My First Master Cleanse
by Nymue

5 days post cleanse   17 y  
My mind and body are functioning so much better with nutrition, giving me a relaxed and content mental state, and the energy to continue to make healthy changes.
Oh my god, the vegetable soup that Seunim posted is SOOOO good. I thought maybe it just tasted so heavenly because I hadnít eaten in so long, but my b/f confirmed that it is AWESOME. I also made the pistou and put a spoonful in my bowl and it really does add wonderful flavor. Weíve been working on it since Monday night and I still have about half a pot left. Itís delicious and very satisfying, Iím really glad I decided to go all out and make it from scratch. I started making green smoothies on Tuesday. Yesterday (being my first time trying it) it left a lot to be desired. I used baby sp ...   read more

3rd day post cleanse   17 y  
Ahh, how I've missed juicing!! And tonight is veggie soup night :)
So Saturday was orange juice day! It was SOOO delicious. I savored every little sip. I added in a little lemon and lime to make it like Five Alive (too bad that juice is not around anymore, it was so good). Against recommendation, I decided to start the colon cleanse on Friday. I figured that everything has been all softened up by the cayenne pepper and is just waiting to be sloughed off my interior walls. Well, the Colosan definitely works. I think I got more junk out using the laxative tea though. The results of the Colosan was very much like the SWF. Except that all day Saturday I was p ...   read more

Day 19 - Ending one day early   17 y  
20 days, 21 days - my body doesn't think that 1 day will really make a difference, and my brain is inclined to agree
I am cutting my goal of 21 days down by one day and ending tomorrow. There are a few reasons that Iíve chosen to end a little early. First of all, Iíve gotten REALLY irritable! This has been a rough week - every day has been an uphill battle. Iím ready to eat food again. Another reason I decided to end on Friday is so that I have the whole weekend to break the fast, rather than just Sunday. My plan is to have orange juice and lemonade on Saturday, then orange juice all day Sunday. Iím also going to make the broth for the veggie soup (Seunimís recipe) on Sunday, so maybe Sunday night I will ...   read more

Day 15   17 y  
Less than a week to go. Had a rough patch, but am feeling better!
Friday evening into Saturday I had a bit of an emotional dump. Was feeling down on Friday. I read some inspirational information about fasting, to reassure myself that I am doing something wonderful for my health. The heavy feeling carried over into Saturday morning and I ended up breaking down in tears over something miniscule. I had felt it building though, and knew that I just needed to let it out. I felt a lot better afterwards. I didnít get as many lemonades down as I should have. I got a late start in the morning to begin with, then ran around for a few errands that ended up taking ...   read more

Friday the 13th   17 y  
Continuation of bliss, discontinuation of social outings
The blissful feeling has been lasting. I find that I am much more relaxed and calm. I donít drive as fast or as agressively, and I donít get irritated as easily. Iíve just slowed down and started noticing a lot more of what is going on around me. The heightened sense have made me notice all smells and appreciate them (well, the good ones, anyway!), and Iíve been taking more notice of people in general - their moods, etc., what might be going on in their heads. In a way, it kind of feels like being on Xanax. Just a nice, mellow, relaxed feeling. Even the music Iíve been listening to is more ...   read more

Evening of Day 9 and Morning of Day 10   17 y  
A blissful, energized evening
I was full of energy all day yesterday. This is a revelation for a caffeine junkie such as myself! In fact, I felt better and had more energy than if Iíd had coffee in the morning. As I stated in yesterdayís entry, I sat down for some inspirational reading on fasting yesterday evening. I had my sliding glass door open to let in the warm night air (on top of wearing a sweatshirt and having a blanket over my legs) and had a scented candle burning. It was one of the Yankee candles - Christmas Cookie scent. It didnít smell foody to me though, it just smelled warm and comforting. One dog slep ...   read more

Days 8 and 9   17 y  
Hunger pangs are becoming distracting.
The weekend was pretty uneventful. After my detox symptoms subsided on Day 7, I felt back to normal. Not eating tends to be kind of socially isolating. My boyfriend and I just hung out and watched TV on Saturday night, as it seems most activities we do on the weekends involve eating and/or drinking. Even though I know I would never cheat, it is still rather torturous to watch other people eat. As much as I wanted to do some light exercise during the cleanse, Iím finding that I really donít have the energy for it. My legs were sore just from taking a long walk last week. I feel more energe ...   read more

Day 7   17 y  
Detox symptoms return with a vengeance.
First let me just start out by saying that I REALLY donít like the blackstrap molasses. I had an incredibly hard time drinking my lemonade yesterday. I try to drink 4 of them at work and then 2 in the evening, but by the time I left work yesterday I donít think Iíd even had 3. The BSM flavor is so overwhelming. I had a little bit more to drink when I got home, but by that time I was just completely turned off of the lemonade and didnít even want to make some without the molasses. So I definitely fell short with my intake yesterday (tried to at least keep up with the water though). That i ...   read more

Days 4, 5 and 6   17 y  
HOT cayenne and food aroma addicition :)
By day 4 I was feeling pretty much normal. The headachey detox symptoms from days 2 and 3 had completely subsided (yay!). I went back to Whole Foods after work to try and find some better cayenne. They are still completely out of stock. So I checked out what they had in capsules. I found some 100,000 HU caps without any additives. I figured that had to be better than the McCormick stuff I was using. Wooooo boy, is it hot! I initially tried putting in one cap per 10 oz. of lemonade, but it was WAY too much. As much as people warn against dumping your cayenne into your dayís batch of lemon ...   read more

Day 3   17 y  
Things are looking up!
Yesterday was MUCH better than Day 2. I was still a little headachey on and off, but it wasnít constant like it had been, and my head felt more clear as well. And I finally had success with the SWF! I didnít realize that the first 2 days were a flop until I actually had it work right. I was at home in the morning and had forgotten to bring the grey Celtic Sea Salt with me that I bought for the cleanse. Fortunately my dad had this great sea salt from France, very fine, light grey. So I gave that a shot and pretty soon I was like, "OH!! Thatís what happens with the SWF!" As Seuni ...   read more

Day 2   17 y  
The challenges of doing the MC and working.
Day 1 wrapped up pretty smoothly. I started to feel a little bit light headed before bed, but it was fine as I was going to sleep anyway. This morning is when I began to first feel some detox symptoms. I woke with a dull headache and a mental fog that stayed with me all day. I got up earlier than usual to do the SWF. This morning I changed it up and put the 2 tsp of salt in 8 oz. of water and then followed with 24 oz. of pure water. I alternated, sip for sip, and it took the whole 24 oz. to get down the small amount of salt water. Either it went through me really fast (in about 15 m ...   read more

Some Background and Day 1   17 y  
With bright optimism...
Background I first read about the Master Cleanse a few years ago when I was doing research in preparation for my first juice fast. I had pretty much forgotten about it until I started visiting CureZone in the recent months. I had such a great outcome with the juice fast - felt "clean" inside, heightened mental awareness/spirituality, along with a general feeling of being in control of my life. My dietary lifestyle is not the best: always coffee in the morning (though I have cut back to just one cup on most days) and almost always a drink in the evening (with a few mo ...   read more


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