First Master Cleanse
by firstmastercleanse

Day 6   16 y  
Day 6 gone...4 more to go!
I added the syrup back in today...just a little bit, but I felt MUCH better than yesterday. I even worked a 10 hour day and then went for a walk afterwards. I did not drink enough lemonade, but I still had quite a few eliminations. I may do the salt water again tomorrow or the next day, but so far the tea at night and in the morning definitely gets me moving more than the salt water. I woke up this morning (day 6) and weighed. I have lost a total of 10 pounds. Itís crazy because even the night before I was still only down 3 and this morning I was down another7 pounds to make 10. I ...   read more

Day 5 not so good....   16 y  
I cheated tonight
Well, it was actually a great day for eliminations. I had quite a few bms today and I didnít do the swf. I just did lax tea last night and this morning. I went just about every hour up until 3:00 or so. I was really pleased with that...itís amazing to see results like that after having no solid food for 5 days. was the biggest struggle so far with wanting to eat!! So much so that I actually gave in tonight :( I had a granola bar when I got home. I went in the kitchen to prepare my tea for the evening and I was like a moth to the flame. I just wanted so badly to c ...   read more

Days 3 and 4   16 y  
Days 3 and 4...some graphic parts, read at your own risk!
The past two days have been pretty uneventful. Iím having a hard time getting enough of the lemonade and Iíve almost eliminated all of the maple syrup in my drinks...I just canít stand it! Iíve been reading the main reason for the syrup is for calories, energy, etc so I figure I will keep it to a minimum unless I begin to feel like I need the strength. Still no hunger...just really REALLY missing food. I didnít pass anything on day 3 which was pretty discouraging, but I also didnít start with the swf. The tea seems to do nothing for me, but I only drink it at night. Tomorrow Iím goin ...   read more

Day Two   16 y  
Still not hungry, but I'd like some gum...
I still feel great!!! I started the day with the swf and thatís probably the last time Iíll do it. Although I really liked the immediate results, I cannot stand the taste. Iím afraid the tea just wonít be the same though. Still no hunger at all and the hardest part has been not chewing gum as I usually go through about a pack a day. Iím wondering if Iím going to see all of the pieces Iíve swallowed over the years come out :) I did 6 glasses of lemonade today. Itís not too difficult if youíre planful, but a couple of times I felt panicked when I realized I was only on day 2 and still had ...   read more

End of Day One   16 y  
Thoughts at the end of the day
I did it!! One thing I did not do, however, was drink enough of the lemonade. The day kinda got away from me and I had about 4 glasses...nowhere near where I should be. But I consider today a success....still, as I am about to crawl into bed, I have yet to feel any real hunger. Sure my body wants food, but I am certainly not ĒhungryĒ   visit the page

Day One, Morning   16 y  
I can do this...
I really enjoyed my Ēget regularĒ tea last night....reminds me of the tea I drink when I get my hair done at Aveda. Very calming. I will definitely enjoy that part. I woke up around 4am for a small bm, but I think that was mostly due to it being the first day on my period. Luckily, I donít have a hard time going back to sleep (which is good because based on some research I have done, I will have many late night Ēwake upsĒ on this cleanse!) Tried the SWF this morning...yuck. I did half of it and shortly after had another small bm, but nothing like what I have been reading about. W ...   read more

The Night Before....   16 y  
My account of the night before the cleanse.
Iíve been waiting for this moment...wondering what it would look like. I just returned home from a Ēone year anniversaryĒ date. Iíve eaten everything today I thought I might miss having over the next couple of weeks...possibly longer depending on my eating habits after the cleanse. I have taken pictures and decided to weigh myself in the morning for a more accurate number...sipping on my lax. tea as I write. After looking at the pictures, I am realizing I have been in major denial of how heavy I have become. I am excited about this mainly because I truly feel I have the right motivati ...   read more


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Daily experiences during my first master cleanse. I have never done a cleanse or a lengthy fast before, so I would like to document the experience for myself and for others who may be on the journey or considering it.Ö more...

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