Muse Du' Zemo
by Wrenn
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Ode   14 y  
Ode In the shadow of your eye I have seen the Samurai. Mighty Warrior; (hidden deep ). Shinobu’s Path - you choose to keep. Echoes of another land speak with every move you make. Melodies upon your hand... become an enemies’ mistake. Mighty Warrior - (do not sleep) I am following behind. I will walk the Path you keep.. (for I have seen the Samurai) Mighty Warrior - (do not sleep) I am following behind. You will look (in time) & see.. Another Warrior - (by your side). For in the Shadow of your eye I have seen the Samurai. Mighty Warrior; (hidden deep ). Shi ...   read more

Lullabye   14 y  
Lullabye Rest my love; and close your eye. While my heart sings to the sky. Let your worry just pass on by. While I sing this lullabye. Rest my love; so close to me. while we lie -’neath the tree. all my soul, I’d give to thee. Rest my love, (so close to me). Now I lay you down to sleep. (while you dream a kiss, so sweet) Rest my love, & dream for me. (dream a kiss that you’d give me). Feel my hand, so gently now. while it lingers on your brow. All my soul, I’d give to you . Rest my love, (I sing for you ). Cry my love, (a tear for me). while you sweetly kiss ...   read more

Ultimate Chess   14 y  
ULTIMATE CHESS They fight to win... (these brave, strong men) for glories contained... in just ONE pigskin. With each hearty man prepared for the test, (to reach for the challenge) of ”ultimate chess” What force doth drive them? (on.. ever yet? ) (as onemore pass is heaven-ward sent?) With every dream (and breath) held on high... (pinned on a pig... as it sails thru the sky ) And why all the risk? Why? (such great injuries? ) The answers are really quite clear (if you’ll see ) It’s not about plays, it’s not about downs- but winning, (or losing) when life kicks ...   read more

Faith Poem   14 y  
Faith Poem Like a bird... winging through the morning; so does my soul fly, over the mists of Life. And some may see..(an endless flight).. but her heart knows sure where Destiny lies. She flies ever onward, with Faith in her soul.. and strength in her wings... (she knows where she goes) And I stand in amazement, (at this bird in the sky).... (at her shining example, to one such as I ). And I too will mount up.. with wings in my soul... With Faith I go forward.. (I know where I go ) As she sails thru the morning... so shall I sail thru Life... My home lies befo ...   read more

A Little Bit in Everyone   14 y  
A Little Bit in Everyone. This is the way that I learned how to die... (watching a man as he fell from the sky) & wheels crunching down on a young girls’ head, & waiting for Rat-man to bite me dead. This is the way that I learned how to eat... (every bite-: or I’d get my seat beat).. or maybe just smeared, and smashed in my face.. Nine were the years that I ate in disgrace. This is the way that I learned how to wake.. (Ice water splashing all over my face) & blankets torn back, for a belt on my legs: (this is the way that a child learns to beg) This is the way that I ...   read more

Closing the Door   14 y  
Matters of Fact? (or just bits of glass?) Pathways of Time? (or a broken down mind?) Realities’ Scream? (or just a bad dream?) You now decide.. (which is Truth) Is there Lie? As I close the Door on the tears left behind. ............................... finding closure Ami Joi Benton   visit the page

Invisible Girl   14 y  
Invisible Girl ........................ She marks her own time with no reason or rhyme.. She walks with the Wind- (her only true friend) Barefoot, she can dance (to the rhythm of her dreams) Borne upon the echoe of a childs’ endless scream. Mirrors from the Past (she bleeds upon that glass) Shattered long-ago.. & then buried in her soul. Splinters dig too deep/ (to drive away her sleep) & no one sees her pain.. (as she slowly goes insane) No one could believe; the nightmare she perceives; When she dances past, (on broken shards of glass) (Invisible girl) ...   read more

Pieces Of Me   14 y  
Pieces of Me ......................... I once fell in love with a make -believe man (who made-believe that he cared who i am) I lay all my faith & my trust in his hands- with my make-believe love; for a make-believe man. & even his name- was a sham, (i would see); it’s message & meaning STILL unclear to me. I guess it takes someone as stupid as me, to fall for a dream- that could never be seen. I once met a man with a make-believe touch- (who seemed not to think it amounted to much) (to carelessly set forth a fire in me) but sat back to watch, as it blazed over me. He c ...   read more

