15 Week Program Towards a New Me
by optimum

Day 20 - 3rd Liver Flush Results   17 y  
This LF wasn't as great as the last one. That said, I'm glad I got rid of all of that junk.
Morning: 8:00am - Okay, so my last meal was at 11:30am. I didnít drink apple juice until 2pm. I wasnít hungry at all. I took my half dose of Parasite Cleanse pills.So, I drank the first ES drink. OMG, I pushed out so much stuff. Lots of dead stuff. Some mucuos too. I noticed the ĒriceĒ shape and Ētomato skinĒ things discussed on the Parasite Forum. Iím glad its out of me. The ACV and apples broke up the stones. This morning I pushed out about 5-7 small whole stones and ĒchipsĒ (lots of them) of broken stones. I didnít drink the 4th ES drink. I felt sick this morning. Also, I didnít t ...   read more

Day 19 - I LOVE the way I feel   17 y  
My body is going through a major healing process. It feels alive again.
My body is going through a major healing process. It feels alive again. This is what Iím doing (w/ notes): Taking Black Walnut Hull, Cloves & BHís Digestive Stimulator twice a day; Swallowing one garlic clove; Oil Pulling with Coconut Oil - for 30 days. Results: I experienced some die-off reactions when I added the Black Walnut to my routine.Iím no longer tired. I also donít need my ĒafternoonĒ nap any more. My tongue is A LOT pinker and Iím noticing less white threads in the toilet. I believe oil pulling with Coconut Oil is helping my body remove mucuos from my sinus. I know Iím no ...   read more

Days 17 - 18: Not much Going On   17 y  
Not much going on
I stayed in doors yesterday. My butt and legs started hurting yesterday, so I didnít run. Thanks to the run on Tuesday, I worked muscles that havenít been used in months. My shins are a bit sore too; I need new sneakers. On Wed. I made a pan of roasted garlic chicken ... I no longer like the taste of chicken. Needless to say my dog will be eating well until my freezer is empty. Iím addicted to Brussel Sprouts. Oil Pulling with Coconut Oil is removing A LOT of mucous. My god, Iím blowing my nose all day. On Thursday: Didnít run. Ate lots of fruit and vegetables. Thanks to my period ...   read more

Day 16   17 y  
I pushed out something that looked like it belonged to a parasite. I guess this Black Walnut stuff does work.
Morning: I pushed out something that looked like it belonged to a parasite. I guess this Black Walnut stuff does work. My abs hurt thanks to my workout yesterday. I took my dog on a long walk this morning (to the vet). I live at the top of a hill, so he didnít like the walk back up. Iíll lift some weights this evening. My period arrived. I have a headache, not the migraine Iím used to having. No cramps. It appears to be very thick. I hope it pushes out the candida thatís been sitting there.   visit the page

Day 15   17 y  
I'm positive the white stuff was candida.
Morning: I woke up this morning very bloated, so I will check my weight tomorrow. Iím still coughing up stuff. My chest seems raw. I have yet to go to the doctor. Iím going to work today, and will ask for the next 3 days off so I can have a long weekend and rest. Um, I donít know what those garlic cloves grab onto when they travel through my intestines, but I like it. All sorts of junk (i.e., mucoid plaque) are wrapped around the clove. Also, I notice plenty of candida. I pulled with coconut oil this morning & within minutes was blowing out white stuff & mucus. At first, I thought al ...   read more

Week 3 - Plan   17 y  
Week 2 - All over again.
Week 3 Plan: Weight: TBA Exercise: 3 days: Run 15 minutes; 1 day: Run 1 mile 2-3 days: Walk/Cross-train Meals: Morning: 6oz of fruit juice; Apple w/ nuts Tea w/ cayenne pepper Afternoon: Veggies; Pumpkin Seeds w/Cloves Tea w/ cayenne pepper Evening: Protein w/ Veggie; 1T of peanut butter Rituals: OP w/ Coconut Oil; ACV rinse for scalp; 2TBS of Benonite Clay; Coconut Oil for skin & hair; ES in work water bottle; ACV in water at home; sea salt on food; 2-3 Detox baths for 15 min; Giving up: Iím not adding anything new to the list. I want to get back to avoiding the origi ...   read more

