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Fear or Pleasure   16 y  
What will it Be? Whatever we Choose-it's coming right UP!
motivation ”There are only two stimulants to one’s best efforts: the fear of punishment, and the hope of reward.” -John M. Wilson   visit the page

Western Ignorance   16 y  
I really like this One, he is very cute, funny, and very level headed-a nice combination!
I hope none of us is waiting for verification from western thought, western science, western confusion and western doubt before beginning a yogic practice. The flood of answers and pseudo answers that come at us is amusing, at best, and disorienting for millions. Here’s the thing. It’s 2005. We’ve supposedly settled the questions about where people came from, how they evolved, how our Universe originated. We have computers that can do infinite numbers of calculations in half a second, and yet people are still wondering whether UFO’s exist. I mean has any of 500 years of science (r ...   read more

Soul needs no recovery   16 y  
Ah, a cross between Science of Mind and Kundalini Yoga. The truth is everywhere on many Paths, and in all souls, only a subtle shift in perception.
To everyone: I know the term ”recovery” is used a lot from AA and other venues. But it no longer reflects your yogic life! Your true self is not in recovery, it is already whole and infinite! The only part of you in recovery is your personality. Your soul is not diseased. If you learn to speak from your infinite self and from your soul, you will avoid staying suck in diseases and other things. You will learn to see yourself whole, not matter what is happening to your personality or how much your personality is disturbed... A change of perspective is required... but that is a c ...   read more

Tantric Numerology   16 y  
Ancient knowledge, Ancient Muscle, and Ancient Healing Ways- all here for the discerned distinction. I don't see that the red tantric is that hard to do for women! Maybe men?
Tantric Numerology __________________________________________ Numerology is an ancient science that has recently come to the United States in its original form. It was taught to me by Yogi Bhajan, a master of Kundalini Yoga and meditation. Numerology is not an answer to all questions, nor a panacea or philosophy. It is simply a useful tool for understanding ones strengths and weaknesses, and for working on the weaknesses and utilizing the strengths more effectively. Personally, I find it to be useful in counseling since it gives an extremely accurate frame of reference from whi ...   read more

Affinity Marketing@Curezone!!!   16 y  
Creating a natural market or affinity market through Curezone
Today I am posting when I should be leaving, I wanted to remember to say, what a nice addition the Book posting section is- especially for aspiring authors who may have to self publish -this ”listing” gives them a market stream to curezoners and therefore a start into the published world. I notice Andrea Moritz, who posted of his problems with being copied and sold illegally. Other popular moderators or unpopular moderators or well known, credible will have a podium to launch their works from. This is a practical use of blog forum and, in many cases, a grand idea! Keep up the g ...   read more

Judgement   16 y  
It's short and sweet, and to the point. It is very interesting most the enlightened can speak a kind of shorthand that is nearly 100% essence and therefore understandable by all..
We all have a dark side to face. Facing your own imperfections and reaching a state of non judgement would seem to be the goal. Atone, forgive yourself and act rightously.   visit the page

Radical Forgiveness   16 y  
This book has been out for sometime..It is true that our relationship with the world is the basis for what "others" look like to us
What Is Radical Forgiveness - and Radical SELF Forgiveness If they’re RADICAL then they must involve more than just forgiveness, right? So, what’s the difference, and how important is the distinction? Let me explain. Traditional forgiveness is ’letting bygones be bygones.’ And that’s OK as far as it goes. However, because we believe that something bad happened, we still think of ourselves as having been victimized no matter how hard we try to forgive, It can only play itself out as a struggle between two conflicting energies; the need to condemn versus the desire to forgive. ...   read more

hahaha answer   16 y  
Bless His Heart, what a great answer for Mr G. I am continually impressed by the wisdom and knowledge of this group.
Sat Nam, It’s a big topic to cover. In order to be able to apply the meditative mind, first you must develope it...and that happens through the practice of meditation and the intention to recognize and be aware of your experience while meditating. The meditative mind is the ability to witness and observe what’s going on inside of you, in terms of your emotions, thoughts and feelings at any given time and be non-reactive to that. So to be able to watch it like it is on a movie screen and your are in the audience and not the character on the screen. So to be able to watch your self ...   read more

Ha, Ha, Ha, Ha   16 y  
Why is there no punchline- My point and I know it is often not everyone wants to quit sex, and do practice such as Sadhana, and are too busy, lazy, or do not know enough to realize enlightenment takes some travel (on whatever path)from the original way of thinking. Mr G understands this but has not acheived the motivation to walk the walk- and now he asks Sangeet for that which he can not do for himself- ah hopefully S will have a good answer-I can't wait to read it!
Really your thoughts and expression what is/ should be a daily yogic routine is excellent. It shows the depth of your yogic practice in practical life. I appreciate it from my heart core and simultaneously I feel that despite , in yoga field for more than 31 years I m no where. There is no change in my life, my irritative/ negative thinking nature. thinking / indulging in sex even at age of 65. Would you kindly help and guide me for my yogic growth by suggesting on following points: 1) How to develope skill for applying the meditative mind in every moment of daily experience so as to ...   read more

Sat Nam Rasayan   16 y  
I receive no compensation from this event- I mean it's $30.00 how much could one afford to share? M's husband leads Sadhana every morning at 3:30am sharp! M, works with Guru Dev when he is in town to hold his healing workshops. He trains healers! And has trained M. If you live in the area, and have an interest in being healed or healing-this is an opportune moment- an auspicious moment
Sat Nam Rasayan A Gift of Healing - We invite you to experience and learn this powerful and sacred form of healing, led by Meherbani Kaur Khalsa Certified Level 3 SNR Practitioner and Teacher (Senior Student of Guru Dev Singh Khalsa) Sat. November 5, 2005 1- 4 PM Center for Divine Awakening 15801 N. 40 St. (just North of Greenway on the East Side) $30 Pre-Paid by Friday October 21st $45 at the Door To Register - Contact Hari Jap at Center for Divine Awakening 602-569-7421 or For Appointments w/Meherbani or Other Questions Contact Amar Atma ...   read more

