30 day Juice Fast
by amyk1313

Done   16 y  
Broken fast
Iíve decided to end my fast. It all goes back to the fac that Iím just not seeing any benefits.. and Iím getting more and more exhausted.. i.e. winded when i try to walk, go upstairs..function. Iím going to continue juicing for morning and lunch, but will then have a decent early dinner. I want to continue on my weight loss..and i will.. i also may choose to attempt this fast later inthe months as it gets hotter and eating ist just less appealing. I also feel I need to further my research for fasting becuase it does feel like Iím just starving myself and not getting hte beneifts of a tru ...   read more

day 13   16 y  
Day 13 of juicing
Iím really annoyed with this. I commited to not quitting yesterday. Iím committing to not quitting today... but weíll see about tommarow. Iím not seeing any benefits to carring this on other than the commitment of sticking to the 30 days (which is now 19 days because my mom is coming into town this weekend)... it seems like i can do the 6 days i have left..it doesnít seem like that big of a deal.but it also doesnít really seem worth the boredom and physicial exhaustion iím going through. SW 214 Fast-SW 181 CW 172 Fast-GW 151 GW - 115   visit the page

Day 12   16 y  
12 day of juicing
SW 214 Fast-SW 181 CW 172 Fast-GW 151 GW - 115   visit the page

Day 11   16 y  
Day 11 juicing
Iím so over this... i havenít lost anything now for 2 days.. my body seems to be stalling. I would do the water fast but IĒM STARVING!!! Iím get winded so fast that Iím concerned something about my fasting isnít right. I donít feel cleansing.. I feel starved.. this doesnt ífeel healthy.. it feels like an eating disorder. If i was gong through head aches, and zits, and weird smells, and rollar coaster of emotions and weight loss and all these things you hear happens during fasting, then Iíd think this was working..but at this point I think my body is just thinking this is a nother diet and ...   read more

Day 10   16 y  
Day 10 of Juicing
Well Iím at 10 days and i havenít lost anything between yesterday and today.. my body must just be stalled. I had a colonic yesterday which might have held water..but iím not sure. Iím very íoverí this now and Iím really just ready to be done with this..although i donít know what iím ging to... my momís coming in a week.. iím so excited, but i have to break this for her.. and iím not sure what to do after that..if i should go back on it or if i should stay off it fo ra while. my body doesntí seem to be responding... iím not feeling any different in terms of energy or awakness... iím physic ...   read more

Day 9   16 y  
Day 9 Juice fast
And we are back on track! Lost 3 lbs.. so Iím going to continue with juicing.. no water fast today. I do have a problem though. My mom is coming to down for July 4th, for a week and she wants to discover Nashville since sheís never been here.. so I canít realistically NOT eat during that week..but it is a week before I planned on getting off my fast. So I think Iíll take that week and juice during the day, while Iím at work then have a healthy meal at night.. then Iíll reconvein once she leaves.. This totally distroys the whole impact it can have for doing one straight month, but thereís r ...   read more

Day 8   16 y  
Day 8 of juicing
Iím VERY Upset! I STILL havenít lost any weight.. I hanging out at 176 since friday (3 days now!!!) and it just doesnít make any sense.. I havenít cheated ONCE... saturday i walked around like crazy shopping.. and even if it was water retention to heal my muscles.. it should have been gone by today... Iím SO mad! Its unreal how many food commercials are on.. i couldnít sleep last nite so i was up watching tv.. and like every other commercial was for food, or about food or showed someone eating... its ridiculous!! SW 214 Fast-SW 181 CW 176 Fast-GW 151 GW - 115   visit the page

Day 7   16 y  
Day 7 of Juice fast
Another day.. no weight loss! My muscles are tired today.. I must have really ovedone it with all the shopping. My mind is fixated on my fiances and Iím getting annoyed. Iím wonder if taking the food out of my diet openes my time up to thnk of ooterthings and Iím noticing an pattern, before it was food, now its finances... perhaps I neeed something to calm my mind. Anywhoo.. feel good today.. still have a coated toungue. I woke up with much more energy and íawaknessí today.. Iím confused as to why i havenít lost any weight in 2 days.. but iím sure my body is just doing smething... or p ...   read more

