The Diary of a WannaBe Healthy(ish) 18-Year-Old
by cg180659

12 Hour Fast: Day 3   14 y  
The Point System and my 21 Day Plan...
It has been a long time since I visited CZ! I miss it! It is more homely than most blogging sites (*cough* LJ) but I need to stay focused to do this. *sigh* So this is my plan. Sort of like the...   read more

New Year's Resolutions Suck..   14 y  
Especially w/o WILLPOWER!! What is that anyway?
Sooo... in 20 days I have done too many BAD BAD things... to my body, soul and mind (but not really). Going to change, this week. I still have the same plans, the same goals. As usual, gotta put th...   read more

My First Liver/Gallbladder Cleanse: Clark Style   14 y  
A myraid of thoughts...
So Hyped, so hyped, tommorow begins my VERY FIRST liver/gallbladder cleanse. I'm following the Clark principle, since I have read "The Cure for All Diseases" and it seems pretty straightforward. ...   read more

Oil Pulling Benefits to Date   14 y  
The Benefits I've recieved, to date with my new OCR.
Sooo, I haven't been on in a while, since I've been helping mom for the past couple of days. PHEW! Thats over. Anywhoosy, after 2 weeks of oil pulling on and off, and implementing my new oral ca...   read more

Over the weekend...   14 y  
I ate some meat...
Sooo... IMHO 2009 has been a good year so far. Some old habits are dying, like room and bathroom cluter, some need to be killed, and others are just forming like oil pulling and my new found face r...   visit the page

My New Found Faith in Oil Pulling   14 y  
Just the start of something new...
I'm guessing this year is going to be a big year for me healthwise... I'm starting to fall into a routine for my oral care and I'm loving it! I've already talked about this before, but I have been ...   read more

AH! Why EVOO!? WHY!!   14 y  
Remember how before I said that I HATE EVOO? Well now, aparently, I dislike EVCO...
Do today is a sad day,, in OP history, for me at least it is. I now can't stand EVCO as my oil of choice! Can you believe it!!! I can't! Here I am in front of the screen oil pulling with that ridic...   read more

A RoundUP of 2 days   14 y  
You missed me, I missed you, we're even now, ok?
Because I'm such a bore, or rather, I'm so bored and can't think of anything to write, I read through my whole blog. Its only about 14 messages long, hich is pretty good for starters. umm. yesterda...   read more

"Calming my body and mind with steamed vegetables and chicken breasts." - Bi (Rain)   14 y  
A rant from my lunch, and the toils of yesterday
Hahaha... I truly understand the meaning of that statement now. While trying to figure out exactly what and where I want to go health wise, I've stuck with the basics for my new food plan: chicken ...   read more

2nd Week Into January...   14 y  
The 2nd week of the New Year, what to do about...
So today would be the second week of the new year. MUCH MUCH better than the 2nd week of 2008! Anyway. Last week, I discovered (or rather started) oil pulling, and i must admit, I have NOT been con...   read more

i hate evoo!!   14 y  
And other rants from the pit of my stomach
Good day all, Well, today, I must admit was a GOOD DAY! I stuck with a part of my new regime, and added to it also in the same day! There's so much to share I don't know where to start. I th...   read more

Well tommorow did not go that great...   14 y  
I blew it by, well um, fasting?
I DIDN'T OP, nor did I meditate, pray of ANYTHING! Instead I starved myself for close to 13 hours. I would have turned it into a water fast, but then I would have to stick to it. Uhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh...   visit the page

So tommorow starts my OFFICAIAL BEGINNING!!   14 y  
The real New Years stars tommorow
Sooooo, today was a horrible day. Nothing but juice, sugar and sweets. Oh, and I only OPed once this morning. I could have done it like I intended to at 7pm, since I didn't eat till 9:15pm, and I f...   visit the page

Things to Add/Change This Month   14 y  
My to-do list (health and body and spirit wise) for January
So, I just got a FABULOUS IDEA. I'm going to right a to-do list for January. Sort of like a New Years Resolution, except, well, its only for January; taking baby steps here. So here's my morning sc...   read more

Second Round of OP, with EVOO this time   14 y  
My oil pulling experience with extra virgin olive oil. Not good.
I was gonna OP this morning with EVCO, but my brother and sister started snapping at me saying since its expensive, I shouldn't use it. But I like the feel f EVCO for oil pulling, even though it wa...   read more

Happy New Year! Feeling Detox Effects Now...   14 y  
Feeling a little detox effects, just a little
HAPPY NEW YEAR!! So yesterday was my first time of OPing. UNfourtunatly I slept in today, which is not good, plus I had TOO MUCH SUGAR for New Year's. Anyway, gotta OP after this so... I woke u...   read more

Session 2 Beginning in about 1-6 minutes, however long it takes me to get away from this computer   15 y  
Check the headline or title thingy ^
Hi all, So its been a little over 2 hours, so that means I'm due for my next round of OP. YAY ME!! Except I'm hungry, and sleepy. Ugh. And not to forget, LAZY!! Its 6:10pm right now, so, I need ...   visit the page

Breakfast and Beyond...   15 y  
After breakfast on my day 1 of OPing
So after my first OP session I noticed that I didn't need a lot of food to be filled up. I think thats a placebo cause I want to feel healthier so fast. So, for breakfast I had oatmeal made with wa...   visit the page

First Round of OP: COMPLETE AND SUCCESSFUL!   15 y  
My reaction and response to my very first OPing session.
Ok, so about 17 minutes ago, I was agonizing over whether to swallow a whole bunch of EVCO or to pull through. Well guys and dolls, I made it! WHOOP WHOOP! I officially finished my very first round...   read more

First OP Session being done as we, ummm speak?   15 y  
My very first experience at oil pulling. Many more to come I believe.
Hi all, As we speak (or type) I am oping on a overdoes of EVCO. I just took a chunk of EVCO, in solid form out of the container and started chewing it. Its not hard for the first 5-7 minutes, bu...   read more

Uhhh... Need... More... Will... Power...   15 y  
Dinner and beyond - September 3, 2008
So this is now my new health blog. Ugh. I just ate so much unhealty food right now. I can't believe this! I really need to fix my carb and sugar crave! NOW! Anyway, skimped on half of the rice at d...   visit the page

The Beginning...   15 y  
Some goal, general mishmash and info about me!
So right now I'm eating boiled cabbage and carrots for lunch. YMMY! (that was WITHOUT a HINT of sarcasm, I actually LOVE boiled veggies :) I found this site while looking for the B+P s...   read more


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