Days 13-14 - Its Over   17 y  
I guess the cold I had was my body's way of healing itself.
Over the past two days, Iíve been getting rid of all types of stuff. Last night, I pushed out the garlic clove I swallowed the night before and some mucoid plaque (I think??). Anyway, Iím happy that my digestive system is getting back to normal. I havenít taken the digestive caps in a few days. Iím having 1-2 movements in the morning and a bowel movement in the evening. I guess the cold I had was my bodyís way of healing itself. I donít think I caught anything from someone else. I wonder if it was related to everything Iíve done so far. Did the Liver Flush bring it on? I know I wasnít p ...   read more

Day 12 - Beginning to Heal   17 y  
I feel a lot better today than yesterday.
With the exception of taste testing some chicken stew I made (2TBS of food), I havenít had anything to eat in almost 48 hours. I made the chicken because I put it out to defrost before I left for my trip. I will likely freeze it because I have no desire to eat and I know I will not want meat when I do start eating solid foods again. My groceries are being delivered tomorrow. I ordered lots of fresh veggies and 100% juice (I donít have a juicer). I feel a lot better today than yesterday. My body is still getting rid of mucus.I took my dog out this afternoon so I could get some sunshine ...   read more

Days 9-11: Demons, Fears, Airport Food & Me   17 y  
The way I feel today is my body's way of telling me "See, this is what you were doing to me for so long. Don't do this again."
First, let me begin this entry by stating that I feel awful. I have a fever, my body is aching, I have no desire to eat, my throat is swollen, the white on my tongue that disappeared is back, etc. etc. I donít like to fly. If God wanted me in the air at 33,000 feet, he wouldíve gave me wings. I love visiting new places, however, flying isnít natural. My fear of flying is related to not having control of the situation. While flying isnít the only time I am placed in this type of situation, it is the only one where the survival rate isnít high. Yet, I overeat to comfort myself . . . the ...   read more

Day 8 - I Feel Good   17 y  
I'm still pushing out stones.
Morning: Since I started this, Iím waking up without an alarm clock at 5am. I noticed my oil pull didnít take long to get thin; I had a lot of saliva in my mouth. Iím still pushing out stones. I pushed out two old stones that were at least 1in long. I saved one of them. I woke up with BO under my left armpit. Its getting less and less. And, my oh my, did that garlic kick in. I prefer to take the bath at night and shower in the morning. Since I insert the garlic at night & sweat a lot during my sleep, its best I take the bath in the morning. I took a detox bath this morning. The bath fe ...   read more

Week 2 - Plan   17 y  
Giving up: Dairy, Eggs, and the "whites" & Gossip
Week 2 Plan: Weight (my scale is working & Iím curious): 135.4 Exercise: 3 days: Run 15 minutes; 1 day: Run 1 mile 2-3 days: Walk/Cross-train Meals: Morning: Apple; Two slices of Ezekiel Bread w/ 1T of Coconut Oil; Tea w/ cayenne pepper Afternoon: Protein w/ Veggie; Plantains w/ Pumpkin Oil; Tea w/ cayenne pepper Evening: Protein w/ Veggie; Pumpkin Seeds w/Cloves Rituals: OP w/ Pumpkin Oil; ACV rinse for scalp; 2TBS of Benonite Clay; 2 Digestive Caps before bed; Coconut Oil for skin & hair; ES in work water bottle; ACV in water at home; sea salt on food; 2-3 Detox baths f ...   read more

Day 7 - Liver Flush Results   17 y  
I definitely passed over 100 stones.
Morning: I managed to get the olive oil mixture (w/ limes in lieu of lemons) down without a problem. I added a bit of maple syrup to it. I did have some acid reflux, but I had so much saliva in my mouth (I donít know why) that I was able to neutralize that burning feeling. Within 30 minutes of getting it down, I had to run to the bathroom. Sat. nightís pizza meal came out of me. I thought I ruined the LF by doing that. I slept very well and had some vivid dreams. I drank the ES cocktail at 5am. I know it said to drink it at 6, but I wasnít sure how it would affect me. So, I wanted an ...   read more

Day 6 - Liver Flush Day   17 y  
I decided this morning to do a liver flush.
Morning: I decided this morning to do a liver flush. The pizza from last night didnít bother me. In fact, I woke up very hungry. Iím a little bloated, but Iím not worried to much about that. I moved my bowels this morning. I didnít take the digestive caps the night before, so Iím very happy. Iím going to run prior to drinking my first ES drink. Iím hoping that will help get things moving. Also, Iím going to OP before my first or 2nd drink. I had an apple at 9:30. Iím going to have plantains & pumpkin oil around 10:30, then have some steamed shrimp & avocado around 1pm. After 2, I am ...   read more

