Spring Cleanse Journal
by skrumptious

Wrappin it up....somewhat...   17 y  
Well my dear CZ folks, it is day 8 and itís the last day iíll be doing my cleanse... HOWEVER! tomorrow morning i leave for the dear Optimum Health Institute where iíll break my cleanse/fast and be graced with raw plates of sprouts, salads, veggies, seed cheese, fruit, juices, and all the wheatgrass you could ever dream of. Itís really an amazing place, as they have a giant organic garden there, and they grow all their own sprouts and wheatgrass in giant greenhouses on the grounds. Iím psyched. I couldnít wish for a better way to break my cleanse and reward myself with a week of relaxing. T ...   read more

HoLY Enema...   17 y  
post enema ramblings...
Well i did my coffee enema quite successfully this morning! It was another BIG movement, with lots of mucoid plaque in between all the mucous/bile. I was really damn amazed that that much is still coming out after a whole week of fasting and enemas. HOLY crap. Iím SOOOO glad i just kept going too, to think iíd be back on food now and that was still in me!? Whew. I was reading Rippys blog too, and good for her to keep on going! I think itís true, we must get down to our DNA even if gone long enough. I think the raw foods/wheatgrass at OHI will really revitalize me after all this cleansing. ...   read more

Enema tips :-D aka day 7   17 y  
To reach the source, one has to swim upstream. --Stanislaw Jerzy Lec
Well, i guess i wasnít able to post yesterday. Itís amazing what focus you must have on this cleanse. On the days i have to work i donít have a minute to lose! Squeezing in my shakes and preparing to take all my stuff to work, and doing an enema, then out the door! Yesterday was much like day five, same routine, still feeling really great. I have been feeling a little more on the cold side the last couple of days though. The days are just passing effortlessly at this point. Yesterday morning again, i had lots of mucoid plaque coming out, mucous, bile. Other weird little yellow/whitish fle ...   read more

Cleanse schedule...   17 y  
day 5, evening of...
still day 5 and iím feeling great! I did do a coffee enema this morning after posting, and it was another momentous experience. i had lots more black tight rubbery hard stuff coming out. Not so big as the other day, but this looked like small intestine stuff, much smaller. Lots of green mucousy stuff too, i wonder if itís bile from the liver? At any rate, again- Iím glad itís all moviní on outta me!!! i then had my accupuncture, and got home and went to the bathroom, and again, a little bit more dark stuff came out. Iíve pretty much got my schedule locked down now... wake up 1st PB ...   read more

Day 5 SO ALIVE   17 y  
Goin strong!
Good Mornin all~ Well, yesterday was a tough one, not so much in the way of the cleanse, but rather cleansing and working at the same time. I went pee like 14 times yesterday, with all the liquids iím drinking, so i was alwasys running off to the bathroom, which is difficult at the farmers market with no one to fill in for you. Also chugging down P&B while people are trying to buy and order from you.... Then we went to a concert till about 1 am.... They wouldnít let me bring in my broth :( And they almost wouldnít let me bring in my apple juice for the shakes, but i had to tell them i w ...   read more

Day 4, rockin it!!   17 y  
Birds in the sky, you know how i feel....
Hi all! Well, tis day 4 and iím just GLEAMING! I totally have the cleansing HIGH, feeling great and knee deep in me cleanse. I was going to end it tomorrow, but iíve decided to end it this weekend instead. Iím feeling so good and I feel like i could go for longer for sure. Today iím back to work, so iíll be immersed in the public and forced out of my little home spa sanctuary.... Oh well. Last night my partner and i went for a dry sauna just up the street, and it was SOOOOOO great! Gallons of sweat and toxins just pouring outta the skin... I think iím gonna try and get back there a coupl ...   read more

i'm a new woman!   17 y  
Tears of joy....
well today was a momentous day! I had the best movement EVER! Seriously, iíve never seen anything like this come out of my body EVER! So i woke up, had my P&B shake, then i made a big jug of master cleanse too, and brewed a pot of coffee for an enema (weaker this time) and then proceeded with that...... So when i do my enemas i always put a strainer on the toilet so i can see what comes outta me arse... And lo and behold this 2 foot car tire looking thing, had come out. Of course i have pictures, but i havenít figured out how to post them here on the blog yet.... it shall come though! ...   read more

Mornin' day 3!!    17 y  
day 3 a cleansin i BE!
Well, it is a new day, and iím doing great. Yesterday i had a bit of a dull headache throughout the afternoon, but that passed. I donít think iíve ever consumed so many liquids in my life as i did yesterday. Probably a gallon of water, 5 apple juice P&B shakes, a master cleanse drink, a bowl of veg. broth, and a few cups of herb tea. What the.... I did only have one BM in the morning, which was strange, after Iíd had 8 the day before. But iím thinking it was cuz i was still getting rid of food, so i was able to go more often. I was peeing like a horse though, so i imagine i was still gett ...   read more

