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Life flows better...   8 y  
...when you're organized
This week, I learned that I have to get up earlier if I don’t want to be rushing around in the morning. I also need to iron either on the weekends or at night. There’s no way around it. The weather finally turned nice for the first time this week and I’m loving it. I didnt have time to make a smoothie this morning(cause I was ironing)so I bought a large one @lunch for only $4, and it was pretty good. Spinach, cucumber, pineapple, mango banana. I plan on including Seaweed, Cucumber and sprouts in next week”s smoothies. I would like to have smoothie days, where that’s all I drink; but I’m wo ...   read more

Week 1: Experimentation   8 y steps
Yesterday three people (other than me) tried my smoothie and liked it. This morning, again feeling pressed for time, I quickly debated whether or not to even bother with the smoothie or iron something to wear, since I didn’t have time to do both. Luckily, I found non wrinkled clothes. Today’s smoothie consists of 3 peaches (canned in pear juice), a little lemon & lime, celery, ¼ apple, ½ a bag of spinach, a few romaine leaves, cinnamon, agave, 2 bananas, 4 blackberries, a cup of water. Stopped to taste. Yuuummm. So far, so good - then I decided to use turnip greens ~ so there’s a bitternes ...   read more

My first smooth smoothie   8 y  
Yummo! - Rachel Ray
I pushed past my resistance to go to the grocery store yesterday and bought some non organic fruit & veggies. I got five different greens. This morning I made my first smoothie with my new blendtec total blender, and I am in awe. What a difference from my regular blender. Even a huge difference from the smoothies I bought from the store earlier this month ok? It is so...smoooooth! You get one of these blentecs or vitamix’s or anything like it, and you will probably never go back to the regular blender. I say the extra money was worth every penny. I know I sound like a commercial, but I can ...   read more

Hi Everybody! *waving*   8 y  
Ya can't keep a good woman down...for long...
I missed y’all :) Let’s see, I had to read my last post in February to remember what I was up to then. Somehow, it seems longer than that. At least I came back while it’s still 2010. And guess what? In spite of my self, I have actually been learning. Alot. One conclusion I’ve come to is that a long term mc (lemonaide) or even a juice fast is not appropriate for me. I know there are some who swear by it, but I need something else. I need fiber, for one thing. I tried the PSMF, but my body immediately revolted against the protein even though I ate less than the amount that I was supposed to, ...   read more

Famous last Words...   8 y  
Leaning on the Everlasting arms
When last we spoke, I was doing so good - Then my co-worker proposed a pre-valentine’s day girls night out. UH!OH! My first thought was ”Just Say NOOOOO!!!” but then I thought, you can’t hide from the world. My next thought was, ”Why not?! It worked before”. But do I wanna be a hermit? A recluse? I can decline drinks, & dinner, and meet everyone for the movie. Smart huh? I was not altogether confident, but I figured I’d test my resolve. But do you know how good movie food looks when you havent eaten in 4 days? I had to make a choice. I chose Chicken tenders w/ bbq sauce. Who knew chicken t ...   read more

Good Friday   8 y  
and better bm's
Bobby Flay won the Iron Chef America battle of Chocolate last night. He’s the man. I decided to take extra fiber before I went to sleep with strata flora probiotic superfood, hoping for a change in my stool when I woke up. I also took Colon Blow (pyssillum w/ herbal capsules) for Breakfast this morning. Between the fiber and the pyssillum; I see an improvement. While not totally back to normal, I’m now getting solids as well as liquids. I just had some colon blow for lunch. I’ll have one more for dinner. I’m looking forward to seeing the results, and getting some junk out. I’ll have to dri ...   read more

The Honeymoon period   8 y  
And all is well...
Other than the constant stomach rumbling, and the ”liquidation” I’m feeling pretty good. I made my mc drink with agave today; and It’s a nice change from the molasses. I didn’t have that exhausted feeling in my legs like yesterday, So I think the alkilinizing minerals worked. I call this the honeymoon period because there’s a zone you get into where you can smell food and not get irate. I like not having to wonder what I’m going to eat. All I really have to do is take care of myself and be patient, and not get caught up counting the days. I think when you do that, you can get anxious for ...   read more

Cleansing reaction   8 y  
too much information...sorry
Just to be on the safe side, I called martin @ life to ask him about the liquid stools I’ve been experiencing since I started the master cleanse. It’s not exactly diarrhea; I don’t have that griping that happens. But there is a little gas and I can hear my stomach making sounds all day. It’s more like a liquified stool. This is odd for me and I haven’t been sure what to make of it. Other than that and the occasional runny nose, I feel fine. The only time I remember exeriencing anything like this was when I tried Colosan.The difference between the last MC I did and this one, ...   read more

Nutritional Reserves...   8 y you have them?
For now, the Protein Sparing Modified Fast (PSMF), and the kelp noodles will have to wait. A guy at work asked if I wanted to join him and his buds on a 14 day Master cleanse. Sure, I said, but I was a little concerned about my body’s ability to handle it. Either way, today I find myself on day 3 by myself. No biggie. My past experience tells me that not eating is not very popular. I’m doing this for me anyway, not for anybody else. The hardest day was Monday. I was hungry, and I lasted until I left work. On the way home I decided I would have a chicken parm hero, ice cream and chips. ...   read more

This is a true quest...   8 y  
...not just a diet anymore
It turns out this journey hasn’t been completely about getting into a bikini after all. I’ve been studying, moving forward, slacking off, getting excited - then overwhelmed - then discouraged. Not necessarily in that order. But the good news is, I am still learning. About myself. Here’s some news. I have parasites. Is this good news or bad news? Better to know, I guess; what the heck has been wrong with me. I used to have get up and go, you know? Now I barely get up. If only I was exaggerating; I’m really not. I’ve been wondering what was wrong with me? what happened to me? what changed, ...   read more

Happy New Year!!!!!!!   8 y  
We fall down, but we get up...
Wow! It’s been 15 months according to this blog, since I was last here. Can you believe it? Soo what’s everyone been up to? Me? I’m fat. Again. Do we really need to discuss this? Maybe later, not now. Some people collect coins as a hobby - up to now, it appears as if dieting is mine. Anywho, I’m on a new quest, or rather an old one; but this time I ’ll win! Ya hear me?!? I really mean it  There were times I thought about stopping by to say hi, but I couldn’t think of what to say after Hi, I’m fat, you know? Well, I’ve gotten over it, and  I’m glad to be back. It’s a little sad when you’re ...   read more

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