Day 5 - I Did it!!   17 y  
I ran the full 10 minutes, it wasn't difficult.
Morning: I woke up this morning hot & sweaty with bad bo. I donít know why this is going on. I think it has something to do with my body getting rid of toxins. My body is craving salts & fats. My period is due in 2 weeks. Despite having a bad meal tonight, Iím going to try to deal with this on other days by adding unrefined salt & good fats to my diet. Usually, I would have burgers & fries almost everyday. I ran the full 10 minutes, it wasnít difficult. Iím running at a 5.0 pace. My goal is to run the 5k at a 10min mile. I had some plantains dipped in Pumpkin Oil for breakfast. Ve ...   read more

Day 4 - Oh Candida!   17 y  
OMG, I felt the candida/yeast.
I woke up this morning feeling pretty good. I discovered that my dog doesnít like apples (he loves coconut, coconut oil, bananas and strawberries). I started my morning with 3/4 of a small apple. I notice my bowels moved within seconds of taking the last bite. It was a nice feeling. OPed with pumpkin oil this morning. Gosh, this oil is lovely. An hour later, I had my P&B Coconut Milk Shake. Then I messed up my water cure drink. I put 2tsp in lieu of 1/4 tsp. I knew by the first sip, something wasnít right. That said, I drank a cup of it then drank another 8 oz of plain water. Within 30 ...   read more

Day 3   17 y  
Yesterday, I did my workout - 5min walk, 10 min run/walk then 2 minute cooldown. I have to do the same thing on Sat. On Sun, I run 1 mile.
Yesterday, I did my workout - 5min walk, 10 min run/walk then 2 minute cooldown. I have to do the same thing on Sat. On Sun, I run 1 mile. My bowels are moving nicely. Iím taking the caps before bed and drinking 2 P&B shakes. I think the ACV drink is causing bloating. So, Iím going to go a few days without it to confirm my suspicion. I will use the ACV in my detox baths and on my face. Iím going to follow the water cure to see if that helps the salt cravings. I noticed a pimple on my right arm after my 2nd detox bath. I was still very lightheaded after the bath. The eczema patch fro ...   read more

Day 2   17 y  
The ES solution definitely worked.
Morning: The ES solution definitely worked. Iíve been moving a lot of stuff.Because of the drink, I did not exercise or take my detox bath this morning. I assume my system will be calm this evening. So, I will do everything then. Iím not going to have the ĒplannedĒ lunch. Iím just going to drink lots of liquids and have some brussel sprouts around noon. I did have the english muffin because I need something in my stomach to slow down my system a bit. That ES solution was quite powerful. Afternoon & Evening: I added some plantains to my Brussel Sprout Meal at lunch, it was very go ...   read more

Day 1   17 y  
fitness, training, running, diet
I ran 10 minutes this morning . I had to walk for 1.5 minutes. I will try to run the full 10 minutes. I didnít take the Digestive Caps last night. I had a ĒLast MealĒ last night. As a result, Iím beyond bloated and full of stuff. I drank almost a gallon of water. Nothing has moved. I donít want to go to bed withot moving my bowels. So, I drank a ES solution. Iím hoping this will get things moving in the next 2 hours. I noticed today that I am passing yeast via my urine. Iím hoping the cayenne, pumpkin seeds and cloves will help me pass parasites/worms. I plan on adding Black Walnut a ...   read more

Week 1 - The Plan   17 y  
I started my 15 week training program for a 5K today.
I started my 15 week training program for a 5K today. This week I have to run 10 minutes for 3 days and 1 mile on Sunday. Iím allowed one rest day. I will take my dog on long walks and weight train on the remaining two days. In addition to the training, Iím giving up one/two new things a week. This week its COFFEE & ALCOHOL. This is my routine for the week (11-28-12/5): OP P&B Shake made w/ 1/3 cup of coconut milk, 1T of coconut oil, & 2/3 cup of water Food For Life English Muffin w/ 1T of Organic Cream Cheese & Ginger Tea 8oz of ACV Drink (water, 1TBS of ACV & .5TBS of Maple Syr ...   read more


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