Calcification & Disease: Treatments and Prevention
by 2yourhealth

CAC Scoring proven effective in CVD risk assessment across mutliple ethnicities. Publication in the New England Journal of Medicine.   11 y  
CAC scoring effective across multiple ethnic groups
An article published in the New England Journal of Medicine March 2008 reports research conducted by Doctor Detrano (University of California, Irvine) and colleagues regarding the efficacy of Coron...   read more

Still MORE good news for K2!   12 y  
Vitamin K2 is responsible for proper carboxylation of GLA domains on calcium binding and transporting proteins. The western diet is deficient in K2, and therefore, supplementation of K2 (along with other essential minerals and cleansing agents) can help lead to optimal soft tissue health.
MenaQ-7: Now Shown to Help Prevent Calcification in the Skin Yet another study was published this month showing the importance of vitamin K-dependent protein called matrix GLA (MGP) in managi...   read more

MORE GOOD NEWS FOR MK-7, natural vitamin K2   12 y  
MK-7, menaquinone, is a powerful, proven supplement to address soft tissue calcification AND bone mineralization simultaneously. MK-7 is an integral part of the Calci-CLEAR total cleanse and revitalizing products.
Vitamin K2 investigated for potential anti-arthritic effects in rheumatoid arthritis A recent study by the Institute of Rheumatology, Tokyo Women’s Medical University, Japan reports that vitamin K2 may represent a new agent for the treatment of rheumatoid arthritis, especially when combined with other disease modifying antirheumatic drugs. The study, which appears in the August edition of the Journal of the Federation of European Biochemical Societies investigated the effect of vitamin K2 on the development of collagen-induced arthritis in female dark agouti rats and found that the ...   read more

Pollution and Calcification and new Calcium Detoxification Supplements   12 y  
Calcification increases with exposure to pollution. Supplements can help!
Most people have read the recent report that links pollution, specifically, fine particle pollution, to an increased risk of heart disease. That study, by Barbara Hoffman of the University of Duisberg-Essen, Germany, evaluated over 4000 people who lived at various distances from high traffic roads. Dr. Hoffman stated in an interview about the study that “The most important finding of our study is that living close to high traffic, a major source of urban air pollution, is associated with atherosclerosis in the coronary arteries — the blood vessels that supply the heart. People who ...   read more

Nanobacteria Therapy Available   12 y  
Nanobacteria treatments
Nanobacteria are proposed to cause pathological calcification. Nanobac Pharmaceuticals is collaborating with Mayo Clinic, NASA, UCSF, and others to perform research. The research to date PROVES that nanobacteria, more recently termed ”calcifying nanoparticles or CNPs, are present in atherosclerotic lesions, kidney stones, and virtually all other calcium phosphate deposit diseases. Nanobac developed a therapy that treat CNPs, but then stop selling it. I found it at It is now by prescription and is dispensed through the Westchase Compounding Pharmacy. T ...   read more

Scientists are Working on Ways to Cut the Risk of Blood Clots with Biodegradable Stents   12 y  
New stents made from Magnesium show promise in reducing thrombosis and restenosis: Magnesium may be the most powerful tool to heart health
Stents, which are tiny tubes used to hold open the diseased blood vessels of heart patients, can often become blocked following treatment. A team from Germany reports success in The Lancet with a new biodegradable prototype. Experts welcomed the findings but said more work was needed. The stents tested by an international team led by Professor Raimund Erbel of the West German Heart Centre Essen, are made from biodegradable magnesium. Within four months of fitting they can dissolve and completely disappear, which the scientists reason will eliminate the risk of stent re-blockage. In te ...   read more

New Study Links Chronic Inflammation and Atherosclerosis—Can Calcification be the Real Link?   12 y  
Chronic Inflammation and Atherosclerosis: more data indicates link to calcification.
Per previous blogs, research has shown how a number of calcific diseases, such as, Rheumatoid arthritis, psoriasis, lupus, and other inflammatory rheumatic diseases are associated with a high rate of death from heart disease. One explanation is a greater susceptibility to atherosclerosis or hardening of the arteries. Although atherosclerosis is linked to inflammation in healthy individuals as well, the mechanism of inflammation and the reason for accelerated atherosclerosis in patients with inflammatory rheumatic disease remains unclear. Does atherosclerosis result from systemic inflammati ...   read more