Goin' strong!!   17 y  
I will not be tempted by you Whole foods...
Well, itís day two and iím doing great. Overall i can see my skin is already clearing up, as i always get acne before my period. So those blemishes are all drying up and fading already. ALSO, I DID NOT GET MENSTRUAL CRAMPS! Letís see, itís been like 7 years, and i almost always get them, but nada. So that was pleasant.... Today i went to Whole Foods and stuck to my grocery list.... epsom salts, veggie broth vegetables, bentonite, coffee (enema), and OF COURSE toilet paper. My sweetie was getting our usual favorites however, so i felt a moment of missing food. It was shortlived though, a ...   read more

P&B brunch! MMMMMMMM   17 y  
sunday brunch...
Here at my house we have a tradition of having friends over and I cook a big vegan brunch on Sundays... so forget all those fond memories of fluffy french toast, tofu scrambles, tempeh bacon, french roast coffee with soymilk, and fresh biscuits with jam..... No sir, iím talking freshly shaked (by hand) Psyllium and Bentonite with organic apple juice baby! mmmmm MM! Itís so damn good i might have a second helping :-) Can i tempt anyone else??? Alas, my day 2 is starting off spLENdid.... i must admit to waking up with a very dull achy head, but nothing huge. Last night i did indeed do an ...   read more

Day one almost over...   17 y  
Well, today went great. I of course wish i hadnít had to work, that was a bit much making my shakes and trying to sell to people (i work at a farmers market), but serendipitously i was able to escape to the bathroom at the proper times! :-o Shakes are going down with ease, with the yummy apple juice. i think i might have some lemon water to change things up. Already iím seeing the P&B at work, binding together and removing stuff... Still solids of what iíd been eating, but also some mucous, so iím glad itís getting outta me! iím plotting to do another enema, perhaps a lighter one inste ...   read more

First day! Just waking up....   17 y  
DAy one, here we go!
WEll, iím drinking my first of five shakes of the day! I must admit (note to self...) i regret doing the enema so late last night! I had a serious caffeine buzz and jitters and it was hard to fall asleep, and once i did fall asleep, it wasnít a deep sleep. Alas, I shall do my coffee enemas earlier in the day from now on i believe. Or make a less intense pot, i think i may have made it too strong as well. So yeah, shakes are going down really easy. I get a fabulous local organic apple juice at the farmers market and it just outshines anything iíve ever had. I had to buy some other organ ...   read more

I feel incredible!!   17 y  
feelin good...
Well, itís the end of the precleanse, not sure why iím so pumped this time around, i guess just cuz iím so excited and ready for it iím just FULLY in it to win it! Iím about to go to bed shortly, so i thought iíd post just once more since iím feeling so inspired... i made a killer soup as my final meal using up the rest of my farmers market veggies... Really tasty it was! Tomatoes, beets, green garlic, broccoli, thyme, chives, basil and dill, all pureed and seasoned with salt, mwaa! So good and easy to digest.... It felt really good to not have any big solids today, only an apple, a ...   read more

Still pluggin along...   17 y  
day 3 details
Still day 3 of precleanse, and i start my blessed herbs cleanse tomorrow. I just made a yummy smoothie of hempseed milk, cherries, strawberries, bananas, flax oil, apple juice and spirulina powder, oh, and coconut butter. YUM! I 3 smoothies. Iím feeling really good energy already, as i got up much earlier than i usually do. I also feel a little more mental clarity... I think i might do an enema tonight to kick start my cleanse! Tomorrow will be the first day, and i also have to work a long work shift, plus i think iím starting my period. oof. More later everyone! ciao.   visit the page

Days 2 & 3, whheeeeeee!    17 y  
days 2 and 3 of precleanse
Well, itís all going quite beautifully and easy. Iíve really been amping myself up for this cleanse for a LOOOOONG time, so i feel quite ready in my body and mind to be at this place. Today is my last ĒprecleanseĒ day, and tomorrow iíll start the P&B shakes from blessed herbs, that will last about 5 days. Yesterday and today i felt really good eating so light and healthy, which is how iíd like to eat all the time. Thatís one of the great things about cleansing/fasting, is that you really get back to basics and listen to what your body wants. At work there was a giant bowl of chips and sals ...   read more

First Day of Precleanse for Blessed Herbs Colon Cleanse   17 y  
Starting my spring cleanse
iím very excited to start this spring cleanse. For the next 3 weeks iíll be fasting, doing enemas, a liver flush, and eating raw foods and taking lots of wheatgrass. iíll be doing the Blessed Herbs colon cleanse, which iíve done once before with great results. Today is my first day of the ĒprecleanseĒ, there are 3 days leading upto the cleanse of cutting back on food and taking the ídigestive stimulatorsí which increase bowel movements. Iím feeling quite good and Iím really happy iím doing this for myself! After the Blessed Herbs colon cleanse, i plan to do a Liver Flush, and then I go o ...   read more


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