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43 Days Later...   16 y  
Just a quick update and a new start date
So, according to the little day/time counter it has been 43 days since ending my cleanse. I have lost another 3 kilos. I am not eating as much, am eating a lot more veggies (especially craving that will not quit). I feel a lot better than I did before the cleanse. I am going to the states for three weeks so I hope that I can keep the weight off, there are so many foods that I miss, that I know my mom and sister will be cooking for me. I have decided that two weeks after I get back, I am going to do another cleanse. I will start out with the 10 day master cleanse and ...   read more

3 weeks later   16 y  
3 weeks later...some feelings and thoughts
Wow! Didn’t know it had been so long. Thinking about my last message, it is so much easier saying could have/should have after the fact. 21 days was a long time to be on the MC fast. I am very proud of myself. I have been watching what I eat, I am eating a lot more fruit and veggies, still meat also, but have really cut down on all the other stuff. I am not going to stop eating meat, I like it but I have found that cravings have been more towards the veggie side for me. I ended up putting on a total of 5 kilos back but have maintained the rest of the weight loss, but the weight loss w ...   read more

A week later   16 y  
After the fast....has been difficult and having doubts about if I should have continued a little bit longer.
Well, day 21 went fine and then I started with the juice. First, I thought that it would be awesome to have something different but the orange juice was so sour (and I had been drinking lemon with water). I decided after two days that I was going to begin eating. I had some vegetable soup, basically a broth with carrots and cabbage in it. It was great and then by friday my husband made me some sauteed mushrooms and spinach which I LOVE! He had it with steak, which I craved but I knew my stomache would not be able to handle it. I continued with soup and veggies and fruit. Sunday (las ...   read more

Day 20   16 y  
Day 20...almost done with the Master Cleanse! Tired and weak.
Hello, today is day 20! I can’t believe that tomorrow is going to be my last day. It just seems so strange. I have been getting a bit hungry again and have been lightheaded. I think that is because I stopped with the syrup making me weaker. My tongue is still not clear and today it actually looked worse. I had a huge bowel movement today with no tea or anything. Just a lot of big pieces which is wierd since I haven’t eaten in so long. I guess just cleaning myself out much more. Makes me want to go longer but I know that I can’t. My temper is coming quicker and I am hungry so I know it ...   read more

Day 18   16 y  
Day 18...going pretty good, feeling good, think I can make 21
I can’t believe that I made it this far. When I think about it, it just seems so insane. I still get hungry some days but the lemonade helps. I have stopped with the syrup for the last couple of days because I couldn’t take it anymore. I am still doing ok. I saw a friend yesterday who made a comment about my face and how it just looks healthier and my skin looks better, that was nice - it made me feel like I was actually accomplishing something. I have found that the last few days when cooking meals for the family that some things that I previously enjoyed seem a little disgusting at th ...   read more

Day 15   16 y  
Day 15...after a very hard weekend, I am having a very hard day! Just taking it day by day now.
Today is day 15 and it sucks. The weekend was incredibly hard. Saturday we went to the friend’s birthday party and they had homemade pot stickers....I LOVE pot stickers. It was torture and then the cake and all the other food. I made it through the party and then my husband said that it was late so we should get food so the kids could go to bed when we got home. We went and got pannenkoek, I don’t know if you have ever had dutch pancakes but if you can find a good place where they still use pans and not the machines, they kick ass! My kids got the kid one with sugar on top and my husb ...   read more

Day 10, 11 and 12   16 y  
Day 10, 11 & 12...made first goal and going on. Getting better and easier.
Hello. I decided to continue on the fast. I was starting to get some interesting stuff in my bm. For a long time it was just ”butt pee” in various colors with various things. (Real wierd talking about bm’s) Anyhow, on day 10 it got really black and started having actual hard stuff in it, round pebble things and heavier gunk and I thought well since I haven’t eaten in so long I am obviously passing some stuff out. So, I decided to continue. I also was reading on this site a person named Pepe and how he says that the body starts realizing it is on a fast on the 14 day and then begans t ...   read more