Day 6   16 y  
Day 6 of Juice fast
I shopped most of the day, so I noticed how I was more physically tired, however I wasnt mentally hungery.. which was my goal. I got light headed a few times today.. I was out in the heat.. so Iím sure that is the reason why. I didnít lose any weight between yesterday and today which SUCKS .. iím bettiní on a lb a day in ordre to get to my goal of 151.. so Iíll be really bumbed if i donít acheive that. Iím struggling with finances right now so the diet has been great cuz I can keep the eating budget smaller.. but not eating as much has left me to become more obsessive about my finances.. n ...   read more

Day 5   16 y  
Day 5 of juice fast
Wish me luck on this weekend. This week has gone by no problem.. i went by gamestop yesterday to gfet the new wii game brain academy, and there was a pizza place next door.. i swear it was the ONLY time this week that i wanted to gorege on foood. other than that iím good. I feel good.. iím not feeling íthiní but i relize i have along way to go. One thing that iím noticing is that my weight gage is totally off. I was 214 for the longest time and iíve gone between 150-170-214 all my life.. it seems like my 3 main nmbers. As soon as I get down to 150, in realitiy i problably look healthy, bu ...   read more

Day 4   16 y  
Day 4 of Juicing
So Iím not having hunger issues, Iím having physical tiredness issues. My muscles feel tired, my endurance feels really low.. so Iím concerned mybe Iím not jucing enough. However when i think baout those that afford to eat, or countries wehre there is no food, I rethink how people survive on less than what Iím eating in calories per day... so then I go back to thinking my body jus tisnít used to it and all this muscle that Iíve got and all this fat that Iíve got is just needing to beused up... I donít need ístoresí of this stuff. My toungue is totally coated and Iíve had a head ach fo ...   read more

Day 3   16 y  
Day 3 Juice fast
Yesterday was hard becuase I worked all AM then had NOTHING to do in the PM so I sat and thought about food. I did have 2 spoonfuls of peanut butter.. but i then threw it out, along with all other items that I fear I might cheat on. I feel bad that I ate that because now Iím not at 100%.. but Iím moving forward. I got really tired yestrday mid-day...not sure why and Iím starting to feel super physically tired.. like i get wiped out when going up stairs... I suppose weíll see where this goes. Iím really glad I started this on a week day cuz weekends are the worse.. Iím a big time boredom ...   read more

Day 2 - and well.. Crap!   16 y  
Day 2 of juice fast
Yesterday was good... Iím having 3 of these ínakdeí drinks a day. Yesterday I was the typical hungry. I woke up very bright this AM. The scale says 179, but I also started my ímonthlyí today so Iím not sure what my real weight is. I feel bloated... Coming from 214, I donít look or feel like Iíve lost 30 lbs... but teh scale says its so! So weíll see how it goes now that I have to deal with the monthly crap that comes with all this.... but Iím strong today. OW (origional weight): 214 FW (Fast Starting Weight): 181 CW (Current weight): 179 GW (goal weight): 115 PSS I hope to weigh ...   read more

Day 1... oh my gosh am I really going to do this?   16 y  
Day 1 of my juice fast
I finished the master cleanse about a month ago. Lost 11lbs, loved the weight loss, loved that I didnít have to bother eating or wroring about food.. HATED the lemonde.. so hereís my attempt at doing the same thing but with something I love. Juice drinks called ínakedí they are supposed to be organic.. reading the labels its a bunch of fruit pureeís... I hate preparing food.. so this is easy easy enough for me to do. Hereís my journey: Day 1.. pigged out yesterday so of corse my stomach is starving today. I weigh 181 as of this AM.. Iím hoping this fast gets me to not think about food a ...   read more


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