Master Cleanse Journey
by Purelove

Day 6   16 y  
I've cheated but I am not beaten.
Iím feeling pretty bummed right now. I was planning on making tomorrow my last day. But today I started having hunger pangs and decided to eat some chunky tomato soup with vegan crackers. So I guess I messed up. But itís done and itís pointless for me to put myself down about it. I did make 5 full days on the MC and thatís something that Iíve never been able to do before. The longest before that Iíve fasted is 2 days. So I did accomplish something. A little of something is better than nothing, right? Iíve done something that I didnít know if I could do at first, so thatís a good ...   read more

Day 5   16 y  
Today was a down day. But it's over now...
Today was emotionally difficult for me. Mak was being her usual 2- year old self. Everywhere we went she didnít want to leave and then would attempt to run in the opposite direction of our car. When I didnít let her do this she would throw herself on the ground (usually in the middle of the parking lot). Toddlers sure have the passive resistance thing down pat! I also was pretty ticked off today, it seemed like nothing went right. I went to Borders for some books and they didnít have either. That was supposed to be my treat for going 5 days on the MC. Then my right leg started hurt ...   read more

Day 4   16 y  
Today I thought about my emotional eating
I just spent half an hour typing a message and then hit the wrong button and it disappeared! Anyway, today I was thinking about my emotional reasons for eating. When Mak throws a temper tantrum (usually in the middle of a street or parking lot), or is difficult and doesnít listen, the first thing I want to do to make myself feel better is to eat. And the problem is, once I eat the junk food I do feel better. Today Mak was in a bad mood and was running off when we were doing errands. I got really, really frustrated and angry. If that had happened before I would have gone to a fast f ...   read more

Day 3   16 y  
Indian food tempted me terribly today
Today was a trying day. I started off with a Tbsp. of psyllium husks in 16 oz. water. The water made my stomach feel even more empty to the point that it hurt. I followed that with a Yogi Tea Detox tea with some maple syrup. I went to work for my stepdad who has a home-based business. Itís a great situation because I go there once a week to work for him and Mak goes with me and plays. But today was torture because for lunch they had Indian food, which is my favorite! I love me some Indian food...But I showed an enormous amount of self control and said no to it. Being from India h ...   read more

Day 2   16 y  
Today was a good day. I treated myself to a nice sauna...
Another day of success :) Today was similar to yesterday. I woke up and did the infamous SWF. It was alright. I like salt so it wasnít bad getting it down. The an hour later I was in the bathroom. Not a lot came back out but it was very liquid. And I know why people warn about not farting during it... It would be bad news... I had a little come out each time, but it was mostly the salt water and (I think itís called) chafe. Then I drank some lemonade on the way to the gym. Iím adding my cayenne tincture to the cup right before I drink it. Iím using about 2 droppers (60 drops) ...   read more

End of Day 1   16 y  
I survived the first full day!
Iím almost done with my day 1 :) And I got through the toughest part, dinner with my family. While my partner and daughter ate General Tsoís chicken with rice and broccoli, I sat and sipped my lemonade. The lemonadeís not bad, Iím pretty used to it by now. At least it has some flavor, unlike the water Iíve been downing. I was very tempted by the food but I resisted and I am very proud of myself for that. As usual, it wasnít the physical hunger, it was the thought of the foodís taste that tempted me. This is my first MC so every little accomplishment is a big one for me. Iíve done ...   read more

Day 1   16 y  
First day of master cleanse. Why do I want to do it?
Today is my first official day on the Master Cleanse. The past 3 days Iíve been, dipping my toe in the water, so to speak. Iíve been doing the cleanse during the day and having dinner at night. Iíve been drinking the Smooth Move lax tea in the morning and the Yogi Detox tea at night. Yesterday I tried the SWF but didnít flush much out. It went through me but came out as mostly water. Iím also taking wheatgrass powder in 12 oz. filtered water once a day. Iím also going to use some psyllium husk in water to help flush out some buildup in the intestines. But Iím not using the benton ...   read more


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