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Club Meditation   16 y  
Freedom, just another word for nothing left to loose?
The Osho vision of the whole man is of one who is at home in both the material and the spiritual worlds. The most revolutionary aspect of this proposal is ”Zorba the Buddha.” The approach here is to create an environment where people can be whole ― where they can enjoy being centered with their feet firmly on the ground, yet can also touch the stars. ”My whole effort is to bring Zorba and Buddha closer and closer ― so close that both can exist in one human being without any contradiction, as complementaries, helping each other, not fighting with each other. ”My concept o ...   read more

Rajneesh   16 y  
Rajneesh/Osho was the creator of Active Meditation-for the body, mind and soul connection
Osho on Dynamic Meditation If you love your body; you become relaxed, you care about it. It is not wrong, it is not narcissistic to be in love with your own body…. That is why Dynamic Meditation begins with the body. Through vigorous breathing the mind expands, the consciousness expands; the whole body becomes a vibrating, living existence. Now the jump will be easier. Now you can jump; thinking will be less of a barrier. You have become a child again: jumping, vibrating, alive. The conditioning, the mental conditioning, is not there. Your body is not so conditioned as your mind. Re ...   read more

I AM Thinking-   16 y  
Opinions are great-and like other bodyparts-Everyone has One!
There are so many suggestions from so many experts on how to improve one’s outlook, health, circumstances, looks, love life-that it hits me none of it may be relevant to another human being, being an individualized version of Universal Consciousness, each has their own Path. No one can Direct it for someone else. The big Cosmic Joke- If one is not ready, No amount of coaxing can or will bring about manifestation of higher consciousness. It is a natural process and may not unfold in this lifetime. It’s a long End-Game-Existence. I do think if one ”watches” carefully they may recei ...   read more

Upgrade your Conversation!   16 y  
AKA: "The Turbaned One" (Gururattan Kaur Khalsa) Speaks with Wisdom of her Experience and Intuition. Power Unleashed!
UPGRADE YOUR INNER CONVERSATION FROM DUALITY TO DANCE May 21st, 2005 By Gururattan Kaur Khalsa, Ph.D. The Sun moved into Gemini Party Land May 20th and will party on through June 19th. The Sagittarius Full Moon is May 23rd at 1:19 PM PDT (8:19 PM GMT) at 2 degrees Sag. The Gemini New Moon is June 6th at 2:56 PM PDT (9:56 PM GMT) at 16 degrees Gemini. THE DANCE OF LIFE The Fool, the first Tarot card, symbolizes the beginning of our human journey. The Fool is so excited about being alive that he doesn’t notice that he is about to dance right ...   read more

Insomnia Antidote   16 y  
Old "crones" tale on Sleep-
Here’s an antidote for insomnia: Lettuce Soup: You simply par boil a head of lettuce in water. You can add some cinnamon, clove, or cardomom for flavor. Milk can be added as well, of course. Drink while hot. Lettuce contains small amounts of opium, supposedly, which help you sleep extremely soundly. So if you find yourself jonesing for lettuce afterwards, you’ll know why. It sounds whacky, but it seems to work really well.   visit the page

Subagh Kriya   16 y  
This is The Kundalini Subagh Kriya
Prosperity Technology To Become Rich and Prosperous (Excerpts, Summer Solstice 1996) “By tendency you are not very agreeable most of the time. You are more concerned with your scare tactics and insecurities than with your power to expand. I’m going to give you a very handy tool, one that you can use anywhere, and you’ll become rich. I’m not going to give you printed money, but I will give you a tool of prosperity. I would like you to be your own judge, see how it works. There are a lot of things you can’t do. You can’t look unique. You can’t look extraordinary. You don’t want to be ex ...   read more

Prosperity Meditation   16 y  
Need Money? Tired of wondering and worrying over finances. Align with the Universe for Prosperity. Oh, BTW, the catch is you must develop the habit and discipline to do this for 40 days.....Is it worth it?
Sat Nam, All See info re: Issue 41, A Prosperity Pardigm Shift: Prosperity mantras and meditations facilitate our alignment with universal energies. Consider the following mantra and meditation. Har Har Har Har Gobinde (Go bin day)-Sustainer (Pronounced with a slight aspirated ”a” at the end but not ”har ra” Har Har Har Har Mukunde (Moo kun day)-Liberator Har Har Har Har Udare (Ooo da ray)-Enlightener Har Har Har Har Apare ( A pa ray)-Infinite Har Har Har Har Haring (Har ee ung)-Destroyer Har Har Har Har Karing (Car ee ung)-Creator Har Har Har Har Nirnam ...   read more

Got Power? Get MANTRA   16 y  
Got Power? Get Mantra. What is a mantra? How does it work? Why tune-in to the Masters Golden Chain?
THE COMPLETE ADI MANTRA FOR INDIVIDUAL MEDITATION To center yourself before a set of Kundalini Yoga we chant the Adi Mantra 3 - 5 times. Adi means the first or primal; Mantra is the creative projection of the mind through sound. This mantra is the first creative action. It centers you into the higher self and reminds your lower minds that it is not your ego that will practice or teach Kundalini Yoga. Technically it is the linking mantra for the Golden Chain. The golden chain is the inner spark of Kundalini that is passed person to person; teacher to student; guru to teacher; ...   read more

Harmonizing Home with Yoga   16 y  
Sacred Space in new Place-I have a meditation room at my new place- Yipee
Harmonizing Our Homes With Yoga from Christan Hummel Using Yoga to Create Sacred Space in Our Homes The beating of a shaman’s drum, the labyrinth at Chartres Cathedral, stone monuments in Ireland, a Hopi medicine wheel, the ancient art of feng shui – all have something in common: each in their own way are attempts by different cultures to harmonize their space with their environment. Temples throughout time, from Stonehenge to the Great Pyramid, attest to humanity’s desire to create sacred space, to open a doorway to bring Heaven to Earth. For thousands of years, humans have been stri ...   read more

