The Master Cleanse and me. A.k.a: The big, bad toilet bonanza.
by bonniegirl

Day 4: I f*cked up   16 y  
Day 4: I f*cked up
So, I gave into temptation tonight. I had 3 glasses of wine, 3 cigarettes, 2 pieces of garlic bread and a cup of gnocchi. I know, itís so bad. I felt bad immediately after. Resolved to continue the cleanse. Probably starting from day 1 all over again but itís worth it. Like the chinese proverb, fall 7 times, stand up 8. Iím properly seeping my smooth move tea as we speak. Probably gonna be a bad night after all this eating. will report back tomorrow.   visit the page

Day 4: Almost brokedown today   16 y  
Day 4: Almost brokedown today
But I didnít. Started the morning with that euphoric feeling. Even sorta looked forward to my SWC. But after buttpissing for a good hour - it occured to me that it must be really strange that I havenít had a regular BM in 4 days. I ran an errand and along the way smelled the sweet scent of pizza and curry and thai and omigod - I want to eat again!! I didnít. I just canít understand what the BM issue is with me. I got home from running errands and realized that I hadnít been steeping the tea. I just put the tea bag in and drank it when it cooled down. I reread the instructions on the box ...   read more

Day 3: Getting into it...   16 y  
Day 3: Getting into it...
Slept so well last night. Until about 11. No middle of the night cramps that send me running for the toilet, that I others blog about. And still no solid BMs. Just lots of salt water flush induced trips to the bathroom. I read the term here: Butt Piss. Itís not pretty but it is what it is. Iím doing my best to stay away from temptation. Even sort of avoiding friends. I know I canít handle going out for food and drinks. I dreamt about a granola bar last night. I donít even particularly like granola bars but whatever. Drinking my tea and hoping for the best...   visit the page

Day 2: I'm starving   16 y  
Day 2: I'm starving
Prepared myself for the horrific salt water cleanse. But, it wasnít so bad. It wasnít good or anything but I didnít mind it. I just held my nose and took huge gulps. About an hour later, I was setting up camp in the bathroom. Lots of watery stuff to follow. Had minor headaches throughout the day. Continued drinking the juice all day. I actually kind of like it. My husband ate some amazing smelling BBQ in front of me. Something I never wouldíve been interested in before but my mouth was salivating something awful. So this evening I kept complaining that I was SO HUNGRY. My stomach just f ...   read more

Day 1: It's about damn time...   16 y  
my account of life on the master cleanse.
Last night was my farewell brouhaha with friends from work. I drank too much, smoked too much and ate pizza. Not the ideal way to start a cleanse, I know. But Iíve wanted to do it for so long and kept coming up with excuses. So - as I have a week off before I begin my next job, I figure this is the best time. Even if I didnít prepare. The lemonaid stuff isnít too bad. I was surprised. Itís a little too sweet but Iím afraid if I take out the maple syrup, Iíll be hungry. Iím also making it with a lemonaid maker. THe kind that automatically grinds up lemons. Iím getting more pulp than I ou ...   read more


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Spring cleaning attempt to withdraw harmful toxins in my body and start anew. Have some time off between jobs. I'll be moving to a new city - fresh start. Hoping to leave bad habits in the past.Ö more...

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