Blazin's Journey
by blackinese27

I hope you all had a great holiday!!   16 y  
Just a little off topic rant!
Ever notive that when you have guests that you forget to do stuff like oh say blog?? It’s been a tireesome week. Highly annoying at some points to. But I will be getting back on track soon. My boyfriend lost his job from this backwards run corporation in Memphis Tennessee. He’s never been fired before from anything, and he’s taking it very hard. I would not say that he loved his job and that the people there were especially nice, but he gave it his all. Actually I have no idea how he managed to go in there every day. I would have disappeared out of thier sites a long time ago. h ...   read more

Thursday   16 y  
thursday begins
I’m sitting here oil pulling at 5:53 am. I am using safflower oil. So far when I use it for the 20 mins, it does turn white. ACK!! I THINK I JUST ACCIDENTLY SWALLOWED A LITTLE!! Ewwwwwwwww oh geeze that was unbelievably gross!! Any way...I have a new fasting buddy. Hutchie, hopefully she’s doing great on her journey as well!! Now to get rid of this taste and have breakfast!!. I am making cranberry juice today :). Also I have to do my ab work, my shoulders and cardio today. I guess housework counts as activity as well. :)   visit the page

Monday.   16 y  
oils, healing
Well after my cold, I am back, and most ready to start again from scratch. O know alot of people figured oh she gave up. Who me? NEVER!! Actually I went and got the ingredients for the beginning of my fast. My oil for my oil pulling, my sea salt, my senna tea, more fruit and some water for the days I go over to water fasting only! I’m going to use safflower oil. Safflower oil is flavorless and colorless, and nutritionally similar to sunflower oil. Safflower is believed to have originated in an area bounded by the eastern Mediterranean and the Persian gulf. It has been identified as ...   read more

Water and exercise   16 y  
water and exercise
AH the beginnig of another day. I promised someone I would spend some time with them. which is actually not a bad idea. I am a lil miffed today I ,ade some fresh organic juice, and bottled it to use around lunch time. But I cannot get the lid off haha. How annoying!! So I have to settle for water till my boyfriend gets here. I have apples, cranberry, pineapple and oranges all ready to be juiced. I guess I should not be so stubborn and juice smething else. But I want my fruit juice I made from in the fridge!! I figure I will do the water for now, and then after a few situps well ...   read more

I'm a day behind!!   16 y  
method to my madness.
Well it’s 5 am. I am up VERY early. Went to the food store to buy some organic veggies yesterday as I had ran out. i’m try the water fast/ 100% organic juice fasr for the next 3 weeks as I stated before. So far so good. I seem to be a little constipated I have no idea why. I got some great advice from High on Water about cleaning out the old stuff. Before starting a new healing program, taking a new herb/vitamin, fasting or changing diet, you need to rid your body of built-up toxins and schlock. Getting rid of the old stuff, will make way for the new program to take effect. How els ...   read more

Day 3!   16 y  
thoughts and research on fasting.
Some people may enter a fast as a way to address some disease condition. Others may use a fast in order to detoxify their body or to lose weight. For whatever reason you may chose to fast, one dramatic element is the immediate and dramatic loss of stored body fat. This has multiple health benefits. Much of the toxins stored in our body are in our body fat. Metabolizing the fat forces the toxins into the blood stream where the body processes them to be eliminated. This elimination is not entirely done through the alimentary canal and the urinary tract. A major organ of elimination is the ...   read more

Day 2!   16 y  
senna, and thoughts
I am having a cup of senna. Waiting for it to kick in. Day 2 of my fast begins. I forsee some ab exercises in my near future. Also some olive oil pulling! lets see what this holds. I hear it detoxes one faster. I must do more research!! I did not take a poop yesterday...should I be worried? I feel fine really. So no idea. Let’s wait and see. I read this interesting article: Although fasting is not recommended in every situation, (cancer of the liver is one instance where fasting is contraindicated), in many situations fasting is the only known solution. Fasting has been beneficia ...   read more

It's lunchtime and I'm stil here!!   16 y  
Lunchtime thoughts on the water fast
Well it’s lunch time, and I’m still here!! I can’t believe it. Ususally I would have crapped out by now, possible gorging myself on something definately not good for me. Plus to keep me motivated all I need to do is look out my door at my neighbour’s bbqing. Ok these folks look to be about 400lbs and are eating everything under the sun...that cannot be good for them. Can you imagine what would possibly ”come out” if they fasted?? I shudder to think! I’m about to go clean my home, and aime for 30 mins on my bike. well not before I work on my abs again. Hmmmmmmm possibly even some ...   read more

Day 1!   16 y  
can't wait for day1 to begin!
Thought of the day: Never consider the possibility of failure; as long as you persist, you will be successful ~ Brian Tracy: Quotes of Determination I start Day 1 in the next few hours. I am literally so excited I keep waking up! I am such a freak I even did some crunches before bed. I wonder how I will feel over the next few days? Hopefully I will feel a helluva lot better than I feel now! I want to cleanse my body. I am at a serious turning point in my life. Inside and out!!!!! So let’s do this! I will be back to log my exercises tomorrow! By the way I started off with 200 ...   read more


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