Master Cleanse newbie
by fizzi4me

Days 9, 10, 11   16 y  
I've been remiss in posting
Iíve been remiss in posting but to be honest the last 3 days have been pretty much uneventful.  Day 9 I had a little bit of stomach upset in the am at work, with my stomach growling furiously.  I concluded I didnít drink enough water and the lemonade was bothering it.  I drank a bottle of water and it helped and within no time it went away. Years ago I had to stop drinking citrus juices because it bothered my stomach.  One reason why I doubted if I would be able to do this cleanse. I noticed that since I went to drinking tea 2 x a day and skipping the swf I was getting ...   read more

Days 7 & 8   16 y  
Can't believe a whole week has gone by. This fast has been so much easier than I anticipated.
My hunger comes and goes but it really doesnít bother me. I am accustomed to being hungry I believe. Before I had to be eating all the time, and I know I used food as a pacifier and a stress reliever, so this has been a real learning experience for me. I am now doing the lax tea 2 x a day, and skipping the SWF. What I forgot to mention in a previous post was that the last time I did the SWF the following morning I gained 5 lbs. So in spite of how its supposed to pass through you I must be absorbing some of the salt. I donít really feel all that different. I was a little bu ...   read more

Day 6   16 y  
I'm a believer!!!
No cravings since the beginning but I still have times during the day when I am absolutely famished.  Knowing you have to get off this fast very sloooowly helps not to want to eat. Last thing I want to do is get sick.  I feel pretty good, but tired again, lack of sleep more than anything.  Still plagued by computer problems...what else is new LOL.  So if my blog stops suddenly its not cause I went off the fast its because I donít have access to a computer. Back to the cramping I mentioned in the previous post. In 2003 I had West Nile Encephalitis. Was in intensive c ...   read more

Day 5   16 y  
Today was the first day that I was really hungry
 Drank lemonade which helped that, right now Iím drinking smooth move tea, it has a weird flavor I donít much care for it but its something to put in my mouth which is a good thing I did the swf this afternoon, first time since day 1, made me feel bloated for a couple of hours but then I felt fine. I never feel like I pass it all.  Its much easier to drink with a straw, but I know I swallowed air in the process since I was burping for a while. such a stressful afternoon too, not a good time to be on the cleanse, my puter is down again, i think its the motherboard this time &nb ...   read more

Day 3 & 4   16 y  
Day 3 and 4 are now over. Still no problem with this fast, which I find amazing.
  Every now and then I think wow I havenít eaten in 4 days, although lemon juice and maple syrup are food of sorts Iíve really gotten to like the lemonade and now put a heaping 1/8 tsp in each glass. Sometimes when I start to drink it I sneeze from the pepper. No detox symptoms to speak of, my tongue is a little white but I do brush it when I brush my teeth so maybe thats why. It helps that I donít have a house full of people eating at all hours.  just dh and I make his meals and donít find myself longing to take a taste. I think knowing that you have to come off this ...   read more

Day 2   16 y  
Day 2 is over and I'm feeling really good that I am actually doing this. I did have my doubts
Day 2 is over and Iím feeling really good that I am actually doing this. I did have my doubts So far its been pretty easy. I canít believe I havenít eaten anything in 2 days and I am not really hungry at all.  I even made lunch and dinner for dh and had no problem with it. Only thing is I catch myself going to the pantry or fridge, out of boredom no doubt. Even had the stress of my puter being down. Had to go to town and replace the power supply and it seemed like everywhere I looked I saw billboards with food or restaurant signs.   Caught myself looking at the back ...   read more

Day 1 - May 6   16 y  
Total newbie here, I first heard about the Master Cleanse on the Howard Stern show, since Robin Quivers has done it with great success.
Been toying with the idea of doing this. But boy do I love good food, wine and a coffee addict, so it was difficult to make the plunge. Now that even my fat clothes are barely fitting me and I have no energy I figured the time was right for me. While weight is a big consideration for me to do this, I also need to feel good again. Just losing weight is bound to help and to do the MC will bring my willpower back to what it once was. Bought all the stuff last week. My DH sees all the lemon in the fridge and says...what are you doing with all the lemons? I reply that I am making lemon ...   read more


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