Calm Heart Meditation   16 y  
Very Wonderful and Powerful Meditation- I have been doing it all day!
Posture: Sit in Easy Pose Focus: Closed eyes lifted to 3rd eye point, or look straight ahead with your eyes half open. Breath: Concentrate on the flow of breath, Regulate each bit of the breath consciously. Inahle slowly and deeply through both nostrils. Then hold your breath in by suspending your chest. Retain as long as possible. Exhale through the nose smoothly, gradually and completely. With your breath totally out, lock the breath out and retain for as long as possible. Mantra: none Mudra: place your left hand on the center of your chest at your heart level. The palm ...   read more

Translate Sanskrit Mantra   16 y  
Another short Mantra that is also part of the Aquarian Sahana, This one on Truth and Chaotic Rebirth
Waah Yantee, Kar Yantee Jag Dut Patee, Aadak It Waahaa Brahmaadeh Tryasha Guru It Wahe Guru Great Macroself, Creative Self, All that is Creative through Time All that is the Great One, Three Aspects of God, Brahma, Vishnu, Shiva, That is Wahe Guru   visit the page

Translate Sanskrit Aquarian Sadhana   16 y  
Hmmm, Kinda a kick Ass Worship Mantra- Maybe a Hindu Cowboy wrote it?
Rakje Rakhanhaar aap ubaarian\ Gur Kee pairee paa-i kaaj savaarian Ho-aa aap da-i aal manaho na visaarian Saadh janaa kai sang Bhavajai taarian Saakat nindak dusht khin maa-eh bidaarian Tis saahib kee tayk Nanak manai maa-eh Jis simrat sukh ho-i sagalay dookh jaa-eh O savior Lord, save us all and take us across! Uplifting and giving excellence. You gave us the touch of the lotus feet of the Guru, and our works are embellished with perfection. You have become merciful, kind, and compassionate, and so our mind does not forget you. In the company of the Holy, You carry us across, ...   read more

Preparation to Meditate   16 y  
This seems like a lot of asanas just to meditate-I must admit I have never done so much for a meditation-but I am sure it will produce a very deep state.
Here are some wonderful meditation facilitators: (From Susan Kezios website - she obtained info from Gururattan Kaur’s book..) Meditation Facilitators (Relax and Renew, pp. 109-111; Gururattan Kaur Khalsa, Ph.D.) When you want to meditate but don’t have time to do a complete yoga set beforehand, try one or more of the following exercises before sitting for meditation. End each by inhaling, pulling root lock (Mulbhand), holding and exhaling (or inhale, exhale and then pull root lock and hold). 1. Frogs (to stimulate the 1st and 2nd chakras and help you sit): Squat o ...   read more

Transition Time   16 y  
It Is Said- We Get What We Have Come To This Plane For- Courtesy Of Us. Not All Vibrations Are Going To Be High-We Are Human and in Accepting Our Humanness We Accept All Parts Of Ourselves-Not just Prosperity, yada yada-There Are Some Hurt Parts, Some Insecure Parts, All Lovable-In Fact, All the More Lovable for the Vunerability -
Author: Unknown I asked for Strength; ... and God gave me Difficulties to make me strong I asked for Wisdom; .. and God gave me Problems to solve. I asked for Prosperity; ...and God gave me Brain and Brawn to work. I asked for Courage; ...and God gave me Danger to overcome. I asked for Love; ...and God gave me Troubled people to help. I asked for Favors; ... and God gave me Opportunities. I received nothing I wanted; .... and I received everything I needed!   visit the page

gurmukh   16 y  
The Kundalini Teacher to the Stars, Madonna, Melissa E, and many more-What's her draw
Author of The Eight Human Talents and Bountiful Beautiful Blissful, Gurmukh has been teaching Kundalini Yoga for over 35 years. She is best known for her work in Pre-Natal and Post-Natal Yoga with parents and babies as well as training teachers to use the methods she has developed. Her Kundalini classes are packed with regulars who love the intense body-mind-spirit workout, Gurmukh’s wit and humor and the company of the sangha she and her husband have created at Golden Bridge Yoga in Los Angeles. All of Gurmukh’s students are invited to dinner on Sunday evenings following the 5-7 P.M. yo ...   read more

Role of The Teacher   16 y  
I have a couple of KY teachers and they are so beautiful and wise-different but in many ways the same.
What is the precise role of the teacher in kundalini yoga? Can I learn kundalini yoga through books? The teacher is highly revered in kundalini yoga, just as in other schools of yoga. A recurrent theme in the texts of kundalini yoga is that if one needs a teacher to learn everyday skills such as reading and writing how much more one needs a teacher to master the practice of kundalini yoga. The first role of the teacher in kundalini yoga is as an instructor in the practices of kundalini yoga. The classical works of kundalini yoga repeat again and again that only those practices learnt fro ...   read more

Is KY Dangerous?   16 y  
I've practiced Kundalini for 4 years now, SRF for 14 years, and Iyengar for 3 years-All have benefits. For those who consciously invite the Spirtual Path-Kundalini is the Fast Path!
Is forcefully awakening kundalini dangerous? If we take the psychological perspective and view kundalini as the power latent in our unconscious then it is easy to understand that awakening this force is going to bring a greater amount of unconscious material into our consciousness. Even in the best of circumstances this is likely to be uncomfortable and if an individual is barely coping with his unconscious even under normal circumstances then awakening kundalini may push the individual over into psychosis. This phenomenon has been documented many times. Forceful methods of awakening k ...   read more

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