean": I have laughed over "Soy Pepsi?" I also had to refer to this with it's refe...   read more

Almond Growers and Handlers File Federal Lawsuit Seeking to End “Adulteration” of Raw Nuts   9 y  
WASHINGTON, D.C. A group of fifteen American almond growers and wholesale nut handlers filed a lawsuit in the Washington, D.C. federal court on Tuesday, September 9 seeking to repeal a controversial USDA-mandated treatment program for California-grown raw almonds.
Almond Growers and Handlers File Federal Lawsuit Seeking to End “Adulteration” of Raw Nuts   read more

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