Learning to Juice Fast
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Coat Check - Juicing Side Effects   16 y  
I don't care if your name IS Mucus, Just check my coat! And other side effects of Juicing
I thought I would add a quick little post documenting my own personal experience with the side effects of juicing. You could read back through my previous posts to discover them yourself but here I included those that I neglected to mention.... Day 1: Food Cravings & Burping I wanted to eat what ever I saw others eating or on TV. I think simply because it was forbidden. I also noticed that the Tart Juice made my Acid Reflux worse (duh) and had me burping like crazy. Day 2: Total elimination of ”back door to ...   read more

Day 7 - I've decided   16 y  
My 21 day journey is ending at 7 but here is why....
Initially I was going to do a 21 day fast for my 1st go at fasting. A week into it I decided that it might not be a good idea to go for such a long stretch on a 1st run but that I should gradually work my way up to it. So I have decided to turn it into a 7 day fast and then continue to juice 2 meals a day with the 3rd meal consisting of fish & raw veggies. I am going to try to keep the majority of my veggies raw with the occasional steamed for variety. I am also going to work my way back to a longer fast by juice fasting every other month. 7days then 10 days next 14 days and eventually 21 ...   read more

Day 6 - I can't believe a week is almost over   16 y  
Thinking about reducing my original goal from 21 days to 7. Read inside to discover why....
I miss solid food – Not all of it but just certain flavors and textures. I am a girl who loves variety. I know you can juice a variety of fruits and veggies but honestly for me in the veggie world, its all pretty much tasting close to the same – at least in regards to after taste. The fruit juices are great because the flavors are sweet and very pleasant. However I miss chewing. I have also been pretty bad about keeping up on this blog. I have found my days to be very busy lately and myself to be exhausted come 7pm and out cold by 10. It wasn’t long ago that I was regularly up ...   read more

Day 5 (posted on day 7)   16 y  
Its easy but it's hard - I'm getting tired & bored
Day 5 Woo hoo I have made it this far… 2 more days makes a week! I have noticed my attitude is much better. I am not as easily emotional & as much as I detest the company I work for I have managed to enjoy the past few days of work. Could it be the juice is effecting more than just my physical health but mental as well. ~Negative: Its getting increasingly harder to take that 1st sip of juiced veggies - I thought this was going to get easier..... I mentioned my superpower (heightened sense of smell) in a previous post – it has really begun to develop over the ...   read more

Day 4 - Now I just have HOW MANY MORE????   16 y  
Let the cleaning BEGIN! When you're sliding into home & your pants are full of foam... diarrhea
17 days to go - I can do this, I know I can. This whole juicing thing isn’t hard really. I mean I haven’t had cravings really, I haven’t had a lot of discomfort compared to what I experienced on a daily basis pre-fast. I am just getting bored I guess & not real excited about the veggie combinations. I try to drink at least 2 mixes a day about 8oz of veggie juice but each day I am finding it harder & harder to drink. Not because they taste gross. They don’t at all. They just don’t taste great. Its all psychological I guess. Is this part of the whole process??? Getting over the - ”I haven’t ...   read more

Slacking on day three - that is crazy!   16 y  
This post started on day 3 - now its day 5 & I am just getting around to it
Juicing Day 3 Last night I made it to bed at about 11:30. Woke up at 4am because I had to pee in a bad way. I managed to get back to sleep rather quickly and didn’t wake up till 7a & unlike all the other times, this time I really wanted to sleep in just a wee bit longer because I was actually still tired instead of just not looking forward to checking in at the J.O.B. (Just Over Broke) I feel like Fruit for breakfast today – I also feel like I need more fruits & veggies to create a variety. So I will be shopping this afternoon for a few extra items. For experimental purposes I am go ...   read more

Day 2 - Part 2   16 y  
Could my heightened sense of smell be a new super power?
6:50p So I made all that juice this morning & couldn’t even finish half of it. I decided that I don’t care for cinnamon unless it’s hot. I also put in a 3 rd square of Ginger – a tad overdone. Oops! Well a friend of mine, who also juices, tried my mix & liked it. For me it was too strong & so I added some water & kept drinking but by noon I had only gotten half of it down and it just lost its desire. As I am sure in the 3 hours it lost a lot of nutrients too. Today I was feeling a bit achy – mostly in my teeth & my headache was on & off during the day. Not behind my eyes thoug ...   read more

Juicing Tips info I just got   16 y  
Tips on Juicing - what are your thoughts or additions?
I just got this newsletter & it provided me with some useful information so I thought I would share it with all of you. Or at least have a point of reference for me. 1. If you are juicing for health, it is useful to remember that fresh juice starts to lose nutrients as soon as it is made. If you want to retain the full benefit of your effort, drink the juice immediately or as soon as possible. 2. Some juice extractors, such as the centrifugal-ejection type, generate enough heat during operation to do some damage to the delicate structure of the juice. The resultant oxidation destroys ...   read more

Day 2 - Part 1   16 y  
2nd day of juicing. Recipes & opinions included. Question about preservation of juice. Juicing while at work? Can it be done?
Juicing Day 2 Last night it was around midnight when I was finally able to fall asleep after having gotten into bed at 10:30p. I was having pretty uncomfortable cramps related to an unwelcome visitor. You know the one at the end of this sentence. I decided to get up & watch a little Desperate Housewives. After laying out in the living room on my heating pad for a while, finally I zonked! Which is good because I was exhausted! I awoke early the next morning around 6ish after a night of weird dreams. No need to go into detail about that. Let’s just leave it at weird & let your im ...   read more

Day One - 20 more to go   16 y  
Experimenting on day 1 (Recipes & Opinions Included)
Here is the 411 on me - Mid 30’s, 5’ 7”, 227lbs,Blood test showed I was AB+ (I always wanted to know that), T.C. 203, LDL 128, BP 124/96 I have health ailments that range from excessive gas, Acid Reflux, IBS, Diverticulitis, excessive tiredness, inability to get my snooze on or keep it on, poor diet, high blood pressure, family history of Cancer & Diabetes. Oh & poor memory - I almost forgot that one.... So I purchased an OMEGA 8005 a week ago because I have this friend who is a brainiac when it comes to holistic/healthnut stuff and he has been on me to do a cleanse to help me get o ...   read more


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Under Tall (for my weight) - Over Stressed (for my pay) - IBS -Diverticulitis - Always Tired - Difficulty Resting (oh there could be a connection there) - Excessive Gas - Acid Reflux - High Blood Pressure - Family History of Cancer & Diabetes and this incredible desire to put my Omega 8005 to use are all reasons I have decided to begin my 1st Juice fast.… more...

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