My Water Fasting/Detox Journal
by sarahz

Day 3 water fasting   9 y  
My 3 and final day water fasting
To was not so hard it was just as easy as yesterday. I made sure water was close to me bed at all times and was thinking to cut my fast short and end it tomorrow. I am really thinking about making it tomorrow so I can get back and readjust my eating habits. I hope the three day cleanse was enough to get all of the sugar and salt out of my body so I can start my strict veggie and fruit only plan to get myself back to a healthier diet. I have prepared the mixed veggies into little containers for the next few days of eating hopefully I can get used to a more healthy eating pattern instead ...   read more

Day 2 (yesterday's fast)   9 y  
My summery of my water fast yesterday
Yesterday was pretty easy compared to the day before. I was at ease and not in a bad mood, which is a huge step up from my fasts last year. I wasn’t hungry much and if I was it was just a little bit of hungry. I feel much better on this fast than my previous ones. Im just glad I gotten over the anxiousness of the fast so I don’t feel like I am on a countdown to end my fast.   visit the page

Day 1 (yesterdays fast)   9 y  
This was my summary of day 1 of water fasting
Yesterday was my first day of water fasting. I woke up around 9:30 AM and the first thing I did was drink a full glass of water from the pitcher on my nightstand. I keep the pitcher close to me when I lay in bed so I have easy access to water and remain restful. All throughout the day I felt a little bit tired and I got spurts of hunger ever few hours, but nothing serious. By the end of the day I was tired and ready for some sleep. I have done many small previous water fast during the first 6 months of last year. The majority of those fasts were in between 1 to 4 days. I did two 5 days ...   read more

DAY 1 Water FAST   10 y  
My 1st day of water fast
I am at the end of day 1 and it wasnt as bad as I thought it would be. I didnt even feel bored like I normally do when I fast, but for me usally the first few days are the easiest of the fast. I ca...   read more

Pre Fasting day   10 y  
This is a breif overview of my little ole story and my history with fasting
Today imgetting my mind ready to fast for 4 days. I chose only a four day fast to get me started to put me in the mood for a even longer one afterward. I have been meaning to get back in shape for ...   read more

Day 5 of water fast Part 2   10 y  
Part 2 of water fast day 5
Right now im tired, and feel uncomfortable, so far since the last time I talked this morning I have walked for 4 miles and im planning on walking for 15-20 mins before I go to bed. Im feeling a urg...   read more

Day 5 in the Morning   10 y  
The Begining of Day 5
Today is the start of day 5, im happy I have made it this far, right now im a little bit tires but it's not bad at all. I really want to make it passed this day because I could never make it passed...   read more

Day 4 part 2   10 y  
Part 2 of my 4th day of water fasting
Righ now it is in the evening of my 4th day of my water fast, This morning I felt reallry depressed and had axiety acttacks. I was very bored and I felt dizzy when i got up or walked, but right now...   read more

Day 4, Still in the morning   10 y  
Made it to day 4 out of 7 days
Today is day four of my water fast, I cant wait for this day to be over, I really just want to pass day five, becuase thats the longest I have every fasted for, I have done a few other failed fasts...   read more

Today is the end of day three   10 y  
On day three of water fast.
Im at the end of day three and tommorow will be day four, it hasnt been that hard but I still get cravings sometimes. It will get better I just need to think about the positive side of fasting and ...   read more

DAY 1 again   10 y  
Im starting another fast.
The reason imstarting another fast is becuase I drank some juice yeasterday so today is going to be day one and I well and the fast next week after tuesday. Tomorrow is my 18th birthday but I wont...   visit the page

Day 1   10 y  
I will post my progress in the upcoming days.
Today was day one for me, in my water fast. It was kinda hard but not as bad as I thought uesally for me the first day or two is the easiest but the the food gets to me. But since school will be ou...   read more


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