My Little Steps
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Update: Ups and Downs   16 y  
Another Resetting of the clock, but progress noted
Since my last triumphant post, I’ve had some ups and downs. On the good side, its been two weeks without coffee and caffiene. This is really positive for me. I also have not bought any cigarettes, though i have smoked a few over the last few days running. Well, I’m regrouping on that one. Also, and concurrently, I had some beers a couple of nights over the week (I’ve got the week off from work.) So those two things really played into eachother. I must admit I would rather not have smoked or drank beer at all. I would prefer to report 3 solid weeks of excellent discipline. ...   read more

Beyond cessation.   16 y  
Gravity is evil.
Look, you can only dwell on quitting cigarettes or coffee or sugar or what have you for so long. You can only count so many days or weeks or years before it really becomes meaningless, even boring. At some point, the weight of all those days of ”deprivation” become heavy and dreary. Even a ”relapse” seems almost exciting, different, new. To avoid this, we have to go beyond, to look beyond the past, even to forget the past. (”I’ve never liked to smoke cigarettes!”) At some point, the sooner the better, we must look toward something utterly new, some challenge or puzzle or mystery that ...   read more

First Day of Work without Cigs or Coffee   16 y  
Overall, this is not an effort. I am not struggling here.
I do feel some aches in my body. My Joints and muscles have apparently been the major targets of the cigarette and coffee chemicals. I have not really stretched or exercised much since cessation. I will try to do so today. My attitude is fairly even, though slightly on the sharper side...I feel a bit more quick witted (even without coffee!) though not really sociable. I drank Orange Juice this A.M. before leaving the house and had a cup of green tea here at work. Green tea tastes like alfalfa or nettles...very earthy. The caffeine has me a bit bouncy, but not anxious. I am using gre ...   read more

Quitting the cigs and coffee   16 y  
Today is my second day of smoke-free living.
Today is my second day of smoke-free living. I do crave cigarettes on occasion. My partner still smokes, but he is really good about only smoking outdoors. Tomorrow I am going to work for the week, I am going to enjoy not smoking. I’ve never really enjoyed smoking much anyway. I don’t feel many ”symptoms” except some minor cramps through out my body. And my liver aches a bit. But no real irritiability or anxiety. I’m grateful for that. I’m drinking a lot of apple juice and water. Coffee is not something I have drank much on the weekends. I might miss it a bit in the AM bu ...   read more

Re-setting the Clock   16 y  
Slight alterations in the plan.
So I ended the week on a bad note having coffee, more cigs, and some alcohol. Not a seriously huge thing, but I’ve decided to take a little more measured and calm approach to my program. 1) I’m resetting the clock. I am aiming for 30-days (as opposed to the previous 2 weeks) of:     a) Drinking 6-8 glasses of water.     b) 4 cigarettes or less/day     c) zero alcohol and zero coffee     d) around 50% of vegtables and fruit and my homemade soup(not heated over 118 degrees!) as my diet. ...   read more

In Two Weeks (Less two days)   16 y  
Striving for a 60-day program.
I’ve decided that after two weeks of adhering to my current routine (although increasing water consumption to 6 glasses of water a day a least) That I will go ahead and undergo a specific 60-day cleansing program as proscribed at He does call for a few supplements so, yea, I will be using those despite my previous post. I guess I’d like to not take any supplement at all...I do believe that it is damaging to the whole system of things to do so. I don’t know, maybe I won’t, but even if I do, it is a temporary thing that aims to restore a balance that will not requir ...   read more

No to supplements....mostly   16 y  
What sustainable living (and dying) means to me.
Here’s another thing about me: I strive to live ”sustainably” or else to pass away. Basically this means that all the things I need to eat to live healthily I should be able to be produce on a plot of land while strengthening that land. I don’t currently live on this land, but I intend to. Even if I did not intend to, the principle remains because I believe the earth sustains us if we apply our human instincts for beauty and compassion to our surroundings. I believe the interaction between the earth and human produces beauty when done ”correctly” or in the best way. There is little ” ...   read more

Good and Ready   16 y  
continuing of my first little steps. more discussion on "how I feel" and my goals.
Today I’ve kept to the minimums: no coffee, four cigarettes, faster and more animated movement, and four glasses of water. Actually I exceeded in the following ways: not only no coffee, but two cups herbal teas instead, in addition to four glassess of water. Which made me wonder if herbal teas count as water? I’ll have to check into that. Actually I seldom drink completely pure water. I usually put in lemon, salt or apple cider vinegar. So I’m not sure how to count this all...I’ll have to look into this. The one thing I notice, that I would complain about, is that I feel mildl ...   read more

Oh the mysteries of longevity...   16 y  
link to very old people and thumbnail sketches of their lives...
I have to link this site: Here is a collection of elderly faces...many over 100 years old. The first one I link to is interesting because the man did not give up drinking until his 60s and then smoking in his 80s. Many of the elderly however lived stable, mostly abstinent lives. Others lived through hard labor, widow-hood, and wars. One can never tell why some go on living. I love these faces of life.   visit the page

Staying positive   16 y  
This is about baby steps. The goal is simply to improve on yesterday. Today I am laying out the baseline....4 cigarettes, no coffee, more rapid activity, and 4 glasses of water.
    I’ve tried to start a journal of health before.  See, I’ve felt that I’ve abused my body and so needed to improve my health.  But I finally realized that really, I want   read more


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