Juice Fasting for the first time - 7 days
by Disturbance

Post-Day 3   16 y  
Food, yummy food... Getting slowly back to normal! Feel free to comment!
I have actually been a little hungry today, so Iíve needed to have - with lots of water today - a small salad of Chinese cabbage, tomato, fresh garlic and a dressing of a teeny weeny bit of olive oil and apple cider vinegar; plus some light veggie curry stew I made (Iím still a bit wary of it being too heavy for day three). But Iíve survived with noticably small portions, which is indeed what I expected. It also seems like I get energized after eating sooner than before! One setback though, during the juice fast my upper tummy, which is the stomach, never ever bulged. Now itís back a bit, ...   read more

Post-Day 2   16 y  
Hey, did I lose some cellulite...?! Feel free to comment!
Today I paid a lot of attention to myself (well, Iím going to see my boyfriend after a four-month break, so itís only nice to do so!), and did a nice comprehensive scrub all over my body with this awesome natural scrub of salts and frangipani oil I got from Eumundi markets. I also scrubbed my feet, and used my usual face tonic of organic apple cider vinegar mixed in water. Now I feel nice and clean and smooth and renewed also from the outside, and lo, I actually might just have lost a bit of cellulite from my bum and thighs?! I really hope so! Cooked veggies today, no veggie juice as th ...   read more

Post-Day 1   16 y  
Ok, fine, maybe the fast wasn't a complete waste of time afterall... Feel free to comment!
Ok, Iím slowly starting to change my mind about Ēnothing happeningĒ during my fast. Iím sure my body had a well deserved rest, and actually got my second compliment on my assumed slight weight loss today (itís not apparent to me at all, but I suppose I HAVE lost a bit - at least of water weight - off my bulge. Also walking briskly in the hot air for quite a while today felt a bit easier, I felt more energised (in a very non-topical way) as a whole, not charged, but just capable of lasting a bit longer. Kind of if I had changed from supermarket batteries to a better brand. I was very exc ...   read more

The Juice Fast, Day 7/7 (Whee!)   16 y  
Yep, last day, I made it! I'm not over the moon, but all in all it's good to be through this interesting experience. Feel free to comment!
Yep, I made it to the end! Iíve had some cravings today, and yummy food has smelled in the kitchen all evening, but Iíve declined to cut my fast even a few hours short, and reminded myself that when I start eating tomorrow, amongst with some juice and broth, Iím not going to jump straight at the ice cream and steak, but wait and wait, and chew my little bit of salad carefully, and see what my tummy says about each particular kind of food Iím going to put in myself from now on. After this week of uncertainty and occasional boredom, I am NOT going to take any steps backwards!! Boredom ...   read more

The Juice Fast, Day 6/7   16 y  
Found me shoes! Feel free to comment!
Itís amazing Iím already at the end of my journey! Like said before Iím happy to get back on solids again as the occasional cravings never vanished with the hunger, but it makes me wonder why nothing radical happened, maybe my detoxing was just very slow to start, and unlike most people who experience SOMETHING after day 3, it mightíve taken me a bit longer? So it leaves me wonder whether I should have a long fast afterall! Well. I let myself out of my room late yesterday evening to watch a bit of TV, see how other Aussies spent their special day in the capitol cities, and one of my fav ...   read more

The Juice Fast, Day 5/7   16 y  
Disturbance is very very depressed on Australia Day. To heck with the fast. Feel free to comment!
Yep. Iím getting towards the end of the week, and nothing new has appeared. I feel calm and tummyís light, but altogether it seems weird I havenít been eating nearly for a whole week. Itís all going nice and easy now, and I actually could imagine going on for longer if the conditions were right, just to see if a monthsís fast would make a difference. But maybe Iíve made a point already. Iíve had a fast, felt a bit better, maybe I just wasnít that toxic. I feel more depressed today that I thought I would. Itís Australia Day, which is traditionally spent with heaps of mates, having a barb ...   read more

The Juice Fast, Day 4/7   16 y  
I didn't starve afterall... Disturbance gets more food, and lets go of the anger. (Some of it.) Feel free to comment!
The blinding clowd of rage has passed. But it did affect my sleep majorly. I texted my housemateís brother, a good friend of mine, to come to the tavern with me tonight (weíre not gonna drink of course, Iím there only for the raffle), but am yet expecting a reply. The first three days of the fast went relatively painlessly, except maybe for yesterday, with all that anger, and I actually found myself a nano-second into taking a bite of something a couple of times, before realising I canít. Iíve been seeing dreams about eating, too. Yesterday I was really fed up with the whole stupid fast ...   read more