New MAYO CLINIC study shows CNPs trigger Atherosclerosis   12 y  
Mayo Clinic just published a study showing that particles comprised of calcium phosphate trigger atheroscleroris. This link, long speculated, gives more importance to the treatment of soft tissue calcification.
New Study from Mayo Clinic Shows That Calcifying Particles May Trigger Atherosclerosis For decades, soft tissue calcification (STC) has been recognized as a passive, after-the-fact process resulting from injury or old age; however with the advent of new technologies, many medical professionals are now realizing that STC may be the cause, instead of the effect, of many of our most common illnesses. Scientific evidence is increasingly linking tiny nano-sized calcifying particles to the initiation of atherosclerosis. One of the first tests to prove this point is a scientific test called ...   read more

Calcification in Aging   12 y  
Some simple and inexpensive measure, early in life, can have huge benefits later on, especially considering the link between heart disease, calcification, and ostoeporosis
Calcification and Aging: Simple Measures Early On May Have Tremendous Impact in Old Age A recent article in the New Yorker magazine by Atul Gawande entitled The Way We Age Now: Medicine has increased the ranks of the elderly. Can it make old age any easier? provides insight into the aging process and somewhat rebukes genetic or programmed senescence. Gawande references James Vaupel, of the Max Planck Institute for Demographic Research, in Rostock, Germany. Vaupel notes that “only six per cent of how long you’ll live, compared with the average, is explained by your parents’ longevity; ...   read more

Psoriasis and Calcification: Risk Factors for CAC   12 y  
Psoriasis, commonly considered an autoimmine condition involving T Helper cells, is linked with Coronary Artery Calcification.
Psoriasis: Risk Factor for Coronary Artery Calcification? The link between calcification and chronic systemic diseases associated with inflammation is the subject of numerous trials and research efforts. Recent, mounting evidence indicates that soft tissue calcification (STC) plays a significant role in the progression of many diseases, especially those that involve inflammation. A new study published in the British Journal of Dermatology in March, 2007, found a significant increase in prevalence and severity of Coronary Artery Calcification (CAC) in patients with psoriasis. R.J. L ...   read more

Calcification Part II: Prevention and treatment options   12 y  
More evidence linking calcification to disease. Breif descriptions of some new and old treatments and preventative measures for addressing soft tissue calcification.
Calcification Part II: Prevention and Treatment Options In my last blog, I talked about Soft Tissue Calcification (STC) and its link to many diseases. Basically, STC is a process in which calcium binds with phosphorus in places of the body other than bone and teeth. The formation of these calcium “crystals” has a substantial impact on the tissues wherein it is formed. This impact is multifaceted and affects not only the physical characteristics of the tissues, such as hardening and loss of flexibility but it also provides an active substrate to attract calcium binding proteins ( 3 ...   read more

Calcification: Is it the real cause of Inflammation and Chronic Disease?   12 y  
An introduction to the causes and effects of soft tissue calcification (STC) showing the growing evidence linking STC to numerous diseases and conditions. For decades, STC has been recognized as a passive, after-the-fact process resulting from injury or old age, however with the advent of new technologies, many medical professionals are now realizing that STC may be the cause, instead of the effect, of many of our most common illnesses.
Calcium deposits in soft tissue (Soft Tissue Calcification, STC) are well known phenomena in the medical world. Unlike healthy calcification that is responsible for bones and teeth, STC is associated with numerous diseases and conditions that pose serious health concerns. The medical community, in general, has known about soft tissue calcification (STC) for more than a century. Surgeons see it when they cut, radiologists see it on X ray films and CT scans, and we see and feel it’s effects in kidney and gall stones. However, even in light of recent compelling evidence, the medical com ...   read more


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An introduction to the causes and effects of soft tissue calcification (STC) showing the growing evidence linking STC to numerous diseases and conditions. For decades, STC has been recognized as a passive, after-the-fact process resulting from injury or old age, however with the advent of new technologies, many medical professionals are now realizing that STC may be the cause, instead of the effect, of many of our most common illnesses.… more...

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