A Christian Minister's fight with Cancer
by Strength_by_God

Flax, Memory & Writing   14 y  
Awakening my memory and writing creativity, flax oil has enabled me to be verbally creative again!
The flax has really awakened my mind. For so long I suffered memory loss, short and long term. My mind was always foggy, muddled, I was confused and couldn't concentrate for much of 06 & part of 07...   read more

Update   14 y  
just an update of recent weeks
Well, Iíve been doing the Budwig protocal, drinking essiac tea & juicing and I have me good and bad days as always. Donít know if itís helping or not. Flax seed thins the blood so my tumor bleeds more often. My chronic constipation seems finally over with, donít know if itís the flax oil or if my cancer is going away. ??? Anyway... I went in to have my nephrostomy changed and got good news. The doctor said my kidney looked Ēbeautiful.Ē Must be the flax seed oil, itís the only thing Iíve really done differently and Iíve heard kidneys love flax oil. :) My daughter called from Hawaii. She ...   read more

Concert Sermons?   14 y  
Coming at youths with fireworks to interest them in God
No Text   visit the page

Sad...   14 y  
Life is hard, all I want is my little home in Tennessee
Fatigue, I think thatís what it is that brings on the sadness. I have been so tired and so apathetic these last days. I sometimes go into the bathroom just to grab a quick tear-shedding so I can go on with the rest of the day. I canít really even put my finger on what Iím so sad about. Any number of things I suppose, from past regrets to present aggrivations. Living with two men ISNíT easy. Neither of them get along and when they are getting along they act like 10 year olds, running through the house beating each other with sticks or spraying each other with water... Iíd like to wish them ...   read more

shut up!!!!!!!   14 y  
Emotions and disease, never look back
Last night I made a big mistake. Stupid too because just yesterday I was struggling with a bit of discouragement, yet I had to go and do something that would make it worse. I went to read my online record of events that led to my disease. I did that because I was talking to someone about emotions and their effect on a personís health so I thought I should hop over and refresh myself on my own spiral into emotional darkness and my resultant cancer... why I donít know, like I said, stupid. As I read, especially my 2006 journals, I started re-living it all, started feeling that same pain and ...   read more

Discouragement   14 y  
If I can overcome, YOU can overcome
What to do with discouragement? Fight it, reason against it, pretend itís not there? Even I, a minister, a person with great faith and great hope in the promises of God (Isa 66:17/ 2Pet 3:13/ Rev 21:1-4/ Acts 24:15) get discouraged as I fight this disease and deal with the struggles of daily life. Every new pain brings a new fear. Every seeming setback brings a new doubt. Perservere. That would be my advice, and I take it myself, to any who sometimes succumb to discouragement as they battle their diseases and deal with the struggles of daily life. Just keep up with it, keep plugging awa ...   read more

What it's like to face death, a Christian perspective   14 y  
A Christian's experience when faced with death
As a Christian I have faith in Christís words that there is going to be a resurrection. I know the future world ruled by Christ in Godís Kingdom will be a far better world than mankind was ever able to make, and that life there will be wonderful and everlasting, yet still, death is the enemy and it is frightening to face. I remember laying in that hospital bed after being told I probably had only a couple weeks left to live and feeling a strange, almost hollow, panic, something that made it hard for me to react to. I had never felt such a thing before. I begged God in tears not to let m ...   read more

What it's like to experience kidney failure   14 y  
My experience with kidney failure, a hospital stay and my rebound
This is my experience with kidney failure; My abdominal tumor grew to block the ureters of my kidneys causing one to back up so badly that the core of it was basically worn away, hollow. This evidently happened a while ago with no ill effects other than smelly cloudy urine which I mistook for an infection. I treated it with varous alternative methods. I had had bad experiences with doctors in the past, I think mine was a retard or something, so I didnít see a doctor about this. MISTAKE! I should have gone to a doctor with half a brain and been tested for this. Instead I went on self tre ...   read more


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My disease, the way it's changed my life for the better, the methods I have used in treatment, the strength, hope & wisdom that Jehovah and Christ Jesus have given to me in this lifetime.Ö more...

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