Interstitial Cystitis Natural Remedy
by NancyAng

Part Four of My IC Protocol - What to Expect and What I have Learned.   15 y  
Part Four of My IC Protocol - What to Expect and What I have Learned.
What to Expect: So, you are following the diet, you are taking your calcium and magnesium, and you are still hurting.  Be patient, you didn’t make your bladder lining disappear overnight, it’s not going to heal itself overnight.  Your urinary pH needs to get above 6.8 before your bladder will even start healing at all.  So, you need to wait until that happens.  Once your urinary pH is above 6.8, you should start feeling better if you are avoiding all your bladder irritants, but it probably won’t be immediate.  Because the bladder lining is s ...   read more

Part Three of My IC Protocol - What to Do.   15 y  
Part Three of My IC Protocol - What to Do.
What to do: 1. Eliminate all over the counter supplements.  THIS IS VERY IMPORTANT, that’s why I made it Number 1.  Many people with IC can’t tolerate vitamins AT ALL.  I have a really hard time with vitamins and some amino acids, so I don’t take them.  Period.  When your body doesn’t absorb a vitamin, it goes straight to your kidneys and out your bladder.  That bright, Kawasaki green pee you get after you take a multi-vitamin is killing your bladder lining.  Be nice to your bladder, stop taking vitamins and supplements exc ...   read more

Part Two of My IC Protocol - What You Need.   15 y  
Part Two of My IC Protocol - What You Need.
What you will need: 1. Purchase good quality pH strips to check your urinary pH. If you are symptomatic, your urinary pH is going to be very low (i.e. Acidic). The strips you buy need to be orange or yellow before they are used. If they are green, they are useless, as they will not register the lower pH ranges (which is what you will need). Most health food stores carry them, but you can easily buy them online. There is one brand you need to avoid: Enzymedica. Their strips are green and not accurate (no matter what they say on the package, I have tested them and unless your pH is a ...   read more

Part One of My IC Protocol   15 y  
Part One of My IC Protocol - What it is.
IC Protocol I have helped a number of people with IC over the years, myself included.  Years ago I had to see a doctor every other week for DMSO treatments, yearly laser surgery, etc. to keep my IC under control.  Since I discovered what I’ve put down here, I haven’t seen a doctor for my IC in over 5 years.   I did not discover this on my own.  The book “Solving the Interstitial Cystitis Puzzle” written by Amrit Willis was the turning point for me.  Unfortunately, I don’t think you can buy this anymore, that’s why I&rsq ...   read more

My Story   17 y  
The background on my Interstitial Cystitis.
My Story I have had Interstitial Cystitis for 15 years now. It’s hard to believe that it’s been that long, looking back the worst of it seems so far away. I didn’t consider myself a sickly chi...   read more


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