Day 7, Day 8 and Day 9   16 y  
Days 7,8 and and downs but almost to 10
Wow! Didn’t realize it had been so long since I had written anything. I have been on the site reading and just thinking oh I’ll do that tonight but I guess I forgot. Day 7: Was a good day. Felt better, not so hungry, eyes were whiter, happier. Just a really good day. I drank more lemonade on day 6 and also on day 7 and I think that helps with the bm. I had more bm’s and though that was a downside of the day because of the stomach cramps it was over soon. I made muffins for my boys and we went on a picnic it was such a nice day. They ate and I drank and it was just a very peaceful da ...   read more

Day 5 and Day 6   16 y  
Day 5 better than Day 6 and some new support from my inlaws which was unexpected.
Sorry for the late check-in. The inlaws were here on Friday and stayed over. Yesterday was just tired and went to bed early. So, I am here now for those days. Day 5: Friday I didn’t have any bm until late in the day and then it lasted forever. I was crampy and gassy but then it was over. When my inlaws arrived I knew it would be hard because I would need to sit with them during dinner and I would neeed to explain why I wasn’t eating which was a conversation I was nervous about. I made dinner and we sat outside for dinner. I told them I wasn’t eating, that I was fasting and that was ...   read more

Day 4   16 y  
Day 4 hungry and craving everything
Day 4, I was very hungry and craving everything. I was thinking one bite is not going to kill me but I knew that it would destroy everything that I was doing. I still had the funky feeling in my mouth. The lemonade was starting to taste good. Thank goodness my husband had the day off, he kept me strong. I didn’t eat anything and was thankful that evening when it was bed time. No bm, no feelings like I needed to have one and no stomache pain. I haven’t had any headaches. I did forget my tea at bedtime. I was so tired. I have slept really well the last few days and woken up feeling r ...   read more

Day 3   16 y  
Day 3 went pretty well is now day 5 but I am going to post for days 3 and 4 now. Things got a little hectic at home and no time to post. Day 3...well, the morning and lunch started fine. I didn’t feel hungry. My mouth still had that funny feeling. Then that evening I made dinner for the family and drank a glass of lemonade and couldn’t sit with them because it was just to hard. Later that evening my stomache went all crazy with the grumbling and I was tired early. Drank my tea and went to bed. It was a pretty good day. The evening was hard once again with the tv watching but other than that ...   read more

Day 2   16 y  
Day 2 was a trying day, not feeling as hungry but still want food.
Hello, I am posting this on the morning of Day 3. Yesterday was a trying day but better than day 1. I did switch to the tea in the morning and tea night routine. I made a huge mistake when I went to the grocery store with my youngest and got him a croissant to eat on the way home and well, he couldn’t finish it and ...oh, I wanted it so bad but I threw it away. That was so hard but I knew that I would regret it within seconds. I am not as hungry as day 1 but still want food. I eat when I am bored and when I watch tv and that is when it gets really hard! I have had a funky feeling ...   read more

Day 1 (evening)   16 y  
The rest of the day, hasn't been the greatest but I am doing my best
This day has been so hard. The tea is VERY sweet, I don’t mind the little spicy kick that it gets from the cayenne but I am going to have to adjust the amount of syrup. I am hungry...I hope that I can make it. After I drink the tea I feel full but still am wanting food, I keep thinking just one bite but I stop myself. I am going to drink some more drink and then chores and drink tea and go to bed. Until next time, Rippy   visit the page

Day 1 (morning)   16 y  
Day 1 morning, just a short introduction and information on my first morning with more to follow this evening
Today I begin my first master cleanse. Why you ask am I doing this? I want to loose weight, purge my body of toxins and I want to find myself. I lost myself somewhere in the last few years and I think this can be a good start for that. The cleanse day 1: (Offically I tried to start yesterday but the SWF did not go well at all, took way to long to drink, so I decided to begin today Monday) Well, it is only 11am where I am at but I wanted to say that I did the tea last night before bed and it is very sweet and that was offputting but it smelled so good. This morning was rough with a ca ...   read more


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