FireFighter Wedding
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the wedding is still on!!!!   16 y  
Wedding planning kicks into high gear!!:-)
Hey guys, I just reread my last post and I can definately see where someone might have thought that I had canceled the wedding--NO WAY. I was talking about changing my career choice NOT Ēdumping my fianceeĒ--I could NEVER EVER do that--I love him to much--I was trying to decide what would be best for our family as far as my career choice went & being so stressed with finals made me write and write and write and not make much sense at all. I hope I got this straightened out. The wedding planning can now kick in to high gear since school is out.   visit the page

Week didn't go as planned :-(   16 y  
Plans change...
It has been long week--I have one more final to finish tomorrow. I think I have made a major decision--Iíve always wanted to be a veterinarian. I started working with a clinic last fall--I noticed that the vet was always there & never ever has time for family--ever! I donít want that at all--I want family time--to see our kids grow up & actually live. I respect those who choose this profession--I have been offered a vet tech job this summer. Iím gonna complete my bachelors and probably proceed with a higher degree from the same college Iím going to now--if I went to vet school--first ...   read more

Days 6 & 7...   16 y  
Moving on....
Well, Iíve had a bit of time trying to stick to everything--I didnít drink the water i needed to yesterday so Iím gonna try to do better today. I am making my bed when I get up now--so that is a plus. I also forgot to oil last night--I was tired and just didnít do it. I have been eating breakfast--hooray. I ate breakfast this morning. My main problem is starting something & then not following through. Ok, Iím gonna set this weeks goals, plans, priorities. Remind you this is added to what I started last week :-) Dietary/health changes: 1) Take vitamin C supplement 2) Take Vita ...   read more

Day 5...Doing Good   16 y  
Looking forward to campin' trip...
I finally managed to eat breakfast this morning!!! I made my bed as planned as well. Yesterday I drank 4 glasses of water-double my goal and I even oiled my body before I went to bed last night. I got a good bit of homework done as well. The only disappointment (sadness) was I didnít get to see my fiance yesterday and I wonít get to see him this evening either--I have to wait til tomorrow. But time will pass-Iíve got to finish up my classwork. After final exams and before I start work, I think weíre gonna go with some friends camping--so that will be fun :-) A vacation for us with g ...   read more

Day 4...   16 y  
Progress & Lifestyle changes Part#1
Well yesterday--I drank 2 1/2 cups of water. I managed to complete my objectives except for eating breakfast--I ran off & didnít eat breakfast this morning either-we donít have anything at the house that you can eat on the go. I need to get some stuff to eat on the go for breakfast--my fiance is being helpful at reminding me to drink water instead of soda--he said that he can ĒcorrectĒ me & I not get mad at him-which is true but I asked him to be hard on me for drinking pop instead of water. I have several big papers to do before school finishes up & final exams are coming up next week ...   read more

Day 3...   16 y  
Moving forward...
I got my 2 cups of water drank yesterday and I did oil my body before I went to bed...this morning i ran out the door without breakfast AGAIN--any suggestions for remembering to eat..Iím bad for just skipping meals esp. breakfast. I think I might try a sticky note on my cell phone or keys:-) I will get my water in before bedtime & I oil right before I go to bed as well. Havenít done much as far as wedding planning this week--finals are coming up in a week at college so Iím preparing myself for them...Iíd say that any more planning is going to have to wait a few weeks until summer vacat ...   read more

Days 1 & 2!!!   16 y  
Must push myself....
I did manage to drink my 2 cups of water on the first day--iím working on my two cups for today. I did eat breakfast yesterday morning but forgot it this morning due to a big test in college at 9am--ran out the door with nothing in my hand. I did forget to oil my body before I went to bed last night--didnít go to bed until 2am. I plan on oiling this evening. Its a start--must push myself....must be ready (I want to be proud of myself)   visit the page

This week starts my diet & physical fitness plans...that have failed previously :-(   16 y  
Wedding in 13 months!!!
I want to look ĒsexyĒ for my wedding--I donít think I look that great right now--but my fiance must think differently--he has told me so many times about how my looks drew him to me---& then friends kinda gave each of us the nerve to get to know one another. Anyway, we are now planning our May 2008 wedding. Iím not really overweight..but I want to be more toned & tanner. I also have acne scarring on my face--its tends to decrease in intensity if I lay off the pop--but Iím addicted--that is all you can say. I will go for weeks without having any and then I binge drink on mountain dew & ...   read more

Crazy Week...   16 y  
Lots to say..little time to say it :-)
It has been a crazy week--1st off though--Rob & I will be together 1 year tomorrow. Wow!! Time flies...anyway the meeting with my future mother-in-law went great. She gave me some good advice about some florists and places to check about invitations and such. Iím coming along great on my guest list. EZ wedding planner works really well for me. Any advice for planning on keeping up on finances and such after the wedding--how to plan ahead for less stress. Like any inexpensive ways to do things. Iím going to try to start making it a habit to save coupons--also where I live we grow a ...   read more

Its been a long week...   16 y  
Lunch with future mother-in-law
Well, it has been a long week but not horrible--I know that there alot of people out there that have had more to deal with than me. Iíve been pretty stressed but seem to be dealing with it pretty well. My dad is probably going to have to have surgery tomorrow for a kidney stone--Iíve tried to help my parents with more natural ways but they really wonít listen to me. Iím supposed to have lunch with my future mother-in-law on Tuesday to discuss wedding plans--hope that goes well. Iím a little nervous but excited. I kinda fell back into the hole as far as eating/drinking healthy this wee ...   read more

