My Health Journey
by alternliving

End of blog   16 y  
Describes my decision to end the blog.
Well, I think this will be my last post for this blog. I was going to write about my second shamanic session, but I no longer feel the need to document my ”health journey” because physical health in and of itself is no longer my goal. I don’t think it can be if one wants to live happily and with sanity. Thanks for reading.   visit the page

The End of the Health Restore Plan   16 y  
This entry describes the demise of the "health restore plan."
Before I get to the topic at hand, I want to note a development with my health: My panic attacks have ”returned.” I had a significant one at the public library a couple of months ago. This tells me that they never really went away to begin with and were not solely from the vitamins. It has been a while since I posted, and this entry will be an account of the evolution that the health restore plan went through in the last couple months before I (recently) did away with it completely. In my next entry, I will describe my powerful second shamanic healing session. ---------------------- ...   read more

Fifth Liver Flush, More blog edits, and General Stuff   16 y  
This entry describes my fifth liver flush and provides some updates on things.
I have done my fifth liver flush. On the first night, there was a lot of stuff that I think was tan chaff (either that or diarrhea) and a little bit of some pieces of green stones. The next day, I had many bowel movements -- more than usual -- that turned to water. Normally, I don’t pass anything until the morning of the second day (after my last dose of epsom salts), but this time I was having bowel movements starting around 10:30 p.m. and continuing now and then throughout the night and then into the next day. This could be because I mistakenly took 8 oz. of epsom salts at 6 p.m. the fir ...   read more

Shamanic Healing #1, New Diet and Exercise Plan   16 y  
This entry primarily describes my first shamanic healing and my new weight loss plan.
I have decided against the diet only approach to weight loss and have decided instead to do a dietary plan plus exercise. This is my sixth day on the new diet and so far it is going well. I basically follow these guidelines: low-fat dairy as far as dairy goes no fried foods no sugar except small amounts of juice, but natural sweeteners OK white meat only, as far as meats go organic/healthy condiments and oil (sea salt, organic cold-pressed 100% olive oil, veggie mayonaise, etc.) It is the same diet I followed last time I wanted to lose weight. In terms of exercise, for now I a ...   read more

Fourth Liver Flush and Updates   16 y  
This entry describes my fourth liver flush, and I have included some updates.
It’s been a while since I last posted, and I want to report on both my updated health restore plan (yet again!) and my fourth liver flush. So, here goes. The health restore plan started out, back in the day, as the most effective plan I could come up with for complete restoration of my health in the minimum amount of time. Any more long-term health pursuits such as better diet, regular exercise, etc. were to be pursued after the restoration of my health, if at all. Anyway, my ideas about how to restore my health changed over time, thus the more elaborate renditions of the health restore ...   read more

Blog Edits   16 y  
This message is a notification of the fact that I have gone through and made some minor edits to the blog messages.
I have made some edits on the messages in this blog. Most of them are not extensive, and one can probably continue to read the blog without going back and re-reading the messages.   visit the page

Addendum to the Health Restore Plan   17 y  
This entry describes the addendum to my "health restore plan."
I have added ”Herbalism” (i.e. see an herbalist and follow through on recommendations) to step two of my plan. This addition makes an already ambitious plan even more ambitious, so we’ll see how I do. I’ve already had trouble doing regular liver flushes, though I have done them according to Andreas’ recommendation of at least once every three months, and the diet and exercise are hard to stick to (though I’ve had moderate success with both -- more success with the diet than the exercise). Recently, I have had some advice from a CureZone member re: liver flushes. Apparently, the flushes are ...   read more

Third Liver Flush and General Update   17 y  
This entry describes my third liver flush and provides a general update on my progress with my "health restore plan."
So I did my third liver flush. It yielded about five to ten really tiny stones. I’m not sure why it’s not working. Maybe the stones in my liver were/are impacted. The diet is going well, and I’m still waiting to receive my coconut oil in the mail for losing weight. The workouts have tapered off quite a bit, and I get out for a run basically whenever the spirit moves me. However, I have gotten into a routine of making exercise a part of my life, which is good. As for the Rolfing, craniosacral therapy, and homeopathy: I have postponed beginning these therapies since I am interviewing for ...   read more

The Health Restore Plan: My Progress Thus Far   17 y  
This entry describes my progress with my "health restore plan" thus far and some thoughts on my life in general.
I mentioned in my previous entry that I am on step one of my health restore plan. I just wanted to elaborate on this and let be known exactly where I’m at. 1a)Switch to a healthy diet and spring water for a water source. I’ve been on an improved diet for about seven and a half weeks now. This, however, does not include two weeks when I went on vacation and wasn’t able to stick to it, mostly due to lack of health food resources and my dislike of cooking. I basically just eat out at my local health food store all the time, which has a great deli, hot menu, and juice bar, and occasionally ...   read more

The Health Restore Plan: A Long Time in the Making   17 y  
Describes my journey into alternative medicine and my personal "health restore plan."
I first turned toward cleansing a little while after discovering Cure Zone. My first impressions of this web site, I am somewhat embarassed to say, were fairly negative. It looked ”crazy” to me, and I did not feel very open-minded about people who raved and raved about liver cleanses. But I was at my wit’s end. I had been doing megavitamin therapy to cure my schizophrenia and had abandoned it after finally coming to terms with the fact that it wasn’t working for me. The following is a synopsis of my first forays into alternative health. I originally included it in my web site, which I desi ...   read more


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This blog describes my pursuit of what I have dubbed my "Health Restore Plan," a personally-tailored plan for achieving the reversal of disease in my body. Through therapies such as cleansing, live cell therapy, Bates' Method, and craniosacral therapy, I hope to restore my health and be cured of endometriosis, mitral valve prolapse, and schizophrenia.… more...

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