Juicing those last 20 lbs - again!
by raddish

Struggling, still   17 y  
Eating disorders suck!
Having an eating disorder is a terrible thing. I hope to get on top of this soon, and get back to juicing. Hereís to hoping. Iíve struggled with this for a long time. This has been the worst year of my life. Iíve lost 80 pounds and gained like 45. Not at all once, but thatís the totals. If you add the two together, the amount of weight Iíve changed was actually more that I weighed at a couple of points. This canít be healthy. I hope you all out there are doing better than I am.   visit the page

Day 7, a very bad day   17 y  
Old habits are hard to break
I have had a relapse with bullimic behavior. Iím so disappointed with myself. I was doing so well! I had such extensive therapy for this. For months. Iíve had all the help in the world, yet I turn back to it in times of stress. Even with my new job, I still might not have the money to get my kids much for Christmas. This sucks. And I have a whole issue with cobra-ing my health insurance out of necessity and maybe not being able to pay for it. My new job is part-time with no benefits. This sucks, any which way you look at it. After what happened, I had a soothing cup of tea. Iím ...   read more

Day six, part two   17 y  
And guess what. . .
I got the job! Iím really happy. Now, Iím like a shop girl. Iíve had a so/so food day. I really was tempted by some food. But I pushed through. Iím rarely tempted, but today I was. I have such hard food issues. Iím a recovering bullimic, so I have to be really careful. Anyway, Iím still making it! I am glad! And my weight loss is great.   visit the page

Day six short update   17 y  
a short, short update
Ack - job interview in an hour - send good thoughts!!!! Iíll update later. Oh, and todayís weight was 134.5.   visit the page

Day 5, part two   17 y  
shopping, juicing
I was up really early, and then went Xmas shopping for my kids. Target had a race track on sale that my son wants. I only saved about 7 bucks, but that can be another toy, you know? It is going to be tight this year. I did splurge and buy myself a real cashmere sweater at walmart for - can you believe this - 19 bucks!!! Isnít that amazing?! I thought so. It is 100% cashmere, cable knit, in a charcoal grey color. Itís just lovely. I know I should save money for the prezzies, but a girl has to treat herself once in awhile. Anyway, back to the juice. I had a grapefruit tangerine fo ...   read more

Day Five!   17 y  
Another weight update + how I'm feeling
This fast is going great so far. Five days in and Iím down (drum roll please!) 9 lbs! Thatís right! Here are the stats: Starting fast weight: 144 CW: 135 LBs lost - 9! Iím thrilled with this loss. Iím only ten so so pounds from where Iíd love to be. Iím only 6 lbs from where Iíd be comfortable. So this is just great! Iím feeling great, too. The only thing is that my sleep is getting strange, and it is absolutely critical for me to sleep well. Otherwise, bad things happen to my mental function. I donít want to have to resort to sleeping pills again, but I will before I let mys ...   read more

Day Four   17 y  
Weight update and more
Iím really humming along. The weight is coming off pretty quick. Hereís the stats: start of fast - 144 current - 136 goal - 124-129 So between seven and 12 lbs! I can make that before Xmas for sure! Iím really happy. I feel really great. Iím really adhering to the fast rules, and feeling good! I estimate two weeks or so to complete my goal. Iím at four days in, so this fast shouldnít be more than 20 days, hopefully.   visit the page

day 3   17 y  
And my weight this am was. . . .
Here it is, day three! Iím pretty happy this morning. I lost another 1.5 lbs, making my total 6 lbs. In two days! It is water, Iím sure, but I donít care. It is making me really happy. So to recap starting fast weight 144 cw 138 gw 124-9 (depending) So maybe 9.5 to 14.5 lbs to go. Not a huge amount. Itís feasible to do it a month, Iíd say. Iíd love to be there by Christmas. On my last fast, I lost 6.5 lbs by day three, but I was heavier. And by day 28 last time (where Iíll be by Christmas) I was down 17lbs. So if I lose at a similar rate, that would put me at 127 by Christ ...   read more

day 2, pt 3   17 y  
feeling good. . .
I had a great day. I stayed strong to the fast. I had three juices today - two citrus, and one carrot apple ginger. The carrot apple ginger was one carrot, two small apples, and a nice big chunk of ginger. I had three cups of tea today, too. It was an all-around good day! My mood is up, my energy is good, Iím sticking to the fast, and Iím really confident this will work!   visit the page

my picture   17 y  
a picture of me from my profile
check it out!   visit the page

Day 2 - pt two   17 y  
second day, part two, short update
I just had my second juice - a tangerine/grapefruit combo. It was great. I went to look for a job, and already got an interview for Monday. Iím really excited. Iím feeling good. A little hungry, but not too bad. I had to make my son lunch, which sort of was hard - looking and smelling the food. Iíll be okay though. No other physical signs to report, either. I am feeling energetic, I guess.   visit the page

Day 2   17 y  
First bit of weight loss plus job search
Wow - 4lbs down. Iím doing great! Itís water weight - but so what? Iíll take it! Iíll be back to the 130s by tomorrow morning, and Iíll feel much better. I just hope the weight comes off fast! Fast - get it? Iím going to look for a job this morning. I have to take my kiddo - the youngest of my three - because he isnít in school yet. I have childcare for afternoons and evenings, so Iím looking for something that would work with that. Iím really hopeful Iíll find something, with it being Christmas season and all. I need a job to be able to buy the kids presents. Iím pretty happy ...   read more

day one part two!   17 y  
part two of day one, including some emotional stuff
Iím still hanging in. The first couple of days are hard, until the desire to eat goes away. I remember that. Iím a little hungry, but more likely want to eat for emotional reasons. Itís hard. My life is really a mess right now. Iím in a ton of financial stress and it is wearing on me as the holidays approach. Which in turn, makes me want to eat. Which I will do, than gain weight. I have two problems that alternate - compulsive overeating, and compulsive undereating. There is no in between, really. It is hard for me to be moderate with my eating habits. Thus, my out of control n ...   read more

Day one - starting the fast, rules for myself   17 y  
day one part one
Today (Nov 29 2006) is day one of my fast. I want and hope to lose 18lbs. Hereís how the fast is going to work for me this time - a little different before. First of all, last time I was so strict!!! I didnít have anything at all to eat for the entire time. This time, I will eat one cracker a day to take some pills that are absolutely critical for me to take. I donít think the cracker will effect the outcome at all, having been through fasting before. Another thing I am doing differently - drinking organic hot tea with raw lemon. I know tea isnít the best thing, or even raw, but I ...   read more

An overview   17 y  
the overview of my past juicing history.
I had a juice blog - juicing for 20 - this past spring. In preparation for my sisterís wedding, I had a lot of weight to loose. Hereís my weight history October 2005 - hw - 175 Feb 2006 - 158 one month raw, 50 day juice fast By May 2006 - 125 GOAL!! June through the begining of July - gain back 12 lbs - go to 127 Go through some intense emotional stuff, STOP EATING ENTIRELY by the end of August 2006 - 119 lbs - too thin September to the end of November - 143! Goal - 125 again I love juicing and feel better doing it. Thatís what I need to do again! I know I can do it again. ...   read more


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