Juicy Journal - Fasting experience for weight loss
by katiemarie
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12 weeks (85 days) check in 31.2 lbs gone   9 y  
weight loss, Atkins, Eating clean
Thought Iíd just check in with my journal here. Almost 3 months I have been working on losing weight and being healthy. I feel so good!!! I have lost over 40Ē on my body and gone down three (3) dress sizes. Over 30 lbs and still going strong. So far, this year I have lost over half the weight I want to lose to be healthy. A total of 50.4 lbs. I am so pleased. I use another website to get support from other women who are diligent about their diet & exercise routine. I am staying on plan through Thanksgiving and have no desire to stray off course right now. Start weight: 218.8 T ...   read more

5 Weeks completed   9 y  
5 weeks of intense weight loss through IF & Low carb, no sugar eating.
Doing great. Appetite is very under control. I enjoy my homemade recipes and eating only whole foods. No junk. No sugar. Tonight I had parmesan chicken nuggets and mashed cauliflower. And for dessert I had a chocolate mousse with whipped cream. Al homemade and no sugar. I eat between 500-900 calories a day, under 10 carbs and 75% of the is fat. I weigh in 192.2 Start Weight on 9/3/2014 218.8 26.6 lbs GONE Woot. Woot. Keep on going.....   visit the page

31 days finished - 23.2 lbs gone   9 y  
Intermittent Fasting
Very happy to report that I am now eating daily and have not only maintained my weight loss but lost even more. I see a big difference in my clothes now. I am using a low carb/low calorie/no sugar diet with intermittent fasting. I have a 4-5 hour window to eat. I really enjoy this because my stomach shrunk on the fast so I donít need much to fill me up. Some days I am crazy hungry and fill up on cabbage soup. It really is worth all the work to have 23 lbs gone in such a short amount of time. Itís just a great kick start to all the weight I have left to lose. Start Weight: 218.8 ...   read more

Day 19 - 18 lbs gone   9 y  
Almost finished week 3 and moving into week 4
Well I did get a little frustrated because the weight loss slowed down but I reviewed my weight loss on my previous long fast and there I saw the same pattern. So I am not doing anything wrong itís just my body holding onto weight it doesnít need. It also shows how quickly I get obsessed by numbers on the scale. Right now I am doing some days on just lemon or lime water and other days I sip on veggie juice and sometimes when I really crave salt some pickle juice. It tastes so good! I am still in ketosis but not as deeply as I was 1 week ago. Which is actually nice beause that dr ...   read more

2 weeks - 14 days completed   9 y  
16.8 lbs in 12 days
Today is my 15th day on my weight loss journey. I really want to see myself under 200 lbs which is why I am going so hard & fast on this. I didnít weigh yesterday or today beause I ate about two ups of cooked vegetables that were delicious on those days. Nothing else. I am trying to keep my metabolism guessing what I am going to do next so it wonít slow down to a halt. Today was a water & lemon juice day only. Hopefully the scale wonít be too hard on me tomorrow. But I really should wait for another day or 2 to weigh. I know I am already getting a little obsessive about it. Somethin ...   read more

Day 10 completed - Almost 15 lbs done   9 y  
Day 11 - start juicing/fasting
I am experiencing what I believe to be a healing crisis. I woke up with a terrible upper back ache and have been on the heating pad and in the tub often today. I fully expected this to happen but itís still not fun. My pink cloud is popped for a moment. But Iíll get through it and feel better soon. Iím on day 11- I broke the water fast with some miso broth and I am now sipping on veggie juice. I suspect my body wants/needs salt so I am giving it some. I donít plan on eating solid food at all but as I said before I take my fasting one day at a time. I am now juice fasting to main ...   read more

8 days completed   9 y  
13 and half pounds gone!
Okay so week one was tough due to hunger pangs (not real hunger), nausea, slight headaches, joint pain and no energy. But I slept through most of it anyway. The last three days have been amazing emotionally and spiritually. My mind is clearer. I feel more connected to others. My dreams have been lovely. I suffer from having the same nightmare every night and somehow when I dream now I feel a serenity there and long forgotten good memories about my family - the way green icing tasted. I wake up not hungry but wanting to be outside. Iím smiling. Sort of feels like that Ēpink cloudĒ p ...   read more

Day 5 completed - 10 lbs down   9 y  
Weigh in from water fasting
Iíll update more tomorrow I hope. Iím doing well. I am completing Day 6 tonight. Day 1 weight in: 218.8 Day 5 weigh in: 208.8 Total pounds lost in 5 days is 10 lbs   visit the page

Day 4 completed   9 y  
Today is my 5th day (not completed) and I am doing very well. Woke up with no hunger, no nasty taste in my mouth and energy
Yesterday was the worst with the nasty tongue and no energy. I also had severe joint pain in my wrists and elbows. Just part of detoxing. I slept 16 hours. This morning my roommate made a big breakfast fry up and the smell made me seriously nauseous. I felt bad for gagging and told her itís just beause my sense of smell is heightened and my tummy is empty. Soon food smells shouldnít get to me. Also if the nausea continues I will drink some veggie broth tomorrow. But I always take my fasts one day at a time. Day 1 weight in: 218.8 Day 4 weigh in: 210.4 Total pounds lost i ...   read more

