UPDATED!! 10 Day Master Cleanse!!
by bluberry90

Master Cleanse Day 1   10 y  
Changed the original Master Cleanse recipe
Ok, so I finally got around to starting my Master Cleanse. I weighed myself this morning and I was 146.4. The lowest I have gotten was 141.8 in the past month and a half and I quickly gained all the weight back :( So anyways, I made some adjustments to the original Master Cleanse recipe only because I HATE the taste of maple syrup (unless it’s on pancakes, and even then in minimal amounts). Also, I switched from lemons to limes because they are nearly half the cost and I’m a struggling college student :P Instead of the Grade B Maple Syrup I used Raw Agave (which is also cheaper and in ...   read more

Master Cleanse - Stats   10 y  
Tomorrow I start the Master Cleanse
Well it took me a year but I’ve lost nearly 40 pounds!! I started at 185 pounds when I first started this blog and now as of this morning I weigh 147!! It’s been a long road... some juice fasting, water fasting, and regular fasting. To be honest I didn’t really exercise a lot. Recently I have gone to the gym to tone up a little it, but I haven’t gone in a month so I’m getting a bit soft again lol. Well I want to get down to 130-135 pounds and it seems like the past 2 months I just haven’t lost ANY weight. I want to take that final step to reach my goal weight so I’m doing the master ...   read more

Juice Fast Day 1   11 y  
I'm starting.... Now
ok so I just started my juice fast again. I've been eating less and exercising every day for 1-2 hours and i seriously have not lost any weight.... I'm pretty desperate so I'm just going back to t...   visit the page

I went overboard!!!   11 y  
Dammmmnnnn iiittttttt!!!!!!
I knew this would happen! I should have just stuck to my fast :( I have a feeling I put on all the weight I lost and then some!! My mom got me a gym membership and as soon as I get back I'm combi...   visit the page

(suspended) juice fast day 6   11 y  
weekends don't count!!!
I went to a restaurant today... I figure weekends don't count!! I'll start straight back on my juice fast on Monday. My friend (113 pound one) said she should gain weight just so she can go on the...   visit the page

juice fast day 5   11 y  
I feel like crap
I finshed the rest of my pineapple today. I don't have a lot to write about... Oh yeah I woke up at 4:00 pm today and I still felt tired. I'm also kind of sad. Having so much excess weight is ge...   visit the page

juice fast day 4   11 y  
I weighed myself
I'm calling it day 4 because I didnt really do that bad yesterday :) I weighed myself today after I had some juice, with clothes on and it said I weighed 176!!! Woooo!!! I think my starting weigh...   read more

Juice fast day 3   11 y  
Broken fast, but tomorrow is a new day!!
ok so I broke down today and had some salad, unjuiced!! It was so delicious, however my stomach did not think so and half way through eating it I got this grumble in my stomach and next thing I kno...   read more

Juice fast day 2   11 y  
not even a pound... WTF?!?
ok its only the second day and I'm pretty hate this juice fast. I would rather just not eat than drink another carrot/apple/lettuce concoction. I'm trying to think of recipes that have both fruit...   read more

Juice fast day one   11 y  
Feeling blah... as usual :)
first day of my juice fast!! I was wayy bad last weekend... My friend came down and we had pizza, soda and all that crap that's bad for you :p. She is all of 115 pound so she can actually do that! ...   read more

pre-juicing (3 days until I juice it up)   11 y  
What's an abstract? Is it just random musings?
I started this blog to motivate me. I've read what people have said about juicing and I thought I would give it a go! I'm only 18 years old, but I'm still way overweight. I've been like this pre...   read more


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