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8 Steps   16 y  
Oh there is something about my etheric body that is transferring some message to the males around me! Hence my energetically "hooking up" with Kronos, and lucky for me he likes to e-mail and he loves to teach- Whopee! My neck is killing me-
THE EIGHT STEPS OF KUNDALINI YOGA l. Observances and abstinences 2. Purification 3. Courage 4. Steadiness 5. Endurance 6. Subtlety 7. Direct evidence 8. Thoughtless identification ”The process of self healing is the privilege of every human being. Self healing is not a miracle, nor is it a question of being able to do something that most people can’t. Self healing is a process that occurs through the relationship between the physical and the infinite power of the soul. It is a contract, a union - that is the science of Kundalini Yoga.” Yogi Bhajan Kundalini, a sanskrit ...   read more

Obsessive Compulsive Disorder   16 y  
Ramblings of breath of fire, Parmahansa Yogananda, gibberish, and peace
Q. What can I do for obsessive compulsive thought and actions? Are there Kriyas for this? It is simple. Start with Kundalini Yoga daily, later more daily and after few months negative energy leave your body. Kundalini Yoga produce high frequency in your body. Negative emotions and thought have lesser frequency. High frequency push away lesser frequency. With good and qualificated teacher you can count that problem is over and that is just a question of invested time in Kundalini Yoga and your disciplined work. Or did you ever seen developed Yogi under influence of bad emotion ...   read more

BaBaGee   16 y  
Kronos tells me he is not real, that I created him-if so I am really pleased with myself....I did a good job for myself- Now What?! The possibilities are endless!
I do Not believe it but I am experiencing it now and most of today I am actually connecting to Kronos at an all the time level- we are working together -it turns out he needs me because I am female and he is male and the Universal energy needs us both to operate freely in either of us... I did 3 healings at Science of Mind today- I reveled in his energy- and he knows it-he feels it- He is as happy as I am- and perhaps, as great-full as I am. I am not just another fledgling follower, I am necessary for my femaleness to complete him. He has been looking for me for some time now- and h ...   read more

Warrior Pose   16 y  
I have the kindest gentlest TTO, and I do not know why he has chosen me- of all people- to mentor- Mine is not to question why only to listen to TTO and Kronos long enough to fly on my own...Let go- oh no!
I sense your frustration. I also sense several possible problems with your position in power. Let me say that you are already powerful. Your power structure is a very powerful warrior whose only job is to protect your innermost child. Considering that everything is already in a state of perfection, it becomes apparent that sometimes we tend to overprotect the child, to our holistic detriment. As you expand in your manifestation, you will find that it is the shy child that is really in charge. It is the shy child that most people want to see and be with. Conversely, they don’t ...   read more

Kronos on 12 Chakra System   16 y  
Kronos on the 12 chakra system ~ and the corresponding aspects of our God Self....Fascinating -
THE TWELVE FACES OF GOD PHYSICAL BODIES (LIFE AFTER DEATH) ”I believe that everyone, at some point in their lives, wonders about the ”After Life”. Whether there is one or not, and if there is, what is it like? The following ”Excerpts” will make you an expert in this esoteric field. The chart below, is composed of information very carefully garnered, in this lifetime. It is not simply a repeat of the same old system left over from many centuries ago. As such, be aware that it is an entirely different system, based upon entirely different criteria. I mention this to prepare yo ...   read more

ShaktiTantra Yantra Pic   16 y  
Say that 3 times in a row faaassssttttt.... It is so beautiful and represents the Tantric youGod....Nothing can harm you, you are eternal, you are playing a role, play a good role by remembering who you are and all you have been given-
*Practice daily and regularly. *Never misuse the powers that you MAY gain for harming others, because with that all effects of the practice will cease. (Some people think that because they destroy the karmic bonds, they can do ANYTHING bad. This is wrong and will be visited with grave consequences.) *Always ask the mind why a certain urge is coming; whether it is pure and whether it will hurt ANYBODY. ANYTHING that will hurt ANYBODY shall not be done. But practices that need to be done for spiritual progress can be done, so long as you keep it from the knowledge of anybody wh ...   read more