Found my blog...   16 y  
Well, I found my long lost blog thanks to some other users advice. Thanks. I didnít find the comments, however, so I guess theyíll just have to be lost :-( It has been a VERY stressful two weeks. School has drove me crazy. My fianceís grandma had a major stroke, a family friends of his od earlier in the week, his mom is stressed out, Iím stressed out. It has just been crazy!!! So we really havenít talked wedding--have enough on our plates this week. Once things chill out some we can work on plans so more. Iím sure glad I found my blog. I was a little depressed when it disa ...   read more

Still stressed....   16 y  
Well, I feel like I was doing better before I kinda backslide into old eating habits and old personal hygiene habits--I almost feel like it might be the metals in the shampoos and such-would metals cause panic/worry attacks??? Also how do you make eating ĒorganicĒ convient and easy and not so expensive???? I just feel overwelmed right now--I think its the stress of school and making a good enough grade to get into vet school-cause its kinda the basis of the rest of our future but then another part of me says that school isnít as important as getting to spend time with your lover. ...   read more

Panic/worry attacks   16 y  
I have horrible trouble with panic attacks and just like looking (my body wants to) worry about anything and everything-even if it isnít rational. I was doing much better and the past few weeks it has hit me again--I can feel them coming on. Iím pretty sure it is something in my lifestyle that is causing it because it will come and go and it had been under pretty much manageable control the past few months. I have not figured out what causes the problem. Any suggestions....   visit the page

Stressed out!!!   16 y  
stressed out...
am so stressed with school--Iím working on my undergrad for veterinary medicine. I am struggling with organic chemistry and physics. I feel like Iím sinking deeper & deeper--I have got to get a good grade to keep my GPA up to keep my scholarships-so I can get accepeted into vet school--so I can become a vet, fulfill my dreams, live my life without worrying bout money, and own Ēour dream farmĒ Sometimes I ask myself why Iím even bothering to go so far-why not settle for another job. Anyway Iím just stressed. The good news is--4 the most part Iím doing most of the wedding planning-rob tol ...   read more

Need some help and whats been going on...   16 y  
Ok, I HAVE got to get myself in better health--I mean Iím not like totally sick but I know I could feel better mentally, physically, & spiritually. I have a time with my bowels--I donít eat very often and I donít drink enough water--I tend to live on Mountain Dew literally. I would like to also have some muscle tone and just be in better shape. I need some support from you all--I want to prepare for my wedding but maintain my body afterwards as well. I want my man to be able to show me off persay and other men be jealous (within their minds at least) I want to be sexy as I age--not get sag ...   read more

Been busy...   16 y  
Well, My mom is going to help me make all the dresses for the wedding-big plans but weíve got a year to get it in order. Iím making the invitations as well-want to save some money cause I would like roses. Rob & I have decided on deep rose red, black, and white for the wedding colors--he still doesnít see how much planning has to be done but thats ok cause I like to plan esp. for my own wedding. Iím getting so excited and weíve got a little over a year to go--we have only narrowed the day down to between mid-may to mid-august. Iím thinking mid-may would be nice. Well, Iím tired so calli ...   read more

And the planning begins...   16 y  
Wedding Location Decided...
I e-mailed my future mother-in-law last night and informed her of what we had been talking about as far as when we would like to have the wedding. I also told her I would need her help with the guest list because I didnít know some of the people that Rob said he would like to invite. She e-mailed back and asked about my schooling and if I would be able to finish once we got married next year-I told her it wasnít gonna be a problem because Rob is very supportive of me finishing my schooling. And I can take out student loan for vet school. She then told me that she would start on a guest lis ...   read more

Today's Adventures   16 y  
Today's Adventures, Tomorrows Goals
Well, today has been interesting--i have been stressed over school-spring break is next week and Iím looking forward to it. I e-mailed my future-mother-in-law and asked for some advice and some help with the guest list--Rob has mentioned several out of state family that he wants there and I have no clue who they are and what there addresses are. I filled her in about a little of what we are planning (rob bad for waiting til last minute to tell his parents) so Iím trying to keep her up to date. Partially to keep my sanity and keep everything as stress free as possible. I want family & fr ...   read more

A Little Bout My Fiance...   16 y  
I love this man!!!
My fiance has to be one of the hottest men around (yeah-why wouldnít I say this--Heís MINE!!) Anyway he has red hair-when he doesnít have it shaved and always keeps a beard no matter what (says it makes him look older) He just turned 20 and works part-time for our 911 service and EMS (dispatching). He is currently taking an EMT class so he can work full time on an ambulance as an EMT of course. He wanted to go into law enforcement but he is legally blind (genetic). He has what is called ocular albinism (no pigments in the retina). Despite this disability, if one didnít know his conditon yo ...   read more

Parent Notification   16 y  
Parent Alert!!!
told my mom this evening about mine and Robís plans to get married next summer. She said she wanted to have proof that we would be financially stable--I have no doubt that we can handle ourselves--I have started a savings account. I will be starting a full time job in a few months and he will also be starting a full-time job soon as well. I know we can handle it--we just have to prove this to our parents. My goal for tomorrow: 1) no sugar (trying to rid body of yeast) 2) plenty of water   visit the page

Today starts my Journey....   16 y  
My Man is Soo HOT that I can't put him out!!! LOL
Today my fiance agreed that it was time to start some planning for our wedding next summer (2008). We have only been together since April 16,2006 but I knew from the very beginning that he was the one. You see both of us are volunteer firefighters. We had a training class last spring--I didnít know him and he didnít know me but we had some good friends that knew both of us. One particular friend came up to me one night after class and told me that Rob had the hots for me. I was on cloud nine the whole way home-its a wonder I didnít wreck. Several days later I called the friend and asked hi ...   read more


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I am getting married May 24, 2008. I am going to get physically fit to be "sexy" for my hot, sexy, firefighten' fiance. I intend to pursue health & maintain it throughout my life--before & after the wedding.Ö more...

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