Days 1-3 completed   9 y  
juiy journal, blog about fasting, Juice fasting, water fasting
I completed day 3 and now I am on my third day of my fast. So far it has been water with lemon juice and deaf tea. I also take a mood stabilizer and there is no way I will stop taking it. I am not a purist obviously. I donít drink caffeine though. My detox symptoms are: growling of tummy. Still a bit hungry in the afternoons. Highly emotional - weeping at times and being more irritable. My arm broke out in sores on day 2 but are gone now. That was odd. I am doing this fast for a few reasons. I am at a sort of crossroads in my life. I need the mental clarity to figure out my next mov ...   read more

Day 6   15 y  
Broke the fast but still losing
Ok so Iím down 8.5 pounds but I havenít been fasting. Iíve been drinking a soy protein smoothie for breakfast, miso broth for lunch and night time I either have another smoothie or some cabbage or spinach with vinegar. I also have added 1/4 of an advocado on a couple days so my hair and skin doesnít dry out like it did before. SO... itís not fasting. I donít know why I canít seem to stick with a pure fast for more than a few days but Iím still pleased with the weight loss and I have energy to exercise every day. Canít really complain. SW   164 CW 155.5   read more

Day 1   15 y  
Fin Again, Begin Again
I started my juice/water fast today. I’ve had a lot of “stuff” keep my weight loss on hold for awhile (6 months) but now I’m ready to get the 10 lbs I gained OFF and the other 20-30 lbs along with it. At the end of my juice fast I weighed 154 and now I weigh 164. I’m so annoyed with myself but I know in about 15 days I’ll be feeling and looking lighter and hopefully I’ll make a real lifestyle change this time around. It could be worse. I could weigh 180 lbs and be starting at square one again. Now that I’ve been settled into my new job and ...   read more

Day 11 - Post Fast   16 y  
Random Thoughts
I still havenít eaten but itís only noon here. I really wanted to do only one day of water fasting but I wonder if my new goal should be to fast when I gain weight and continue until I have lost whatever amount I gained. Today I weigh 153.5, which is a 1.5 lbs weight gain since completing my fast 10 days ago. Of course I realize the body fluctuates a bit but  my real goal is to nip things in the bud when they happen. We all know a couple pounds doesnít really nake that much difference but when you keep ignoring it, isnít it amazing how months later youíre staring at the 20+ pounds ...   read more

Day 10 - Post Fast   16 y  
36 Hour Water Fast?
I felt really bloated all day yesterday after my hearty breakfast. With two pairs of my jeans now out of comission (too big!) Iíve been happily wearing my size 12 jeans that I bought a year and half ago. I was the heaviest Iíd been in a long time when I bought them so itís amusing that they are my current favorite pair again. Anyway, those felt snug all day yesterday and I vowed that if I gained weight I would do a water fast to flex my dicipline muscles again. I did gain weight: 2.5 lbs! So I water fasted all day yesterday. It was challenging, espeically in the evening when I prepared ...   read more

Day 9 - Post Fast   16 y  
Iíve maintained the weight loss. Although I do fluctuate back and forth by 1/2 a lb. I can live with that while my body†continues adjusting to eating again. The supermarket is challenging on my new plan but after being on Atkins for so long (on & off) I pretty much have the idea of what Iím trying to do: reduced calorie diet, little to no sugar or processed food, moderate whole grains & beans and controlled amount of fat to add flavor and fill me up. My big challenge is getting up to 1200 calories a day. Last night I noticed my appetite was to the point of ravenous. Uh-oh. I didnít like ...   read more

Day 7 - Post Fast   16 y  
Craving Crab
The last two days have been fun experimenting with food and cravings. I had about 3 oz. of salmon the other night that didnít sit well with me. Felt hard on my stomach but was really good. Last night my boyfriend took me and a friend out to eat at Bodega Bay. It was overcast and beautiful at the coast. I had been craving dungenss crab. I ate about 4 crab legs and had two pieces of sourdough bread, some butter and a salad with bleu cheese dressing. OMG! It was so good. I also had a few bites of chocolate mousse. I tracked my calories in my calorie log and my total for the entire decadant ...   read more

Day 4 - Post Fast   16 y  
Cabbage & Potatoes
Today I had what felt like my first real "meal." I ate it around 4:00 this afternoon. A boiled meal of 1/4 of a head of cabbage and one small yellow potatoe. It was as delicious as I had hoped. I even licked the bowl!  At 8:30 I had the same meal because my stomach felt fine and I was actually hungry again.  I tracked my calories today to see how Iím doing on my 4th day post-fast and it came to approximately 500 calories.  That sounded reasonable to me for my 4th day. For breakfast I had 1/2 a grapefruit and 1/2 cup of fresh pineapple and mango. With my eve ...   read more

Day 3 - Post Fast   16 y  
Not my smartest day....
Okay so I made my first mistake today with food. I went to Whole Foods and bought some cabbage, small yellow potatoes and wandered around the place. I picked up some coconut oil that I am supposed to cook with according to Fuhrman but ended up putting the pricey little bottle down. It looked weird and Iím not really cooking right now. Besides, Iíve always cooked with olive oil and Iím not sure if I want to change that. I also bought some vinegars and  raw goat milk. We are not suppossed to have any dairy so Iím unsure why I picked this up. Actually, who am I kidding? I  know w ...   read more

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