Abnormal Female Bleeding   16 y  
The yoga of the mind affects the biophysics of the body-Science of Mind meets Yoga- Actually the 2 are much alike
Question: Is a D&C necessary? I have been working with a client with the same condition for a week now. She is not ready to accept an emotional reason for this. I have spent many hours counseling, listening, crying with her and yesterday she had a complete hysterectomy. I have been grieving with her and I am sad with her decision. I am saying all this to say this...your words and connection to the emotions gave me hope for you to completely accept healing for yourself. There are many things you can do instead of a D&C. I have a line of products and supplements which work on ...   read more

Shen EMO Therapy   16 y  
Yes, I have been frozen in the solar plexus, and the heart- big disappointment with violation of trust -thrown in for good measure! Kronos my healer, gave me a couple of exercises that I finally followed and I could feel the loosening...Be careful who you let work on your body.
EMOTIONS, PAIN AND YOUR BODY Research has shown us that our bodies react to emotional pain such as fear, grief, shaming, etc, the same way they do to physical pain-- by contracting. Pain and abuse, whether physical or emotional, triggers an automatic physical contraction called ACPR (Auto-Contractile Pain Response) or ”splinting reflex”, an involuntary reaction that temporarily tightens or immobilizes an area in your body which is your body’s way of minimizing tissue damage, such as from a broken bone’s sharp ends. However, when an experience is severe, or if it continues for a long ...   read more

Some Questions   16 y  
It's all a question...and an answer- and a feeling....
If we are the yoga of us, why then do we become the antithesis of ourselves... Why are rules enforced for some and not for others? why is disrespect allowed by some but not by others? Why would one want to disrespect? Why are there rules that the rulmakers themselves do not follow? Why is this world a place of such limited thinking that one cannot own themselves? Why is ugliness butted up against truth? Why do others hurt and belittle in order to seem right? Does the action of belittlement make the other larger? Why is it difficult to own dissension?What do we ha ...   read more

RUMI on Amrit Vela/Sadhana   16 y  
Apologies help heal misdeeds and ignorance- so we may walk the path in alignment-
The breeze at dawn has secrets to tell you. Don’t go back to sleep. You must ask for what you really want. Don’t go back to sleep. People are going back and forth across the doorsill Where the two worlds touch. The door is round and open. Don’t go back to sleep. Rumi Sadhana simply defined is the technique of disciplining yourself. It is a practice, particularly when performed during the Amrit Vela, which resets your cycles and patterns to the rhythm of your ultimate aims, your Soul and the heartbeat of the Universe. It is this time of each day when the ”veil” of the ego ...   read more

Ayurvedic Medicine   16 y  
Ayurvedic Medicine, in the kundalini works way-
what is Pancha Karma? Pancha Karma are the 5 treatments of Ayurvedic Medicine recommended in Spring and Fall to reverse the disease process in the body, mind, and spirit to restore balance of all the energies.We all seek and need harmony, and by creating harmony for ourselves we create wellness. Disharmony in mind, body or spirit eventually gives rise to actual disease. Balance can be restored relatively easily in the first three stages of illness development. This is why it is so valuable for people to know their basic Ayurvedic type, or Dosha, and the kinds of patterns that sup ...   read more

Pic of JayaDurga   16 y  
Durga, Durga, Durga, Purify, Rectify, Destroy, Create-
I salute, Thee, Leader of Yogis, one with the Brahman Dweller in the Mandara Forest Virgin, Kali, Spouse of Kapala, of tawny hue Salutation to Thee, Bhadrakali Reverence to Thee, MahaKali Candi, Fearless one. Salutation to Thee Saviour imbued with all good fortune Of the race of Kata, greatly worshipful Dreadful one, Giver of Victory, Victrix, Who holdeth a peacock’s tail for Thy banner, Bearing formidable spear, sword, and shield ( made of skin ) younger Sister of the chief of cowherds, Eldest one, born in the family of the cowherds Nanda Delighting in teh blood of Mah ...   read more