The Juice Fast, Day 3/7   16 y  
Mixed feelings, lack of motivation, oversleeping, expecting more... Plus some uncontrollable rage!! Feel free to comment!
So, todayís supposed to be the border line between the harder and the easier part. Iím not quite sure how much better it can get, I havenít really been experiencing anything unbearable during these first days, only occasional hunger related thoughts and my skinís gone a bit worse yesterday. So maybe from now on I just wonít be very hungry? I slept 12 hours last night - that hasnít happened, out of sheer laziness, for probably a couple of years (or maybe here and then when Iíve been jobless). So I obviously feel a bit less energized, and lost, just what sleeping too much causes. My froze ...   read more

The Juice Fast, Day 2/7   16 y  
Grumpiness, complaining, being busy and sweaty, but also a big reason to celebrate! Feel free to comment!
Oh what a day! Fastwise, Iíve only had two and a half bottles of water by now (6pm), and four and a half of juice. Iím having a cup of broth now as I almost lost my temper with mobile phone problems. I hate wasting money. Anyway, been busy, left the house around 1330 and returned around 1700, armed with two bottles of juice and one of water. And what a cool trip it was, I NOW HAVE MY LEARNER LICENCE!!! Mum will be so proud! And I can start practicing driving! The photo is a shocker, but itís on there only for a year, so itís ok. So a reason to celebrate and calm my nerves with broth. Oh ...   read more

The Juice Fast, Day 1/7   16 y  
First day of the fast, really exciting, and my first enema, with details! ;) (Well, SOMEONE here has to tell about it properly, right?!) Feel free to comment!
Weehaa! Iím on the fast now!!! And, during these first hours, I havenít slipped into solids either, one reason being that I saw a dream of taking a bite of lasagne, and then remembering that Iím on a fast... So I started my morning happily with two bottles (0.60l) of water, and so far Iíve also had a bottle and a half of veggie juice. And oh yeah, Iíve now also had my very first enema!! Iím so proud! All went well. The package for the douche kit didnít explain wich of the ĒheadsĒ was for which purpose, so I found the explanation in Wikipedia. Hah. So didnít end up flushing myself wit ...   read more

Last Pre-Day, Day 7   16 y  
Cold feet... But I got over it. Feel free to comment!
Well, been munching on quite a few soaked prunes today to get my bowels moving, which has worked with varying success. Made a whole heap of yummy juice to start drinking from tomorrow on. Havenít made any broth yet, itís going to be a last resort really, only if I get too hungry for plain juice. I did eat a steak, actually one and a half, with veggie mash. Iím not too proud of that. I shouldíve realised that if Iím even going to have any, I shouldíve had only a little. But worry is the most pointless feeling invented, and Iím not going to feel too guilty about this. I do feel bloated ...   read more

Pre-Week, Jan 15-21   16 y  
Disturbance gets used to drinking more fluids for a week, impatiently waiting for Monday the 22nd... Feel free to comment!
Iím writing this on Jan 20, day 6 of the pre-week. Me and my housemate are both into organics and veggie juices, so weíve been shopping together for each week, and the weekend before we bought veggies worth some 100 Aussie dollars (thatís not much more than what we usually spend on veggies anyway, shocking isnít it...!) and juiced it all - carrots, cucumbers, beets, you name it. Unfortunately I got so excited I juiced a few lumps of ginger too many, and the juice went super spicy!! But well, it makes me feel hot and tingly inside and - maybe I just imagine, but - maybe a bit more energi ...   read more

Planning - December 2006   16 y  
I was impatient to get all possible cleanses done on myself, and I decided to start with a fast. So, in December 2006, I started planning... Feel free to comment!
December 2006 Iím a 22-year-old from Australia, 160cm and 55-60kg. I had wanted to go on a fast for quite a while as a prelude to a whole host of cleanses, and when I read Kevin Trudeauís book íNatural Cures ĒTheyĒ Donít Want You To Know Aboutí the second time I thought, oh, maybe I should finally get myself over to it. Immediately I started looking for information. It wasnít quite that readily available online as I expected, but I read a couple of blogs here on CureZone, and researched the websites I found - both in English and Finnish, an advantage to be able to learn fasting tr ...   read more


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