Ong vs. OM   16 y  
I've often wondered why Ong Na Mo "tunes" in KY, and OM is the SRF meditative and generally Hindu vibe. More and more I am seeing the power of vibration in the human body~ I find myself automatically rocking in spinal flex and smiling as I focus on the 3rd eye and chant at Sadhana...The joy is ;} joyful...ecstatic! Bring it on! Give me MeGod! Dev is beautiful.
Ong is the creative energy of the total cosmos and consciousness of the creator as experienced in this creation, it has the connotation of energy and activity, it creates involvement without attachment, it generates shakti, the generative force of life, Note that the sound is not Om, that sound is for withdrawal and relaxation. humbly dev   visit the page

More on Watermelon   16 y  
As pointed out by a curezone reader this may not be the cleanse for everyone. When my Mom was dying of cancer, she and I spent a week together at what was once then Hippocrates Institute in Lemon Grove, CA. We fasted on watermelon for the first one and 1/2 I know that works, then we added raw foods and wheatgrass,. We drank wheatgrass, we made compresses for her tumors, we did enemas and also hydrocolonics with wheatgrass..Invasion of the wheatgrass! Every orafice was wheatgrassed :}! By the 3rd or 4th day we were eating raw veges, and we were getting some of Edie May's raw salads. I lost her shortly after that week at Hippocrates, but I do believe that had we started sooner we would have had a chance to save her. And that is enough for me!
You ask ”how exactly does that work”. You know, I wish I could tell you exactly and precisely why. Sure it cleanses. You pee an awful lot, but you’d pee if you drank lot of water! It’s definitely rejuvenating. One thing, for sure, is it is very ”soothing”. I could speculate out loud about the Ayurvedic basis of the healing power and what the ”sweet” taste and the cooling qualities do. I’ve tried to figure it out, to an extent, and have simply come back to trust....again. and that’s the thing about Yoga and any discipline is that YOU have to do it. That way you have a direct experi ...   read more

Sadhana   16 y  
More from the KY room on other's experience and knowledge of Sadhana!
Sat Nam, In my experience, daily practice keeps us elevated. We are less likely to let the negative energy we encounter daily get us down. Sometimes the negativity seemingly comes from others (like some nasty personality in your face) and sometimes it seems to rise up from our subconscious to be healed in the form of thoughts and/or emotions. We also attract more positive and enlightening internal and external experiences. I think it’s ALL the same process, and that daily practice, or SADHANA, both accellerates the process and empowers us master it. As far as routines go, I think you ...   read more

Debt in Default   16 y  
GW's term won't end before his poor fiscal policy becomes evident. Default, Decline. Dance Step of Delusion
Junk Default Rate Rises in Third Quarter Although the rate climbed to 2 percent in the third quarter from 1.8 percent in the second quarter, however, a Moody’s analyst thinks that’s no reason to worry about a sharp drop in credit quality next year. Stephen Taub, October 14, 2005 Although the global default rate for junk bonds has apparently started to inch up, at least one rating agency doesn’t seem too concerned. The global speculative-grade corporate default rate climbed to 2 percent in the third quarter from 1.8 percent in the second quarter, according to Moody’s In ...   read more

Motley Fool   16 y  
Dreadful Stocks to Aviod-at least for now!Whoops this should be on Spirit of Money! Sorry Yogini's- Motley fool is Fun for all
INVESTING Fool News & Commentary Dreadful Stocks to Avoid By Richard Gibbons October 7, 2005 Warren Buffett’s first rule of investing is ”Never lose money.” To this, he often adds rule No. 2: ”Never forget rule No. 1.” Of course, following these rules is easier said than done. But Buffett’s done pretty well for himself, so it seems unwise to simply dismiss his advice as the semi-coherent ramblings of a man who’s read way too many 10-Ks. I take those rules to heart in my investment strategy. I try to focus my investment dollars on sustainable, undervalued businesses that I can e ...   read more

Adrenals & Fertiltiy   16 y  
Sat Nam- kidneys and your adrenalglands- how to fix? How to conceive?
Today’s conscious thoughts become tomorrow’s subconscious. We make our habits and then our habits make us. Through our yoga/meditation practice we overcome the Inertia. That’s what Yoga is about on a daily basis for me. I want today to be new and free of yesterday’s motions or Ama (the residue of incomplete digestion in both a literal and figurative sense). I want to be back at ZERO. You ever seen ”Groundhog Day”? ( ) Rent that movie! It says it all. In my practice I want to get to where I am purely in this now and am in my heart and not coming from my Ad ...   read more

After that?   16 y  
How true, I'm on my way to San Blas to see my webmaster! An international traveler -that one- We plan on India next fall-to buy for my site. I am really excited! 9th
I hope you enjoy this as much as I did. ~~~ A boat docked in a tiny Mexican village. An American tourist complimented the Mexican fisherman on the quality of his fish and asked how long it took him to catch them. ”Not very long,” answered the Mexican. ”But then, why didn’t you stay out longer and catch more?” asked the American. The Mexican explained that his small catch was sufficient to meet his needs and those of his family. The American asked, ”But what do you do with the rest of your time?” ”I sleep late, fish a little, play with my children, and take a siesta with my ...   read more

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