The Gift   14 y  
The Gift ........................ If I had a gift for the many. if i had a gift for the few No one would see, (the attraction in me) if (I) made that gift (for you) I’d work every day, every hour.. (dream of you , all thru the night) seeking a way to empower (a gift that would bring you delight) cause if I had a gift that was precious.. if i had a gift full of grace.. my heart would fly.. (it would soar thru the skies) to bring just ONE smile to your face... (if i had a gift full of grace) ........................................... & if i had a gift from the chil ...   read more

Mouse House   14 y  
Mouse House ............................... I see a house where nobody lives. (A being without; .. A being within) & the being without just watches the house; where the being within is trapped like a mouse. No sounds of joy ever come from within, & time passes by, day out and day in/ & the being without just watches the house; ( while insanity rips at the mind of the mouse) I see a house where nobody cares. (nobody lives, - & nobody dares) they just sit and watch, as Time passes by.. (waiting ) to watch the mouse as she dies. (waiting) to watch the mouse while she cries ...   read more

Whatever   14 y  
see her lying in the grass facing towards a sea of green Just a bit of broken glass (where once a bottle used to be) Snuggled tight, against the dirt Leaving but a memory.. yet, within the fading light a single shard is left to see. Now a faded, weathered form barely peaks beneath the grass.. (beaten down); but touch and see... just how sharp her wounds can be. Better leave her lying there. (cause everybody knows) from scattered bits of broken glass a garden never grows. .................................... after my attacks 1993 Ami joi Benton   visit the page

Angel   14 y  
Angel ........................ I once met an angel that fell from the sky (battered and bruised; with 2 blackened eyes) she said; (when i asked what had happened, & why?) ”The world always shoots at the things in the sky” I sought then to learn of mysterious worlds- (that high in the heavens did sparkle and swirl) She pondered on this/ & then carefully said, ”You’ll learn all THESE things, soon enuff when you’re dead” ”To open a package.. before it is time, is somewhat like grapes.. being held next to wine. Best just to know that the sights you now see, are not always ...   read more

Theory of *P*   14 y  
Theory of *P* ........................... These 7 of samples I deem here as ample to prove out my theory (should any give query) that Collections of *P* from the year ’93 were but practiced perspectives; or just vague fantasies? & can one single view, (once obtained form a ZOO) explain (yet).. ALL THESE, (penciled sketches by me) (or) Might alterantives’ TOO.. (in logistics review) Also be gleaned?? (if so chosen by you ? ) Then; give answer to me...: Is the mirror YOU see an accurate perception of the Truth here in me? .................................... ...   read more

Peacemaker   14 y  
Flute song
Peacemaker Flute Song Peacemaker, Peacemaker (we will call you ..) Peacemaker. Restorer...Breach-mender, (sweet repairer of the wound) You will be.... like a river , flowing wide. You will be... like an eagle in the sky... (you will be, like an eagle in the sky.) Peacemaker/Peacemaker (we will call you... Peacemaker) Restorer...Breach-mender, (sweet repairer of the wound) You will be..... like a willow in the ground. In your shade... sweetest quiet will be found, (in your shade, sweetest quiet will be found. Peacemaker/ Peacemaker (we will call you ) ...   read more

The Real Monroe   14 y  
poem written by Marilyn Monroe
Oh well what the hell, so it won’t sell... what i got to tell is what’s on my mind. Tain’t dishes tain’t wishes.. but thoughts drifting by. and to think in ink. poem submitted in one of the books about her by Joe the man   visit the page

Haiku   14 y  
Starless (Quiet) thru the night... Give me Time: (Shine Bright) Time pass (slow) O’er the years... People Love: (More Tears) Watch with wonder as I grow... Mild the Change: (Beauty Shows) Love me (then) as should be... One Short Wait: (For Me). age 15/ Ami   visit the page

Kitten Kat   14 y  
Purr Furr Claws, and all... Big-eyed brat (in for a fall) always where you shouldn’t be. (into things you oughtn’t be) Spunky Punk (and yet, so small ) you’re just a baby!! (after all ) Kitten Kat (I like you like that) Ami Joi Benton   visit the page

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