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Master Cleanse OVER!!   9 y  
A changed woman...
And, I feel AMAZING. I meant to post yesterday but somehow never got around to doing so. My last day of the MC was yesterday and I had the ULTIMATE test of will in the evening. I’ve mentioned in this blog before that the best thing that you can do to stay true to the Master Cleanse is to stay away from social situations in which there is food (or wine, etc.). Well, sadly, I was thrust into a work related social situation (a friend’s wine bar opening) and was truly put to the test. I was there with my business partner and he kept laughing that he felt so badly for me because about every ...   read more

Day #5 No Hunger!   9 y  
Day 5 found me out in the world doing my job. Am in sales/marketing and I drive around a lot so I wondered what the day would bring when I called on all of my different clients. Would I be spaced out and not able to remember important stuff, would I be hungry, could I focus??? My first 4 days were spent cocooned at home, so nothing mattered. Well, I did great! YAY!!! I was very focused on what I was doing, laid back in a cool kinda way, and not hungry. I did have one moment though. Pavlovian response at that. I was seeing some clients and someone had just come back with lunch for them. ...   read more

Day 4 musings   9 y  
On letting go
I had a hard go of it in the late afternoon. Just achey in my body (J too, he feels it in the same place as I do, the lower back), and really, really hungry. I am so far past emotional hunger doing this that when I do feel hunger it’s just physical. Learned so much about why I eat aside from sustenance. Habit, boredom, celbration, the list goes on and on. I was talking with J about the cleanse and such when he came home tonight. I asked him if he thought his nutrition would change after the cleanse and he told me he just wanted to live his life and enjoy what he ate, that he didn’t want ...   read more

Chilly Day 4   9 y  
I haven’t had any chills or cold until today. And, even today, it’s weird. I woke up hot (huh?) this morning when J got up at 5:45 to take his SWF so he could leave the house for work by 8. I waited until 8 to take mine and the second I did I felt cold and it hasn’t gone away. I am going to warm up my next lemonade to see if that helps. I have no signs of hay fever. No sneezing, no itchy eyes, no nasality to my voice. And, my lovely detox headache has taken a hike. So, aside from the cold, I am doing great, except that I am a wee bit spaced out. I’m writing everything down so I don’t me ...   read more

Day 3 Doldrums   9 y  
Poor J. He left for work and then called that he had forgotten his MC bottle of lemonade at home, which he had. Luckily, he has all of the ingredients right there. I’ve only had 1 drink today. I know that it might be better if I had more, but so far I have had no desire to drink. Been feeling a bit sloth like and am just up from a nap. I didn’t really need to nap, but I did anyway for some odd reason. Now, only now, am I starting to feel some hunger. I was glad to read that other people watch the Food Network while doing this. Honestly, I have no clue why I do it. I did it with every ...   read more

Wish I could quit   9 y  
But I won't
My head is just splitting again. J too. Honestly, I realise that days 1 and 2 are hard, but today (day 2) has really been minute to minute and a complete test of will. The headache thing is what is getting to me. My energy is good, my focus also good. The spaciness and feelings of physical disassociation are gone. I think about food a lot. All day, in fact. Oddly, it’s only been in a very detached way. The lemonade drink makes it all bearable so I don’t feel utterly ravenous, but I seem to have some issues about reading about food today. In previous cleanses I usually start making plans ...   read more

MC Day 2 bleggggh   9 y  
Booo hooo hooo
Do yourselves a favour and be extra sure to be completely done with coffee before starting this cleanse. I’ve had mostly easy cleanses in the past, with the exception of the one I did without quitting coffee first. It would be going easier had I quit beforehand, I know that. I have a splitting headache. And am nauseous and foggy headed and a major sleepy grump. And, I realise this too shall pass and it’s all part of the cleanse. I don’t have much to do today, tomorrow or Monday. So, hopefully Tuesday will find me clearer headed and so on because I have a LOT to do then. My head seems ...   read more

Day 1 MC   9 y  
Sleepy, sleepy, sleepy
Fairly uneventful so far. The SWF did little to nothing for me (odd, it’s always worked in past cleanses), but I am cool. Seemed to work for J. No hunger (for him either) and the drinks are tasty (yeh, talk to me at Day 7!). Very tired out with a slight headache. I didn’t wean completely off of coffee in time. So looks like it is cold turkey! Spacey and drowsy. Grumpy and snappy. J and I have been a little snappy with each other, but both realise why. I went back to bed this morning. I am usually always up right around 6 for the day and awakened then this am but went back to sleep f ...   read more

Countdown...   9 y  
Rockets ready for launching, and so forth
Ready. My day could have been an emotional roller coaster but I managed to hang on to my good mood in spite of circumstances spiralling beyond my control. And, all’s well that ends well, so voila. Tomrrow will start the cleanse, the clarity, the euphoric moods and sleeping like a baby. My dad (85 years young!) suddenly went to the hospital today to deal with a swollen leg. I never think of him as anything but hale, hearty and still a super hero (to me). And, he is fine. Hey, he survived being a pathfinder at Normandy in WW2, made it through the 60’s relatively unscathed (hah, he doesn’t ...   read more

Hungry today   9 y  
And I haven't even started yet
Started tapering food today and feel hungry. Mostly because I made the decision to taper (so, I am hungry because of something I declared...interesting). It would be so easy to go all willy-nilly with decadent foods and rationalise it that I am about to not eat for a couple of weeks. But, I won’t, however tempting chocolate might be. I’ve been trying to explain to J what my MC experiences have been. Of course, it would be easier if he just read my blog, but he won’t go on the Internet (thinks it’s the downfall of modern civilization). It’s been fun to tell him what I’ve noticed with ...   read more

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