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    Anthrax shot side effects from 1st vaccination

Anthrax shot side effects from 1st vaccination
by JJsDietFitness

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Hello Everyone:
I actually did not serve in the Gulf wars; but I've had the full series of Anthrax shots since I was with a high priority reserve unit, a Naval Cargo Handling Battalion for 10 years. I’ve been doing my own research and have found that many Gulf War syndrome illnesses may be caused by the anthrax vaccination series. Many soldier and sailors like me that did not serve in the war but were on call are having Gulf War like symptoms. New surveys and complaints from reservists are showing this.

I started my vaccinations in 1991; weeks after my first shot I got extreme muscle pain and a rash like poison ivy on my stomach and back. I finally had to go to my doctor because the rash would not go away. My Doctor took one look at me and told me I had shingles! He said the muscle pain was caused by this as well. Valtrex was prescribed for treatment. It worked and the rash went away, but did scar on my back. The muscle pain took an extra 14 days to go away, and I could not lift weights or jog during this time. I had never had shingles before this.

Weeks later, I noticed that when I was in the gym, I was getting extreme joint pain in my toes. It was so bad I could no longer do certain exercises that involved bending or extending my toes to much. Walking and especially running became painful, and I noticed I was having trouble with the quarterly run I was required to do for the physical fitness tests that are mandatory for reservists 4 times a year. I've been a weight lifter since I was 16, so I'm really in touch with my body. I am used to pain, since pain is a part of life with weightlifting, but this pain was acute, not normal. The pain became so bad in my left foot I started walking with a limp when I was on my feet longer than 30 minutes. Again, I went to my doctor, he said it was probably arthritis, and prescribed naproxen, which helped a little, but I still could not do lunges or calf raises any more, since they had a direct impact on the toe joints.

Later in 1991 I had my 2nd shot in the series, and 2 weeks after the 2nd vaccination, I had another shingles attack. My doctor caught it sooner this time, so the rashes were not as bad. I complained to the Navy Doctors and Corpsman about my shingles attacks and sore joints and asked it they were related to my anthrax shots, they said no, and said I was working out to much!

I did not suffer a third shingles incident until the 4th anthrax vaccination, and even though I related this to the Navy doctors they refused to believe it was related to the vaccinations. I was informed I had to get the shot or be discharged from the Naval Reserves, so I went ahead and completed the series of 6 shots into 1992.

In 2004, I had to retire early from the Naval reserves because my foot pain became so bad I could not do the quarterly fitness runs any more. I now walk with a permanent limp because of severe osteoarthritis in my feet. My podiatrist said in 2005, my foot arthritis was some of the worst he had ever seen and he said that weight lifting alone did not cause it. I can barely sign my name now in 2008, or turn a key in a door lock without extreme pain in my hands at the lower thumb joint near the wrist. My left hand has extreme pain as well in the same place. I was on Ft. Jackson at the gym 2 months ago, and noticed 2 marines with their shirts off that had shingle scars like mine on their back and stomachs. When I asked them about it, they told me that it was from a rash they got after they had their anthrax vaccinations, but were told by their unit medic that it was nothing to worry about. I then showed them my shingles scars and related to them that it was from shingles and was very serious! I believe these “rashes” reported as anthrax side effects are really shingles and have gone unnoticed by military medics because they don’t know what they are looking at.

I also have trouble with memory loss. I can walk to a separate room to get something and will forget what I

Here is my history with anthrax shots from day one to my premature retirement from the naval reserve caused by them. more...

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