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Matcha Green Tea Chat   34 d  
matcha green tea wrecking ball stories
That matcha green tea hit me like a wrecking ball LOL... I will happily buy matcha and make it myself half the strength. Big difference is I didn’t wake up with anxiety in the middle of the night. I woke up because my room was too hot! LOL Made a one pot meal...super healthy, beans, yucca, carrot,etc. and a pound of grassfed beef. I will meal out on that for over a week. Today I’m having mostly decaf for breakfast. I probably need less matcha than most lol...goodness when I did become so sensitive to everything?!!!! Matcha green tea benefits are LEGION. When I see so many peopl ...   read more

Green tea soy latte bliss   35 d  
Picked up a tea soy latte after my workout
I have had my first green tea soy latte and I probably will not bother with coffee soy cappuccinos ever again LOL...omg so good. I am totally blissing out on this tea. It is my post workout drink and now I will do some reading upstairs in the prayer closet and chi gong and ritual. It is getting close to Yule. Time to resume my Baldr meditations and buy a sprig of mistletoe...I never liked that plant as a child. Maybe I will like it as an adult. Quantum love and appreciation.   visit the page

My Suicide Story   35 d  
Coffee chit chat...and my suicide story
I had some coffee, mostly decaf yesterday. My first day I almost made it through the morning without regular coffee. I started having memories of how awful my last two semesters of nursing school was. It was probably the gods stirring up things I needed to get out of my way to spiritual progress. Even so, I am doing well with one cup of coffee. Yesterday evening, I didn’t even want coffee. I had decaf with the old ladies lol... But here’s my deeply personal link with America’s favorite drug: My last two semesters of school, I was truly an addict and also trying to self medicat ...   read more

Galactivate Ormus Unboxing   37 d  
Having a little fun unboxing...
My Beautiful Tea Experiment   38 d  
My Tea Experiment
Doing it for five days like my fast...nice knowing er’body lol. I’ve not had coffee since 10am this morning and already I got the munchies LOL Nurses and coffee doe... I will conducting a tea experiment. Allowing myself as much tea as I want but no coffee. I will decafe for my morning routine though because I won’t upset my morning routine on the 3rd 12hr shift in a row lol   visit the page

Break the Fast Video   38 d  
Damn I was hungry! lol
Break the Fast videos!   38 d  
My yummy breakfast
Day 4- Day four   40 d ramblings about yesterday and this am. I'm saving an entry about having a period and fasting's coming Prepare yourself lol
This morning I woke up in a thankful mood and spent a lot o time on Face Book reading posts from friends. Auntie Flo, my moon friend, is upon me and I am day one moon lazy mode. I’m going with the flow haha. Today I will have water and black coffee till it’s time to go to work then I will make a huge green juice. Nursing home nursin is much more rigorous lol and since I did ok with the powerlifting and sauna yesterday, I don’t wanna push my luck. Yesterday, I had one vegetarian bulletproof coffee in the am and an unflavored soy cappuccino in the afternoon and kevita and Puradyme pura ...   read more

Plant Based Paleo guide   41 d  
prepping to start eating once again...tomorrow evening I will have beef stew during my lunch break at work. I almost want to keep going with the fast. Maybe I will.
Introduction The Plant Paleo approach is dominated by whole foods. It is informed by the evolutionary clues left for us by our ancestors, and it is in harmony with the most widely accepted scientific evidence we have about diet and health. By design, it is an omnivorous, nutrient-dense diet that is considerably higher in plant foods than animal foods (like the diets of many hunter-gatherers, Blue Zones, longevity villages, and other healthy populations around the world). It contains an abundance of natural vitamins, minerals, antioxidants, phytonutrients, and fiber. One of my goals is t ...   read more

Day THREE er'body   41 d  
Trini-time coffee...bulletproof coffee minus animal products and PLUS some TT Angostura bitters lol...water water then a sip of bone broth
Four Days of Fasting for Prosperity   43 d  
Fasting and nutritional fasting for four days
I am fasting for four days... water,green juice, green smoothies for work in case I get hungry, and black coffee knowing I’ll drink half as much coffee while fasting. I’ll not be hungry today much because I had dinner ”late” and dinner was venison with rice and some vegan cheese :snort: I amuse myself by eating a square of vegan cheese. This is the best non-dairy cheese I’ve ever had. At six dollars a cube, I am putting it on my manifestation list LOL. At work because I deal with powerful drugs and even more powerful psychotic patients LOL... I may have some half and half in coffee b ...   read more

Vegetarian Bulletproof Coffee   49 d  
my morning drink
Not raw food but super healthy... :-) Purity coffee ground in a coffee a free sample. It’s $25 a Starbucks decafe about a cup and a half in total of coffee coconut cream...bought it from the health food store. It was NOT in a can. Yay! coconut unprocessed coconut coffee creamer...2 tbsp...a little sugar in the morning for energy but not overwhelming like honey cinnamon and angostura bitters Blend in a nutribullet and good. I probably won’t eat till 7:30 after report   visit the page

Forks Over Knives... A Critique   59 d  
Watching Forks Over Knives...Not as good as Food Matters. Don't think I'll finish watching Forks Over Knives. We shall see.
Welcome to my “Forks Over Knives” analysis, AKA the longest movie review you’ll ever attempt to read. Thanks for stopping by! In case you aren’t yet convinced that I’ve made it my life’s mission to critique everything related to T. Colin Campbell, this should seal the deal. As most of you probably know, a documentary called “Forks Over Knives” recently hit the theaters after months of private screenings. Vegans everywhere are swooning, giddy that their message is now animated, narrated, and on sale for $14.99. Proud meat-eaters are less enthused, sometimes hilariously so. The film’s pro ...   read more