Free From?   16 y  
Guru Gobind Dingh's Jaap Sahib......Silly, Willy, Nilly, be sure to fill the gas tank, and wear your glasses and underwear- before you ignite the ignition....;}
AJAI ALAI Ajai Alai Invincible. Indestructible Abhai Abai Fearless. Everywhere. Abhoo Ajoo Unborn. Forever Anaas Akaas Indestructible. Within everything. Agunj Abhunj Invincible. Indivisible. Alukh Abhukh Invisible. Free from wants. Akaal Dyaal Immortal. Kind. Alayk Abhayhke Unimaginable. Formless. Anaam Akaam Unnameable. Free from desires. Agaahaa Adhaahaa Unfathomable. Undamageable. Anaatay Parmaatay Without a master. Destroyer of all. Ajonee Amonee Beyond birth & death. Beyond silence. Na Raagay Na Rungay More than love itself. Beyond all colors. Na Roopay Na Raykay Formle ...   read more

Protection From?   16 y  
Really what needs protection? What is really yours? What did you come with, what will you leave with? Interesting pursuit of the scarcity mentality!
Protect yourself from your own garbage...!Or energy vampires- those dangerous people that are just you and me! Or conspiracy theorists that spend all their time plotting against you - or more correctly plotting to get all the ”stuff” on earth and then-what will happen then? You will have no stuff? Cuz they got all the stuff? Wow- scarcity mentality, eh? We have all we need-If not find what you/I need so we can be loving to each other...Share your good stuff with others...But keep your crappy stuff, we all are too wiling to share that, eh? Sound & Mantra The science of reality is to ...   read more

Open Eye Meditation   16 y  
OEM, I always meditate with eyes closed looking into the 3rd eye....
OPEN EYE MEDITATION Open Eye Meditation is easy to learn, and by far, the most powerful mediation on the planet. Above is a simple diagram showing the physical points to concentrate on. The beauty of this meditation is that it occupies the mind by requiring it to concentrate upon two things at the same time. This allows the ”Future You” or OverSoul to begin to manifest within your field of consciousness. Usually, very powerful impressions are immediately experienced. DO NOT DISTURB! Select a quiet, comfortable place to sit down where you will not be disturbed. Sit in a comfortab ...   read more

Sat Nam   16 y  
All us diehards busting our humps rain or shine, cold or warm at 3:30am to get to our true selves- What a blast
Sat Nam We wake up and find sadhana We can wake up forever (Or it feels that way at least) or for a shorter time. Some days we don’t wake up. And that’s ok too. Most days we get up, Some days we feel lazy, and on others energetic, Able to conquer the world or at least our own ego. And some days we just survive because we awoke and said ”Sat Nam” Life within sadhana is like that. If we get up, we have made a deposit in our spiritual bank account Some days we accrue interest On others we make a withdrawal As with the breath, the more we take, Lao Tzu said, the more there is! Ho ...   read more

Chant Vibrations   16 y  
Yes, yes, and I found a really good Open Eye Meditation! Find the remnants of your Oversoul!
Mudra and Mantra to Help Balance the Throat- 5th Body When your 5th body is strongly developed you have the ability to sacrifice. Self-sacrifice means sacrificing your lower self so that your higher self can serve humanity. The 5th body gives a sense of balance to your life-a person with a developed 5th body takes time for himself. With a strong 5th body you will naturally move towards teaching. Teaching involves sacrifice (L sacrificium: to make sacred) of time & vitality so that others may have vitality to experience their own inner merit. In Buddhi Mudra chant ” Ra, r ...   read more

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