These Pipes Are Clean...Or My Adventures Master Cleansing
by quadskater

The adventure is over.   16 y  
Master Cleanse Failure/Success.
From 9 P.M. last night until 10:30 A.M today I attempted to do the Master Cleanse. It was a failure, but in away I am happy I failed at this. I reluctantly drank a Ēlaxative teaĒ that tasted like spinach. It didnít do anything but give me a weird sloshing sensation in my stomach. I felt like I had to go to the bathroom, but at the same time I didnít have to go and I was up all night with a cold. I drank about 3 glasses of the lemonade drink. It made me feel kind of naughty. Nobody knew what I was doing and it tasted a bit alcoholic. Like some spicy lemon cocktail. I felt fine except f ...   read more

New Year and no headache!   16 y  
Midnight run, Sushi, starting tomorrow.
I did my midnight run in the park. I did 4 miles in about 45 minutes, which is my usual time. Not bad. I felt great and was in tears. So what my friends finished 10 minutes ahead of me! I did it. My mom even said she was so proud of me. I want to have a picture of just my number. We slept until 1:30 P.M and went to the resturant. The best sushi Iíve ever had in my life and it was free!!. 9 pm Iím going to drink that damn tea and start the cleanse. My husband is a little apprehensive. Heís afraid Iím going to get really sick from this. I promised him if I get sick Iíll stop. Heís worried ...   read more

The headache continues...   17 y  
One of those days.
This is the ninth day in a row Iíve had a headache. I feel fat and my throat is sore. I had to take some generic Tylonol. I reaaly do not want to go out tonight. I paid for that damn run and I am going to do it. The house also looks like crap. Dishes need to be washed, clothes have to be put away, and I have to go out and buy the lax tea. Yogi Tea is on sale, but I want the chocolate one. At 1am I start the cleanse. I still am a little nervous. Somebody posted a nice comment wishing me luck. Now my fears are with the headaches. I get terrible headaces all the time. I donít want them to deb ...   read more

In the beginning...   17 y  
Getting ready to start the cleanse in the new year.
Iím not going to start the Master Cleanse until 1/1/07. I already pre-made the Ēlemonade.Ē I think itís quite tasty. I would have started it tonight, but I have a massive headache. Iíve had this headache since the day before Christmas. Nothing seems to be working. Iím off from work tomorrow, so Iíll relax by going for a skate (weather permitting). I also have to pick up my number for my midnight race in the park. So far it looks like Iíll be starting 2007 on a positive note. I kick off the new year with a 4 mile run (my first race!) and a cleansing. My only real fear now with the cleans ...   read more


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My first Master Cleanse...the trials, tribulations, successes, and failures. more...

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