Weekend Eating Round Up   59 d  
raw food ramblings
Saturday I had more cooked food. Included an extra chai soy drink from the coffee shop because I was in chill mode yesterday. My raw food supply is dwindling...I will have to go shopping today or just go on a green juice fast lol because who wants to go to Walmart the weekend before Thanksgiving? I learned a friend committed suicide. I really didn’t eat differently in fact I thought I might fast yesterday. I just ended up eating less food lol and ended the day with a nice, big ass salad minus the meat that Mark Sisson recommends. Just didn’t feel like eating meat and will only eat it ...   read more

Fasting Friday   61 d  
my rawfood healthy eating plan with fasting
I will be ”fasting” from 9am-3pm on water and green juices. I have to get going on my meal prep for the day in order to take my morning shower and dry skin brushing before work. Thank goodness only working till 3pm. I will go sit with my father-in-law and extend the fast to about eight hours. That is the goal. water half cafe bulletproof bar sandwich before 9am to fuel the day green juices and water throughout the work day When I get home, I will eat a big rawfood vegetarian dinner and go my powerlifting exercises.   visit the page

I don't miss Thanksgiving trimmings   62 d  
holiday eating at work
Had some turkey at work... then it gave me an anxiety attack I forgot how turkey affects me. Something about turkey meat and also I think the stuffing was mixed in with the turkey. I was thankful for the wonderful holiday atmosphere in the unit I work. The patients’ families were invited and people laughed and talked. Myself I kept ”the matrix” running lol by charting...more and more charting and doing precerts to get patients more days. Truth...I drank too much coffee today too. weekend, I’m only having coffee with my husband and either decaf Starbuks or none at ...   read more

Body weight and measures record   65 d  
ongoing weight and measures record that I will edit every week and done in the morning too because #eatingallday
Today without shoes on. I will weigh in again on my birthday. Tomorrow I will do the rest of my measurements. 13 Nov- 158.6 16 Nov- Arms- 14.5 Waist- 34 11/14 33.5 11/16 Abdomen- 37.5 Hips- 40 Thigh- 24.5 (?) I will do these in the morning.   visit the page

Food Diary Entries   65 d  
my ongoing food journal for my raw reset
Mon 13 Nov 17 half cafe raw cereal- chopped up apples, coconut oil, coconut chips, chia seed, pumpkin seeds water- 500ml on rising Physical therapy for my knee soy points in raw rumpus but oh well Bulletproof collagen bar (it was pretty good) More water... and a dog walk to be started soon. Lunch after spiritual work: ezekiel bread- 2 slices kale and chopped okra, broccoli and cabbage from Costco defrosted. Crystal ginger for a treat and also two dates before my workout. Vitamins lol... #dastruggle Post workout: protein wafer bar banan ...   read more

the raw nurse is baaaaack!!!!   66 d  
Fabulous 44th trip around the sun return!
CAN.YOU.DIG.IT? Raw reset started the minute I got home. Had apple slices and also peanut butter for a snack. Tomorrow I will make my own nut butter, nut pate. As much rawfood as I want, sprouted bread, herbal tea, water and one cup of regular coffee lol...#struggleisreal I am doing this raw reset till my birthday. Tomorrow I will do a light cleanse, salt water flush, green juices. Won’t even both with coffee tomorrow. I am worn out AF from work. I will be following Jinjee’s 21 day cleanse and thanksgiving plans, mixing and matching them up to fit my busy lifestyle. See y ...   read more

Nubia Sutton on defining raw fooders...   4 y  
I am eating a level one flexitarian diet   visit the page

Rawfood weight loss/gain thread   4 y  
my weight record as I restart my rawfood journey
Starting weight 161.4 Goal weight 150 Current weight 160.4   visit the page

Moving to California?   4 y  
Nubia Sutton on moving for the raw and lifestyle benefits
Supercharge Me!   4 y  
Full length rawfood documentary
Sunset thoughts!   4 y  
a brief video of sunset with my eclectic thoughts
Celebrating Spring...Raw returns to rural PA   4 y  
getting back to raw now that it's warm
Apples Berries Packed organic greens frozen blueberries organic bananas I am incorporating more rawfoods into my diet the warmer it gets. I feel happier, lighter already. I believe the grocery store will have enough for me to give the Garden Diet challenge another go. Meanwhile, I bought a mini blender where the bottle goes directly onto the blender. My kitchen is in chaos and so I don’t want to use an unfinished dirty kitchen as an excuse. Also, I am working out again at the gym. I will have to post a Nubia Sutton video and a Dan the Man video soon. I get them on my youtube ...   read more

Computer Problems! Lemonade from lemons...   4 y  
where I have been
Hey ya’ll.... it’s been a while. Two weeks or so I’ve had computer trouble and the last few financial challenges. Not setting aside my rawfood diet goals, I am reshaping them. It is also -15 below zero here in rural PA and as such I am eating cooked warm foods. It is okay to be a little heavier in winter I reason and happy and not obsessing about food when there is nothing i can do about it. I send metta to people without food. Period. My grace before meals is to pray for people who don’t have food. Keep my marriage together and clean/organize my home to make space for healthy living ...   read more

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