Orange Juice Fast
by iamdacat

Day 11: April 27, 2007. It's over   16 y  
El Gato Grande throws in the white towel
Well I broke the fast this morning. I ate a bowl of oatmeal. Big mistake. I thought oatmeal would be easy to digest. Think I was wrong. Made me feel like crap. Need to ease into solid food. Tonight I had some soup and some lightly steamed vegetables. Much better. ALso had an emergen C....needed some electrolytes in my system. I definately lost some weight. I don’t really know how much because I never got on a scale. Of course, weight loss was not my goal. My goal was to clean out the years of junk (not that I ever was a bad eater) and help my body run more efficiently. I ...   read more

Day 10: Decided to keep going   16 y  
My flush master title has been revoked
Well, I planned on ending my oj fast today, but decided to keep going another day. Had a great sleep last night....even slept thru the urge to p%$s. I drink so much water, that I was getting up 1-3 x’s a night..not last night. Also had some vivid dreams. Just had that sense my body is in repair mode, so I’ll keep it going till tomorrow. I did NOT do the SWF today, but did drink the lax tea last night. What a surprise this morning in that I had a semi solid was mucous like. Amazing. Also had a BM 5 hours later. Day 11 is on the clock and we’ll see what happens.   visit the page

Day 9: Home stretch   16 y  
I think I am the flush master
Well day 9 has ended and I will reach my goal of 10 days. I did 5 SWF’s and the last one this morning was the toughest. I gagged that SW down,got 80% there and was done. Still had a great flush and am amazed what comes out. Can’t say I will miss the SWF, but I know it did me good. One surprise is how a fast affects you mentally. Certainly focuses my desire to make good food choices and helps me realize you are always stronger than you think. Everyone outside of CZ thought I was nuts to do a 10 day orange juice fast and all of them said they could not do. I tell them they could, b ...   read more

Day 8: Much better   16 y  
Getting the hang of this juice fasting
Well end of day 8 and I feel a lot better. Have not had any hunger pains the last couple of days. Still miss food, but going forward I plan to make better choices on what I eat. The SWF was unbelievable. I have not had solid food in 8 1/2 days and what came out was amazing. Nothing much happened on day 7, so I thought..hmmm, maybe I am getting cleaned out...hah. I kinda wondered where all that stuff has been. The SW was very hard to drink this morning. Will do another tomorrow morning and then that will be it. When I tell people that I am on day 8 of a juice fast, they are amaz ...   read more

Day 7: and rolling   16 y  
3 SWF's in a row!!
Well, end of day 7 and start of day 8. Most weeks seem to go by fast, but this one was a little slow. Last night was tough. My wife is out of town for 2 weeks (which makes it easier to do a fast), so my 15 year old son was trying to suck up to ’ol pop after he did $700 worth of damage to my he wanted to fix me dinner (he has no clue I am on a juice fast). He made this spicey chicken dish. Thank goodness one of his friends called and he went upstairs just after it was ready. I quickly put it in bag and threw it away.....hated doing that, but I told him the meal was great :) ...   read more

Day 6 is over   16 y  
detox has begun
It was a tough weekend. Took my 15 year old and 3 of his friends wakeboarding at the lake. I packed some water and peanut butter and strawberry jelly. Any time on the lake will make you hungry and when they pulled out the bread and started making PB & jelly sandwhiches, I thought I was going to break the fast right there. It was tempting... I didn’t...just had lots of water. That was yesterday. Today, I think the detox has begun. I feel lethargic, headache, dehydrated. I did another SWF this morning. It was hard to get the SW down. I did and it was successful. But it did deh ...   read more

Morning of Day 5: Did the SWF!   16 y  
A Salt Water Flush success!
Well, i finally did the salt water flush. I thought I was going to gag drinking it, but it only took me about 15 minutes to get it all down and it wasn’t that bad. I mean it is not something I’d do for fun. I saw one recipe had you drinking 2 quarts and another drinking 1 quart...opted for 1 quart. Well it did what everyone said it would do..about 30 minutes after I finished it came has got to clean you out. Anyhow that has given me some more conviction to try and stay for 10 days. I am off to the lake to wakeboard...c ya   visit the page

Day 4: Food...not yet   16 y  
TGIF and I want a margarita and some queso. Agghhh
Man, I felt more hunger today than yesterday. Kinda got tired of oranges, so I juiced some grapefruit today. Sure does produce more juice than OJ. Still did not do a SWF. I am on the final days of taking the Perfect Cleanse (Garden of Life product). Thought the SWF would interfere (I was easy to convince). Will try a SWF tomorrow...maybe. Tomorrow will be tough. Taking my 15 year old and his buddies wakeboarding....and it is the weekend. I have only lost a pound, but am not in it for weight loss. Just thought I would lose more than that. On to day 5   visit the page

Day 3: Tough Day   16 y  
Another heapin' helpin' of oranges and cayenne
Well, this has been a longggggg day. Food is looking good. Still staying strong tho. Most say day 3 is the hardest and so far I believe it. I didn’t do the SWF this morning because I had a meeting at 9:00 am. I was afraid my timing would be off and that wouldn’t loog good..did drink the smooth tea last night, so I was good to go. Tomorrow I do the flush. Starting to get sick of oranges and cayenne. I am using a vita mix and not a juicer... that thing can grind a brick, so it is all liquid. I sincerely admire anyone’s willpower that can do this past 3 days...I see in this foru ...   read more

Day 2: Can you say Cheesburger??   16 y  
Orange juice fast
Not! That sounds good, but I rarely eat one when I am not fasting...anyway day two went well. 3 glasses of fresh orange juice and lotsa water. I even added cayenne pepper to my OJ....a little spicey, but read somewhere on CZ that Cayenne would accelerate the toxin removal. I do feel much calmer today, somewhat surreal feeling. No major detox symptoms. I bought some laxative tea which I will do tonight and in the morn I am going to try a SWF..yikes. c ya   visit the page

Day 1   16 y  
Day one of modified orange juice fast
I have decided to do a modified orange juice fast to just feel better. If I can clean out the crap that has built up over the years, I am sure my body will come back to optimal health. When Hurricane Rita hit the Texas Coast in Sept 2005, I just finally hit the wall and my health just all the sudden went to hell. At the time I was training for my third marathon, was in awesome shape...and then crash. I was under a lot of chronic stress (more so than I realized). For the next year, I really struggled health wise. I felt like crap about every day. I went to MD- he did cat scan- nothin ...   read more


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