Weight Loss Journal - 2007
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A New Good Start   16 y  
*head down, toe circling on the ground* I'm back, but not pround.
I havenít posted in a while. There is a reason for that. Iím ashamed to admit that I have been defiling my body. Now donít let your imagination run wild. I want to give you some background information on meÖ Iím a natural, deeply spiritual sista. For the last 7 years, I have been a staunch, almost militant vegetarian. I try to eat organically and in season. I avoid processed foods whenever possible and the microwave. I avoid fast food. I donít process my hair. I donít drink caffeinated beverages or soda. I make most of my skin/haircare products at home. I try to avoid taking un ...   read more

I have to get it together   16 y  
I feel like I'm falling apart. Maybe my body doesn't like food.
It is officially 2 weeks post my fast. I should have a lot of positive things to report. I will. I promise. But right now, Iím feeling really disconnected from my body. I usually know whatís going on within and without of myself. This may sound crazy, but I have always been able to ďdialogueĒ to my body and know exactly was going on. Itís not talking to me. I have been having the oddest collection of symptoms. Explosive diarrhea, crippling headaches, unstimulated cramping and severe unrelenting toothaches. The calendar says that the moon will soon be upon me, but itís too soon to ...   read more

What now?   16 y  
The fast is complete, but things are not what I was expecting
I know itís been a minute since I posted. Bear with me, please. Itís been a rough week. This was supposed to be my week of debauchery. I made all kinds of plans to eat all kinds of things. My eating was going to sparse yet liberated. Yeah right. I have been so sick since breaking my fast. I was at McDonaldís to get my breakfast on Sunday morning. Unfortunately, I was unable to eat everything, and was sick to boot. I tried to go back to meat but was met with nausea and vomiting. Once I was in the car and almost threw up on myself. Itís been real bad. To make matters worse, my ...   read more

Day 20   16 y  
The last post before the end of my juice fast.
This is my last entry before I complete my Lenten fast. Iím actually a little excited. Not just at the thought of being able to eat again, but because I think (Iím not sure) I have decided to eat meat again. I have been a pescatarian for the last 7 years. I have always said that vegetarianism is one of the best decisions Iíve ever made. But my inner self has said that it has run its course. It will always be there for me should I decide to return. And I donít plan on eating the amount of meat that I used to eat prior. Plus, I will still be fasting in my way. Iím planning a liver ...   read more

Missing Blog Entries   16 y  
I don't know what happenened. I just know they are back.
Day 11 Today marks the center of my fast Today is a big landmark for me in this fast. When today is over, I will be officially past the halfway point! Today is hump-day. Iím really very syked about this. It has not been that hard to endure. Last year I fasted this time and couldnít make it to the end. I was doing a master cleanse and the salt water made my blood pressure shoot up and caused me to have heart palpitations. I was only planning the master cleanse for 2 weeks with a week of juice fasting preceding it. I didnít make it. I made 7 days of juice fasting and 10 days of master ...   read more

Day 17   16 y  
Lost 3 more pounds!!!
4 more (including today) more days to go! Iím really very excited about my progress. Iím losing so much weight. Iím fitting into clothes I havenít been able to fit in years. (Why was I saving those clothes?) Even my knees are staring to look good. This might be the 1st summer in a long time where I might wear a pair of shorts. Amazing. Yesterday, while at aerobics class, I ran around the church parking lot, twice without stopping! That may not seem like a big accomplishment, but it is a huge one for me. Even my disgusting back fat is coming off. These accomplishments, more tha ...   read more

Day 16   16 y  
What happened to my blog????
Iím staying late at work (without Pay) just to get this post out. I am hungry! There is no which way about it. I am actually starving a little. Iím dizzy, delirious, canít even drive straight. If it wasnít for spell check this post would be crazy. But I fully intend to complete this fast. Only 5 more days to go. Maybe I feel so gone because my cycle is coming to an end. It was hard with no food. I tried to keep up with the juicing, but for the last couple of days, all I had the energy for was to lie down. I havenít been drinking water like I should. Iím going to take care of tha ...   read more


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